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Shared Parking and more

ParkingList is the place where you can share, let or rent a parking space. Already 5,000 locations in 3 countries can be found on the website and more than 45.000 visitors per month are recorded.
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Find your parking space - fast and easy

ParkingList is the place where you can share, let or rent a parking space. Already 5,000 locations in 3 countries can be found on the website and more than 45.000 visitors per month are recorded.

The problem

The search for a parking space is a headache for all drivers in big cities across the world. Crowded roads and endless search cost drives time, nerves and money. ParkingList wants to make the search for a parking space quicker and easier.

The solution

We connect drivers looking for a suitable parking space with owners of a spare parking space. Drivers can find a suitable parking space nearby through ParkingList's website and soon through its mobile app. All information will be displayed, so the driver can pick the space that suits him best, pay for it and afterwards he will be directed to it.

Drivers pull up to their destination safe in the knowledge that a reserved space will be waiting for them and so save time and money with less fuel costs and cheaper parking fees.

Parking space owners can list their spaces online and set their desired price and availability. Private and industrial/commercial parking space will use their space more efficiently and earn money.

Last but not least, the environment will benefit from the shared parking. The efficient use of parking spaces will reduce the parking search traffic and lead to a reduction of CO2 and fine dust emissions as well as noise.

Shared Parking and more

Apart from shared parking, long-term parking spaces can be advertised and highlighted in various ways.

ParkingList informs drivers about all suitable parking spaces and provides them with all necessary information. The app shows the user all kind of parking spaces around the desired location whether it is in a car park, a private space for long-term or an airport space with a shuttle service.

ParkingList - Parken schnell und einfach
ParkingList - Parken schnell und einfach

Business Model

ParkingList generate revenue from the service fees paid by the space owner for each successful transaction as well as from the parking space subscription scheme and advertisement.

Why ParkingList

ParkingList was launched in 2013 to offer an alternative to traditional parking. Currently, we have about 5,000 parking spaces listed. ParkingList receives over 45,000 visitors every month looking for a parking space. In addition to Germany, we are also represented in Austria and Switzerland since January 2015 and we will expand in other European countries such as Holland, GB, Denmark and Sweden. We will offer our service in different languages.

We will use the funds sourced from the crowd investing campaign to develop mobile apps for Android and iOS, develop additional website features and intensify marketing and sales activities.

Thereby, we will generate new supplier and user groups and further increase our sales.

You have the great opportunity to join ParkingList, invest in an innovative idea and participate in the positive development of the share economy.

With the financial investment form "equity" you get a silent participation which means you benefit financially either from the company profit (right to profit share) or from possible sales proceeds of the company.

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