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HolyManta internal ND lens Adapters

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Neutral density (ND) filters are needed on bright sunny days, especially when filming video for that special filmic look. External filters however are fiddly and time-consuming. The HolyManta VND ...

My name is Thomas Läräng, and I normally work as an engineer in the large biotech industry of Uppsala in Sweden. One of my many tasks in my regular job is to develop methods, tools and products for studying cell movements towards interesting drugs and molecules. In my spare time I film a lot of video and regular old school film. It was when I stumbled upon my beloved Sony NEX FS100 that I realized that although its low light performance was truly awesome, it was way too sensitive in daylight, and I really don't like to work with screw- on ND filters. Something had to be done.


I started working on a design, did a lot of manufacturing trials and came up with a solution that I really love. A lens adapter with a integrated variable neutral density filter. Just set your ISO, adjust your aperture, and set your shutter angle to 180 degrees, and leave those settings. From now on you only have and want to adjust exposure with the adapter. How can anyone in videography live without this? I want to give everyone the chance to use my adapter, so they can have just as much fun as I have been having ever since I created the first HolyManta VND prototype. But to do this, there are large costs in manufacturing the birst batch, and this is were I need help. Support my project, and let me show you another way in filming.


In this project, HolyManta VND will adapt your Canon EF lenses to Micro Four Third and Sony NEX cameras. Aperture and IS control is not supported with this first version. Please visit the HolyManta website at www.holymanta.com for more information.

What we will do if we reach the minimum goal

If reaching the minimum goal, I can order enough manufatured parts to assemble, pack and ship to all supporters who has paid for an adapter.

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