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Connect & Discover

Connect to people with your tastes & particularities, and discover songs, restaurants, articles, or anything you like through all the digital contents they already have.

Join the real social discovery breakthrough

Connect to people with your tastes & particularities, and discover songs, restaurants, articles, or anything you like through all the digital contents they already have.


Some facts:

  1. Massive quantity of contents produced on many services and networks. As an example, every 30 seconds: 13.800 photos are created in Instagram or 27,778 post published in Tumblr

  2. We need to discover new things constantly: our brain generates dopamine (pleasure) when curiosity is addressed

  3. Current technical solutions applied to discover new things through internet are limited: content-based engines struggle to analyze all data produced, and opinion-leader-based engines are optimal for the mainstream but not at individual level.

  4. The best way to discover something is through people: 70% of peer to peer recommendations end satisfactory (IBM, SM Report). Neither they need to analyze all of our contents nor they need to have 30.000 followers to recommend us a great song or a restaurant, it’s just affinity

  5. Our circles are extremely limited in relation to the more than 3 Billion people connected to the internet (and to contents produced).

Summing up: We need to discover (our brain does) but it’s really difficult to reach what we really like among all things produced. Our circles are very limited, but by definition, number of people is always limited in relation to number of contents produced. This brings a unique technical opportunity backed up by a fact we all have experienced: the best way to discover something is trough others.

Let’s talk business.


Commons is a platform that suggests you people by the level of affinity you have to them. Taking you to the music they have on Spotify or YouTube, their designs on Pinterest, the places they checked on Foursquare…. Or even the files they have on Dropbox.

How Commons has been crafted has not been arbitrary:

  1. We performed a concept test that concluded that 91% of our respondents’ perceived innovation and 94% would download Commons. Proving this type of discovery is perceived as better by our potential users

  2. We created three alpha tester web platforms with +400 testers that revealed a 75% success ratio in our recommendations and allowed us to confirm how discovery should be done: via the services people already use (and new ones they’ll use in the future)

  3. We have realized 20 focus groups to test our Android Alpha Tester App, gathering great feedback for the market version and a 100% of acceptance over the product

We’ve created a unique app (Android, iOS, Web App), attending to three main drivers: design, ease of use, and versatility. Instead of telling you what it does, meet Raymond and Mark:


Commons has been really intense in R+D in the initial phases due the basics of our recommendation engine, it replicates the neuroplasticity of our brain (patent documentation being already prepared), and due to the product testing. During this year we have developed our work thanks to:

  1. Phillip Morris, through their contest for entrepreneurial projects (Hazlo Ahora, EUR 20k)

  2. Spain’s Ministry of Economy (Emplea-TU program for technicians, EUR 35k)

  3. Our seed investors from McKenzie and Mapfre (EUR 12k)

  4. Initial funding by our funders (EUR 8k)

  5. SNS Contest (EUR 10k)

  6. The Microsft Biz Spark program for startups

  7. The Impulsando Emprendedores Program


Your investment goes along with other EUR 75.000 already approved from the National Business of Innovation (ENISA). This capital injection will allow us to achieve:

  1. A solid multi-device soft launch in February/March 2015 for Android and iOS

  2. Expand the market within Europe, executing our digital marketing strategy

  3. Continuously improve user experience to achieve high retention ratio during the first 9 months (+60%)

  4. Evaluation and testing of our business model and development of our analytics engine

But, ¿What are you really doing by investing in Commons? You are providing resources to a team that understands, based on their own experience, that:

  1. Every single euro counts, it’s sometimes more important to say “no” than to say “yes”

  2. Innovation is everything but static, your long term goals must look like almost impossible

  3. But, achieving your goals means first thinking what are the steps for the next hours

  4. Talent is the most important resource, it’s not easy to achieve and retain an outstanding team

  5. “You know nothing” until someone thinks like you (our users)

Speaking of which, we would like to salute you and tell you we are more than pleased to skype with you, just let us konw at: [email protected]


We are really focused on our product these days: no users, no value. That doesn’t mean we have studied up to six business models and design a killer monetizing strategy we’ve called: Profiled Traffic Generation.

As you could foresee, it’s crucial for Commons the identification of its users: we need to know how they are in order to suggest other similar users.

This process is called profiling and it’s really important for agents inside the programmatic marketing value chain. When a product, display, or video advert is shown at a website, the first questions to address are: Who is the user watching the website? Which is the best advert I can show to him given his characteristics?

Up to now, this process is made by cookies stored in your browser. The website gathers your cookies to figure out how you are. And here comes the problem: Most traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices, and there are no cookies on mobile devices.

¿Our solution? Simple, instead of asking those inexistent cookies “who is this user”, they ask us, Commons. At the end, we led the user to that site or service since contents are not consumed inside Commons, and we already know his characteristics due to our profiling: Profiled Traffic Generation.

This model is specifically interesting among other things, because:

  1. Only display in programmatic marketing accounts for 27 billion dollars (2014), expecting USD 58 BB in 2018

  2. It aligns our business model with the user experience: better recommendation results means better optimization of the campaigns by third parties

  3. It’s compatible with any other monetizing strategies

  4. It leverages the traffic we create, our data, and our recommendation engine

  5. We have a narrow commercial strategy: we only focus on top SSPs and DSPs

To know more profoundly about the process, income and other aspects of this model you can find more in our Business Plan attached to this campaign.


We always say we are not creating an app, a platform. Our focus is different. It’s not about an app, that’s plastic. It’s about building better relations. Better relations that bring us better experiences. Better experiences that bring us a better life. Thats what we do.

Join us, support us, we will do great things together.

And remember to follow us on Facebook and twitter, ;)