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NOA Potions

Relax and focus.

NOA Relaxation is an award winning natural beverage that reduces stress and increases focus. We´ve gotten lots of global media attention, some even write about our product as a symbol for a new era.

Here we come. Join us!

NOA Relaxation is an award winning natural beverage that reduces stress and increases focus. We´ve gotten lots of global media attention, some even write about our product as a symbol for a new era.

Update 2015-Feb-03

Due to an epic interest in our company and overfunding by over 150% we've decided to close the campaign period early. Thank you so much! Read here some press info


NOA Relaxation is an award winning natural beverage from Sweden that reduces stress and increases focus. DN, Norwegian-magazine and other media writes about NOA Relaxation as the symbol for a new era where relaxation beverages will replace energy drinks.

“Energy drinks are so 1990s; relaxation drinks are the new thing. Swedish start-up NOA Relaxation recently won the premium drinks...” N magazine, Jan. 2015.

The idea was born in late October 2013, one year later we where awarded “best premium beverage” at WBIA, the largest beverage awards. Media all over the world have broadcasted numerous articles/interviews and our design has been posted in the world largest design and trend websites.

We recently launched in Sweden and Norway where we gained a lot of attention. Retailers and consumers are very positive and we sell 50 % more per store than anticipated. In Sweden we are currently distributed in 130 premium channels and adding new ones every day.

Beverage distributors from 28 different countries with a total of 3,5 billion inhabitants have contacted us as they want to sell our beverage. We have a production set-up where we can produce large quantities, working with some of the world’s largest suppliers. Our business model is to sell the product and license the brand to established distributors while giving them great brand building support.

Our team is very experienced with a former Red Bull General Manager and an accomplished brand strategist from LynxEye, our board is a veritable dream team and among our active shareholders is the former CEO for the Absolute (vodka) company, the former chairman of Klarna, the founder of Nelly.com etc.

The goal is to be the number 1 premium brand in the relaxation category and to drive the growth of the category worldwide.

Investors joining us now will join a prominent group of shareholders who are in the front seat as we take this company from a promising start-up to a multi national company selling its product all over the world. We are striving to make a success story in a class of it´s own. Right now we have the worlds attention and it has only been 15 months since the first thoughts materialised, since then we have definitely broken a few speed records and have constantly surpassed our goals.

Happy winner - World Beverage Innovation Awards
Happy winner - World Beverage Innovation Awards

Product In NOA Relaxation we have mixed the latest research with 1000-year-old traditions. The result is a beverage with natural herbs that contribute to reduced stress and increased focus. The new version is free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners but it is still low calorie and completely free from caffeine. As it relaxes without causing drowsiness it is office friendly and ideal to consume when you have tons of stuff to do and feel a bit stressed about it, when you need to collect your mind and dive right in.

The flavors are all natural and inspired from the Swedish wilderness. The flavors are birch sap & blueberry, elderflower & rhubarb and wild apple & gooseberry. There are also more interesting flavors in development.

Function The active ingredients are Melissa Officinalis and L-theanine from green tea extract. They are both clinically tested and scientifically proven in many publicized academic papers. The physiological and psychological effects on the body and mind are very similar to meditation.

L-theanine is an amino acid from green tea (Camellia sinensis) and the star in NOA Relaxation. There are a number of studies showing that it has a significant calming and mood improving effects at the same time as it increases concentration and memory function. Below are list of effects found in scientific research.

Physiological effects: o Stimulation of alpha brain waves, 8-13 Hz, that is associated with a relaxed but alert state of mind. o Increased focus - brain scans show a significant increase in alpha brain wave activity directly associated with the task the subject focuses on and decreased peripheral activity. o Anti stress - decreased blood pressure. o Anti stress - decreased pulse. o Improved memory function. o Improves the immune system - strong anti oxidant.

Psychological effects: o Reduced stress o Reduced anxiety o Increased positive mood o Increased focus

Melissa Officinalis has a calming effect and contributes to mental well being. In a study called ”Attenuation of laboratory-induced stress in humans after acute administration of Melissa Officinalis” the researchers Kennedy, Little & Scholey made a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, balanced crossover experiment which shows that Melissa Officinalis improves your cognitive function and make your mind work faster. In the appendix you will find a list of the scientific papers supporting the statements above.

The brand We use a value driven segmentation model and our consumer target group is conscious materialists. They aspire to the lifestyle and values of the idealists while leading a materialistic life. They want to move out to the countryside but they are not willing to make the sacrifice to leave their career and urban lifestyle. However it’s important for them to make conscious decisions and to have a healthy life style. They do not watch TV instead they make an active choice and watch TED.com, HBO etc. We will reach them through PR-activities, on-line media and brand ambassadors.

Everything we do, from product development to communication starts from the target group insights. We formulated a strategic brand platform that is key in everything we do.

NOA Relaxation is positioned as the Swedish premium relaxation beverage. A natural and healthy alternative to energy drinks for the conscious consumer, our brand fits right in with the global health conscious trend sweeping the planet.

Our vision, which is very much alive in our communication, is a world where people focus on happiness and meaning. A world where individuals dare to break their own path, regardless of what others might think of it.

You will find the full brand story in the appendix.

Brand experience is crucial and we will support all international markets with brand knowledge and marketing material to ensure a world-class execution everywhere. The design agencies Super Tuesday and No Picnic who created the award winning brand visualization and packaging will be executing all major brand carriers.

Our brand name, logo and bottle design are protected in the EU and we have filed for protection in all key markets in the world.

Packaging We have our own custom designed 3,14 dl pet-bottle that has gained attention worldwide. All aspects of the product such as design, packaging, ingredients, flavors etc. have been designed with a reference group of more than 100 persons from the target group to ensure a world-class product.

Market In the US the relaxation category started in 2008 and went from 2 M liters to 33 M in 2012. It is a new category so the numbers are still relatively small but the trend is strong. Given our product, branding and team we aim to take lead in this category and expand it. Quite a number of recent media articles predict that relaxation beverages will replace energy drinks. DN, one of the largest newspapers in Sweden writes about NOA Relaxation with these words “...mindfulness in a bottle, it´s a summary of the times we´re living in.” To get an idea of the potential lets look at the energy drinks market. In Sweden alone the energy drink sales in 2014 are estimated at 39 million liters. The global forecast for energy drinks in 2014 is a staggering 10.6 billion liters.

International expansion The global interest for NOA Relaxation has been great and in total we have been contacted by established beverage distributors covering 28 markets with a total of 3,5 billion inhabitants. They have seen us in the global media attention we have enjoyed since the design was made public and later when we won the “best premium beverage award” in WBIA. They truly like, and some love, our concept and believe that it has a place in their markets as it fills a void. The complete list of markets can be seen in the appendix.

Sweden and Norway During our launch in Sweden this fall we focused solely on high-end, and trendsetting, cafés and yoga studios in the largest cities. We now have customers such as Grandpa, Eko Wera, Mocco, Muffin Bakery, Yogayama, Yogaire, Baresso, Örtagubben and 125 more customers all over Sweden. Almost all stores we approach are positive towards the product and we have not given any price reductions. We are now ready to move into Phase 2 in our launch strategy, the largest and trendiest café chains. We have already done pre-launch field tests with promising results and the key chains are all very positive to NOA Relaxation. We have also just recently hired two full-time Sales Representatives who will expand our reach. On average we have sold approximately 50 % more per day per store than anticipated, and this is before marketing activities had begun.

In Norway the brand has just been launched and we have had some early interest from key café and convenience store chains. Right now NOA Relaxation is sponsoring celebrity events and movie productions. Business model We will focus on working closely with established distributors and brand builders in a select few important strategic markets to create a strong brand worldwide. Our business model is to license the brand and sell the ready to consume product to all markets.

Pricing NOA Relaxation is a premium mass product priced at the same level or slightly above other premium functional beverages like Arizona Ice Tea, Firefly, Little Miracles and Red Bull. In Sweden the consumer price in phase one is 35 sek and will drop gradually with each new phase. The distributing channels get a high margin, above 50 %, which gives them an added incentive to push our product before others. Our pricing strategy admits that all agents in the distributions chain can have an attractive margin while we as brand owner still have a good margin to ensure a viable business. The price strategy has been set in collaboration with Price Gain.

Distribution strategy We have a 4-phase distribution strategy where the goal is to build a strong brand and reach the target group via the right channels such as high profile hotels, cafés, spas and yoga studios. Once we have loaded the brand with the right brand attributes and created preference we will move in to more volume driven channels.

Production The world’s largest compound supplier makes our recipe and compound. With presence and knowledge in 130 countries we have support for our international expansion. The filling and packaging of our product is done by one of the largest and most high quality fillers in Europe. Our filler invested a large sum to adjust their production specifically to our quality demands as they see a great potential. All in all we have a supply chain solution that admits large volumes in support of our expansion plans.

Competition There are few competitors in the relaxation category outside of the US. In Sweden and Norway the only competitor is Marleys Mellow mood with a completely different brand appeal. We started out doing research on our target group and identified 7(+1) key dimensions; NOA Relaxation has been developed to deliver on all of them, which ensures we have a world-class product. Below is a comparison on important factors with the best sellers in the world.

The board Cecilia Marlow, board member Cecilia has a vast experience as managing director for many retail companies and have participated in mergers, acquisitions, sales, building up, closing down, hiring and firing. She is currently chairman at Kivra and board member at Clas Ohlson, Svenska spel, Nordea Fonder, Forex Bank etc.

Choon Seng Tan, board member Ex Group CEO of WBL, a large diversified group listed in Singapore and subsidiaries listed in US Nasdaq. Ex Managing Director of Hewlett Packard of Southeast Asia. Currently Chairman of Truscott and co founders of several technology companies in India, Singapore and China. Council member of the Singapore Institute of Management Group.

Daniel Daboczy, board member Daniel is the founder, CEO and motor of Funded by me. Daniel has a unique position as the bridge between investors and entrepreneurs where he constantly sees business ideas and their success factors. Daniels enthusiasm, experience and network are invaluable to NOA Potions.

David Sandström, board member David is the CEO of DDB, the largest advertising agency in the Nordics with clients like Samsung, Mc Donalds and Telia. He is also often invited as an educator at the Stockholm school of economics.

Noa Fridmark, board member Noa was previously a management consultant, specializing in brand strategies at LynxEye with clients such as Carlsberg, Volvo and Absolut Vodka. He has experience as Scandinavian head of marketing at the public listed company Gold Adam and he has also initiated several start-ups. He did his masters in marketing at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Robert Grenmark, Chairman. Robert has a long career within FMCG. He started his career at Procter & Gamble and then became the general manager of Red Bull Scandinavia for 7 years where he tripled sales, CEO at Estrella and CEO at c/o hotels. He has also previously founded his own beverage start-up.

There are currently 8 persons working full and part time with direct sales in Sweden.

Interns and ambassadors There are currently 8 interns assisting us in marketing and international expansion and a team of 15 student brand ambassadors spreading the word and product of NOA Relaxation in Sweden’s top universities.

We are in the process of hiring a COO with 20 years experience and another person with 10 years + marketing experience as our head of marketing plus a brand manager with 7 years experience in global branding in the beverage industry.

Advisory board Christopher Rosenqvist, associate professor at Stockholm School of Economics Göran Lundquist, former CEO at The Absolute Company Jarno Vanhatapio, serial entrepreneur and founder of Nelly.com Krim Talia, Business Area Manager - Life Science at SP Micael Dahlén, professor at Stockholm School of Economics Per Schött, serial entrepreneur and founder of Eventum Richard Törnblom, CEO at LynxEye – brand consultants Selection of shareholders Göran Lundquist, former CEO at The Absolute Company Robert af Jochnick, founder of Oriflame Jarno Vanhatapio, serial entrepreneur and founder of Nelly.com Peter Sjunnesson, former chairman at Klarna and CEO of Intrum Justitia Robert Grenmark, former General Manager of Red Bull Scandinavia

Our goals Our goal is to be the number 1 premium brand in the relaxation category and to drive the growth of the category worldwide. We will work locally and globally to raise awareness for NOA Relaxation and the relaxation category. PR-activities, ambassadors and distribution in brand building channels will be important dimensions.

Roadmap In 2015 we will increase PR activities and continue to build the Swedish and Norwegian markets to increase volume gradually. Internationally we will launch in 3 important strategic markets and focus on building a strong brand. We have already started and will continue to build our organization with highly skilled and experienced staff to ensure perfect brand execution in all markets.

In 2016 we will increase volume even more in Sweden and Norway by moving in to mainstream distribution channels. Internationally we will continue to develop our existing markets and add more strategic important markets.

In 2017 we expect to gain momentum in our early markets and develop the existing markets to increase volume. We will look to add more markets building on the experience we have gained from previous launches.

We will develop the product line continuously and update the products available to consumers when needed.