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Mormor Magdas Glass / Mormor Magdas Ice Cream

Mormor Magdas Glass / Mormor Magdas Ice Cream

Update: This company will close today at 16:28 and accepts overfunding up to 90% over their original goal.
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Invest in Mormor Magda ice cream

Update: This company will close today at 16:28 and accepts overfunding up to 90% over their original goal.

Become shareholder in your own ice cream factory

Mormor Magdas Därproducerade Glass / Mormor Magdas Ice Cream Company offer you the chance to acquire shares in a small scale but thriving ice cream factory situated in Smålands Taberg in southern Sweden. Mormor Magdas is an established ice cream manufacturer who delivers super premium 500-ml ice cream packages to over 70 food stores in Sweden, mainly in the Jönköping, Stockholm, Skåne and Västra Götaland area but who is looking to expand to more stores in several areas.


The company was founded in 2011 by Angela Hafström, an unemployed stay at home mum with a degree in communications who, the year previous decided to create and build her own brand because she thought she would do a good job with that. The choice fell on producing ice cream, inspired by the question why there were no Swedish equivalents to Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream ®and the fact that natural food with no additives on local ingredients was very much in demand. The manufacturing started in July 2011 and was an immediate local success, welcoming over 4 000 customers on site in the first two months. In autumn 2011 the first food stores started selling Mormor Magdas in Jönköping and in January 2012 the ice cream was available in Stockholm, being the first area outside of Jönköping were Mormor Magdas was distributed.

The product

The product is a super premium ice cream, made on high quality ingredients and is one of very few ice creams in Swedish food store that is totally free of additives. The ice cream is purely made of cream, milk, sugar, egg and one or a few totally natural ingredients, such as Swedish strawberries, Madagascan vanilla or cookie dough made from scratch in the factory. In addition Mormor Magdas ice cream contains very little air in comparison with most other ice cream brands, resulting in “more ice cream for the money”. A test in Dagens Nyheter in July 2013 comparing air content in several different ice cream brands placed Mormor Magdas as the winner with the lowest content of air.

Därproducerat is the companys own traceability concept to show the consumer on the ice cream package where the ingredients in the ice cream is from.


Mormor Magdas are IP-certified and during 2014 an extensive renovation was made in the factory to meet the increasing demand. There is availability for expansion in existing premises to produce up to 250 000 packages per year, around 20 000 per month.

Ice cream collection - Mormor Magdas Vaniljstång - vanilla ice cream

  • Mormor Magdas Salta Karamell –Caramelised salted ice cream

  • Mormor Magdas Mintdröm – Mint ice cream with chocolate cream and pieces of chocolate

  • Mormor Magdas Glada Gubbar – Strawberry ice cream

  • Mormor Magdas Cookie Dough – Vanilla ice cream with pieces of cookie dough

  • Mormor Magdas Poppiga Popcorn – Vanilla ice cream with popcorn and toffee sauce

  • Mormor Magdas Kaffeböna – White coffee ice cream

  • Mormor Magdas Mjölkchoklad – Milk Chocolate Ice cream

During 2015 we will start a new range with vegan milk- and egg free ice cream. We will also introduce our “regnbågsglass” and “chokladkola” ice cream.

The business info

The company is owned by Angela Hafström, Micael Hafström, Patric Wagenknecht, Mattias Sesemann, Markus Alderbäck, Ewa Petersso and Martin Peterffy. Please view the profiles on their Linkedin pages.

What will the money be used for?

Mostly covering sales and marketing activities to grow the brand including branded striped fridges. To reach profitability we need to reach sales at 5,5 MSek and after that we see that our good margins makes this investment a great case. We are working strongly at increasing sales while keeping costs down.

We consider that one of the best ways to increase sales but keep our margins high is by having our own branded, striped fridge where the customer is in the food stores. We've seen this strategy of constant exposure works well for our competitors, but also that it increases customer awareness to our flavours and also allow for more flavours to be exposed. This also allows us to increase our margins on deliveries since we can deliver more quantities at the same time.

We are working towards increasing our market shares and top of mind brand recognition as we've seen that customers that once discover our brand tend to become passionate fans that tell their friends and socially share the experience. Currently the competition is strong but we strongly believe that there is room for our brand and we base this on current sales and current market awareness.

Current competitors in the premium ice cream segment that are selling volumes in more then just specialized stores are: Häägen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, Lejonet och Björnen, Pipersglace, Djurgårdsglace, Järnaglass and Guteglass.

Valuation and profit prognosis

Our current ~ 7 MSEK (€~775,435) is low and very moderate and we consider our potential as very high. Please google our brand and make your own opinion of our current market penetration and dig into the attached documents. We are very confident that this investment opportunity is a good one as we are strongly committed to grow this company and it's valuation very fast.

Existing customers/retailers and geographical area

At the moment the company delivers, via own distribution, to Jönköping, Skåne and Västra Götaland. In Stockholm and Uppsala the ice cream is sold and delivered by our distributor Gården Direkt.

We use Bring Frigoscandia (frozen food freight carrier) to deliver to food store outside our routed sales areas, such as Västerås, Sandviken, Skellefteå and Karlstad.

We deliver to over 70 food stores, ranging from the biggest supermarkets to smaller local shops.

The brand

One of the most important ingredients in the success of Mormor Magdas brand is the graphic design, created by Angelas childhood friend Ewa Pettersson of Menoform. The graphic design was created to appeal consumers to want to buy the ice cream. Important factors in the creation were style, elegance and playfulness.

The brand (the graphic design and the name) is a registered trademark with “Patent- och Registreringsverket”.

Social media

Mormor Magdas is active on social media and has created a customer base online who actively help create demand for Mormor Magdas and enhance the sales in food stores. Social media is a big part of the company’s success.

The future

The company plans to strengthen the brand further through sales and social media and develop in to a very successful ice cream company within the super-premium market, alongside Ben & Jerrys ®and Häägen Daaz ® among others. We aspire to be found in all bigger food stores with extensive and varied supply such as Ica Maxi, Ica Kvantum, Coop Forum and also in trendy city food shops that cater for customers with purchasing powers, since we have identified our biggest volumes in above mentioned stores. In a first step we plan to expand in to 200 food stores, and in a second step, with the right marketing and distribution, Mormor Magdas will be able to expand in to 400 food stores. We need to focus on food stores that agree with our brand rather than low price stores.

The market

Ice cream is an exciting product, and more or less everyone has an opinion about it, your favorite flavor, your favorite ice cream memory etc. In Sweden we consume on average 11 liters of ice-cream per year and person, i.e. a total of 100 million liters of ice-cream per year. In volume the super-premium segment is around 5 %, meaning 5 million liters per year, but the value of this segment, due to that ice cream in premium segment have a higher quality, is around 10 % of the total ice-cream market, this segment is also expected to increase during the coming years.

Investment Proposal

We offer you an already existing product, sales is increasing rapidly, and the needed investments in the production facility have already been done. The overall risk exposure is rather low; this investment is to get sufficient funds for the company to focus on sales and marketing activities in order to increase sales further. This will mostly be done with distribution of more branded and labeled Mormor Magda fridges, and activities around storytelling and tasting of our product in stores. The Gross Contributed Margin for the product itself, is good, above 60 % excluding labor cost for production and around 40 % including labor cost for production The aim is to give the investors a good return on investment, but also to give you the opportunity to own your favorite ice-cream and be an ambassador and join us in the success!

About Angela Hafström (in swedish media)

”Angela Hafström är energisk, driftig och lösningsorienterad. Hon har ett nytänk och vågar satsa, det borde fler göra” – Mia Werthén, Nyföretagarcentrum Jönköping, Jönköpingsposten 23/11 2013 when Angela was chosen to be Citizen of the Month in Jönköping.

”Hon är bara en sådan energispruta. Positiv till allt som har med Taberg att göra, enormt duktig på marknadsföring och på att nå ut” – Linda Grandt,* Hotell Taberg, Jönköpingsposten 23/11 2013.

”Driven och energisk. Angela visste vad hon ville ha när vi jobbade med hennes bok ”Mormor Magdas Glassbok….” – Håkan Skoog,* projektmanager for the Ice Cream book at Tabergs tryckeri, Jönköpingsposten 23/11 2013.

”Driven, orädd, crazy” * – Jesper Steen, CEO på Jönköping City , Jönköpingsposten 23/11 2013.


Årets Nyföretagare i Jönköping 2012

Nominated for Beautiful Business Award 2011 and 2012.

Investeraravdraget- Applicable to Swedes only

(In Swedish only, regarding a Swedish tax deduction on this investment). Ett nytt så kallat investeraravdrag infördes den 1 december 2013. det tillämpas på investeringar gjorda efter den 30 november 2013.

Investeraravdraget innebär att fysiska personer som förvärvar andelar i ett företag av mindre storlek i samband med företagets bildande eller vid nyemission kan få göra avdrag för hälften av betalningen för andelar i inkomstslaget kapital. Avdrag ges med högst 650 000 kronor per person och år, vilket motsvarar förvärv av andelar för 1 300 000 kronor. Investerarnas sammanlagda betalning för andelar i ett och samma företag får uppgå till högst 20 000 000 kronor per år.

Exempel: Företaget Mindre AB erbjuder befintliga aktieägare att teckna nya aktier i företaget för 100 kr styck. Företaget uppger att alla villkor för investeraravdraget är uppfyllda. Karl tecknar sig för 500 nya aktier och betalar 50 000 kronor för dessa.

Investeraravdragets storlek blir 25 000 kronor (hälften av 50 000 kronor), vilket ger en skattereduktion på 7 500 kr (25 000 kronor x 30%). Läs mer hos Företagarna