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A digital tool for the fashion industry

Motei displays offline information online in order for the consumer and the fashion industry to interact.

The next global online marketing place for fashion

Motei displays offline information online in order for the consumer and the fashion industry to interact.

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"We are building a social media for the fashion industry and for their customers. You can say that it is Google in a combination with Facebook for fashion, totally developed by the identified needs of the fashion industry."

- Carl Johan Malmström, Head of Business Development


Motei is a digital marketing place for the fashion industry to meet and engage their target group of customers. It ́s a combination of a search engine and a social media. By utilizing the tools of the modern age, we provide offline information available online in order for the fashion industry and for the consumers to interact.

Motei offers a full overview of all retail stores, fashion labels, suppliers, designers, shopping malls and B2B partners. With a full featured visitor experience, any fashion company can upload and edit their profile. Were upon the visitor is then able to search, locate and fully plan their shopping trip in detail. With features such as look books, brand information, product information, social media integration, media coverage and many more, this is a complete new and innovative type of platform.

We are based in Oslo, Norway. Which makes it natural for us to start with a launch in Norway, global expansion is a part of our strategy.



Only in Norway, it´s over 7500 retail stores selling clothing. It´s over 500 suppliers supplying these retail stores. And altogether it´s over 19.000 fashion brands represented in Norway.

Through researches we came to realize that only almost 40% of these companies are visible online.

Changing Market

Today, people search for fashion using internet more than ever before. They use social medias such as blogs, Pinterest, Instagram. Tumblr, Facebook and many more. Online retailers increase in number and their sales are breaking selling records for every year. Online trading has never been this successful ever before and the trend is very positive for the future.

Consumer Awareness

Nowadays people have higher awareness of what to wear, and plan their shoppings in advance, but not as common where to buy. Planning your shopping can be difficult, you have to ask around, look in magazines, follow fashion blogs, join social medias, get in contact with different brands and so forth. It ́s a very active way of keeping yourself updated but then again, also very time consuming.

The Internet is generally a great source of information, but not when it comes to locate fashion.

Our vision is to change that!


We are in our final beta-testing and ready for launch in february. Motei will be launched at the webadress: www.motei.no.

We have gathered a database containing of 27.000 companies and background information regarding these.


Working close with the national statistics central agency and in cooperation with Norwegian Fashion Institute (NFI) and the main cash-register systems is essential for us to get insights about the fashion industry.


We have clients from the launch of Motei. Both national and international well known brands, retail stores, suppliers, designers and close to related businesses. Partnerships also include revenue streams from other variuos channels.


  • Start up funding from Innovation Norway. (We go in to a second application round after the crowdfunding stage. We applicate for another 95.000 €).
  • Media coverage and a massive national interest in Motei.
  • Clients already signed up.

The product

Motei is a digital tool providing information about the whole fashion industry locally, were upon the fashion companies and the consumers can interact. Motei allows users to conveniently plan their shopping trip in detail, understand the retail store, fashion label, the designer and the product in detail before they enhance a trade.

The users can choose to search for a desired product, product category, retail store, fashion label, designer, shopping mall and immediately get the information they are seeking. They can also interact with other users creating shopping guides and get tips and ideas from other users of the platform.

Motei offers thousands of products, retail stores, fashion labels and shopping malls with a full presentation and background information.

The information is easily editable for all fashion companies to always add products and edit information, based on what their company are doing at the moment.

Motei is available at www.motei.no and will soon be developed for mobile and tablet (iOS and Android).

Short-term added features

For the consumer:

  • Planning: Create shopping guides.
  • Efficiency: Search and locate products easily with one quick search.
  • Understanding: Explore the fashion industry.
  • Social: Follow friends, retail stores, fashion labels and others.

For the the fashion industry:

  • Monitoring: Understand the competition and follow your partners.
  • Marketing: Allow your company to be more visible online, create unique campaigns and engage new and existing customers.
  • Efficiency: Easily locate the companies working B2B for your daily operations.
  • Understanding: Understand your target group with statistics and interact with them directly.
  • Increase in sales (for physical stores): Work with our partners Miinto and PAM in order to sell your products through a e-commerce service and offer the products at Motei.

Business Model

Freemium; “a business model by which a proprietary product or service (typically a digital offering such as software, media, games or web services) is provided free of charge, but money (premium) is charged for advanced features, functionality, or virtual goods. The word ‘Freemium’ combines the two aspects of the business model: ‘free’ and ‘premium’.”

Users - Free

To use Motei for insights and information is totally free for everyone. Users has access to all features. Registering for free will be encouraged, with emphasis on registering through social media (Facebook), in order for Motei to gather valuable consumer data and information. The use of such valuable information will enhance the ability to personalize the user experience and will also be used for targeted advertisement.

Fashion Companies - Free

Registering for fashion companies is free of charge. In order to register a fashion company a personal user account has to register at first. The «freemium» account for fashion companies is visible for anyone and it is included a lot of features.

Revenue Streams

Fashion Companies - Premium Subscriptions

Premium subscribers pay an annually monthly subscription fee (minimum 6 months) in order to enjoy extra functionalities. The fee depending in the type of company and their total revenue. Example price for a retail store with a revenue of NOK 5M - NOK 1690:- / Month

Premium features:

  • Professional photos of the company.
  • Professional description text of the company.
  • Statistics and insights (Viewer Profile).
  • Extra exposure (Account).
  • Auto updates (Account and Media).
  • Subscription of a fashion business related magazine (Tekstilforum).
  • Online Showroom.
  • Other future functions.

Leading Traffic

Through our e-commerce partners Miinto and PAM we gain revenue per every click leading to a trade. The traffic is lead by visualizations of products, were upon the user can choose to buy the product directly. Miinto and PAM is a partner to physical fashion retail stores in Norway, selling their products online.

Partner Profiles

Our partners and future partners will exclusively show their products in a partner profile page. This is companies working B2B against the fashion industry and are in need of visualization and targeting advertisement. Example of products: POS systems, cash registers, payment systems, courses etc.


Advertisement for fashion companies and close by related companies are available. The campaigns are structured and the click of a ad lead directly to the advertisers campaign page, were upon the advertiser can conduct their campaign message. The revenue is based on PPC (Pay-Per-Click).