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"Puhutaan suomea"

"Let's Speak Finnish" Magazine

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A magazine for learning Finnish with explained vocabulary and recorded texts. We need your support to publish it during 2015!

Puhutaan suomea - Finnish Magazine for Foreigners

A magazine for learning Finnish with explained vocabulary and recorded texts. We need your support to publish it during 2015!

About This Campaign

We are reaching now out to our readers for funding our magazine in 2015, during which we plan to release 6 issues. In order to cover our magazine costs we'll be offering our readers different magazine subscription packages. Please read all the available options on the right.

Through this campaign you will give an invaluable support to many foreigners who are studying Finnish: spouses, children, friends, students, work colleagues and many more. So far, for over a year, the magazine has been created based on voluntary work and printing costs were partially supported by the publishing team. As the magazine has become more and more popular, we would like to continue to publish it in a printed form also during 2015. Without your support this will not be possible.

Puhutaan suomea - Let's Speak Finnish: a Magazine for Learning Finnish

The first of its kind in Finland, Puhutaan suomea is a versatile magazine for foreigners learning Finnish. It is published as a printed magazine which also comes with an e-version (PDF + MP3 audio). Its aim is to assist the Finnish language learners in their efforts to master Finnish through articles about Finland, its culture, its people and the Finnish way of living.

The texts are written on different difficulty levels and marked accordingly as HELPPO (Easy), KESKITASO (Medium) or VAATIVA (Difficult). Selected words and structures from texts are explained to ease the reader’s effort in understanding the content. Different aspects of the language, including grammar and vocabulary, are presented in a special section. The reader will also find exercises for the practical usage of the language. Some texts are recorded by a native Finnish speaker.

The magazine is also being used by many schools as teaching material for Finnish language students.

Browse the first three issues online here: 1/2013, 2/2013, 3/2013.

The latest issue of the magazine (a double issue of 40 pages) was published in December 2014. You can browse it here: 7-8/2014.

The magazine is published by Artemira, Kangasala (Tampere region), Finland.

Use the link below to download

Click here to download the latest issue of the magazine (7-8/2014), with audio!.

How to participate?

Joining the funding campaign is straightforward, even if this is your first time.

  1. Use the green button on the right. Fundedbyme.com will ask you to register if you are not yet a member. You can also use your Facebook account to log in. Then you can proceed with your funding.

  2. Choose which reward (magazine subscription) you wish to receive and input the amount you are willing to pay (min. 30 EUR)

  3. If the campaign is successful, at the end of the funding period you will receive a confirmation of your subscription. If the total funding amount is not reached, you'll get back your money.

Please note that by funding this campaign you can order the subscription for anyone (family, friends, work colleagues, etc.), not only for yourself. We'll contact you for the personal details at the end of the campaign.

If you have any questions, we are happy to give you the answers. You can ask questions on this web page or by contacting us:

Magazine History

The magazine was founded in 2013, with the first issue being published in May 2013. There were 5 issues published during the first year and 8 issues in 2014. We're proud to have shipped the magazine to hundreds of subscribers in over 20 countries from all over the world!

For 2015 we are planning 6 issues, one every second month, with the first issue to be published in March 2015.

Campaign owner