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Enjoy Flexvee and earn bitcoins!

Enjoy Flexvee and earn bitcoins!

The unique and rewarding Flexvee consept developed by Neonella is the easiest way for media companies to transition into the internet-TV era.
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Join us in taking internet-TV to Africa!

The unique and rewarding Flexvee consept developed by Neonella is the easiest way for media companies to transition into the internet-TV era.

Join us in taking internet-TV to Africa
Join us in taking internet-TV to Africa


Flexvee is a concept developed by Finnish company Neonella Oy.

Flexvee makes interactivity possible while watching TV programs and videos. The concept also rewards you for these activities. It also allows money transactions and payments within the content.

The technology of Flexvee can also be used in the traditional display marketing for example in banners.

Neonella's Flexvee concept is a unique way to make business and it hasn't identified any direct competitors.

Flexvee rewards

Flexvee concept is unique because it allows rewarding and money transactions with-in interactive content. World's most famous virtual currency bitcoin is used in the concepts point and loyality system and in the money transfers. Bitcoins can be used in tens of thousands of online stores around the world. More info on Bitcoins here

Neonella going to Africa was coverd by the news widely around the world

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Flexvee in online-marketing

Flexvee concept can also be used as part of the traditional online marketing, for example, in internet banners in which case they are called as “Flexvee Smart banners” The concept brings significant value for each operating party, as well as many possibilities for new business models.

• Flexvee Smart banner draws more attention than a regular banner

• Rewarding and interactivity brings more customer commitment

• Flexvee smart banner collects information from the users and can be compared to customer survey or market research

• Rewarding customers leaves a positive image of the advertising company

• Makes it possible to sell products, hand out samples and making new customer contacts while advertising

Through its partner Riemurasia Flexvee reaches more than 500.000 identified and registered users in Finland, as well as over a million visitors in weekly basis. Neonella and Riemurasia joined as business partners in November 2014.

Flexvee concept in a nutshell

Flexvee is a unique way of doing business, and there are no competitor with similar concepts in the market.

• Users are rewarded with virtual currency when participating

• Allows the use of services for free with earned virtual currency

• Rewarding improves consumer interest and commitment towards services and products

• Allows gambling and betting along TV programs and video content

• Improves the collection of data in marketing research and is about 70-90% less expensive than traditional marketing and consumer research

• Brings payments and money transfers into interactivity.

• The service allows the use of mobile money instead of bitcoins.

Mobile currencies are very popular in Africa. Read the article about mobile money in Africa here

The features mentioned above bring dozens of new business opportunities that can be used by, for example. media companies and telecom operators, as well as their partners.

Flexvee - Potential and activities in Africa

The need for internet-TV in Africa

Due to the current analog system and the small number of TV receivers, the transition to digital broadcasting networks pose significant challenges for media companies in Africa. Internet services are used almost exclusively for mobile devices. Demand is particularly in distribution of mobile-TV content but the media companies do not have skills to execute them. Both consumers and the TV-media companies are suffering from the situation. Companies need more customers to increase revenue from media income and consumers need a wider range of Internet TV services.

ICT-market in Africa

The number of mobile users, in all continents, is growing fastest in Africa. Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Zambia have a total of 114 million mobile subscriptions and the whole of Africa has over 900 million mobile subscriptions. The number of smart-devices is growing rapidly; about 40-50% a year, being at the moment at about 20% of all mobile devices.

Why Neonella will succeed better than others in Africa

Operatin in the African market requires a good local knowledge and networks. Neonella Ltd´s. strategic partner in Africa is Somocon Ltd. Somocon has already pre-established partner networksin the line of business. Somocon Ltd consultants are familiar with African business culture and local knowledge can be found in the very countries which Flexvee concept and format is being delivered.

The entire system has been developed in cooperation with the local partners to specifically serve the needs of Africa. There is also a need for European know-how regarding the technical aspects.

Neonella's advantage in Africa is it's revenue share business model, in which the cooperation can start without the customer making a significant pre-investment. Competing suppliers require a significant financial investment from their customers before the service can be started. With this simple and quick-to-implement technology it´s possible to start the project that enables a quick start of the cash flow, without either party having a need to invest capital in the costs of the initial introduction of the system.

Somocon Ltd has acquired customers for Neonella, that are either in pilot- or commercial stage.The countries are: Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Zambia. There are ongoing negotiations with over 20 different partners.


So far, we have developed the following:

  • Geographically comprehensive technical infrastructure, which provides good performance and unlimitably scalable environment.

  • Android Software for commercial use

  • Android-Based software to install in smart-TV devices

  • Flexvee virtual currency and points system

  • Started commercial-stage use in Uganda

  • Ongoing negotiations in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia; with about 20 partner

  • Flexvee-smartbanner concept

Future development:

  • Mobile Software iOS devices

  • Next pilot delivery is moved to commercial use

  • THe delivery of the three remaining pilot deliveries of the installation that have already been agreed upon

  • Bitcoin integration is currently being adapted to the Flexvee system

  • The development of gaming- and betting integrations and the start of our first pilots in Europe

Turnover forecast

Forecast of market value, based on the number of users

Why invest in Neonella

Neonella offers investors the opportunity to benefit from the increased value of the company within a few years. Market Sectors and geographical areas, to which Neonella is concentrating on, are growing rapidly. Flexvee concept is very cost effective and it provides greater increase in value on all stages of production, than other current marketting methods.

Africa is a very challenging market, that Neonella Ltd. manages to great success with the local partnerships. Business Start-up in Africa on the field of Neonella Ltd., is difficult for competitors, due to the closed computer networks and expensive cross-border roaming fees in African countries

Use of funds

Where Neonella needs funds?

Neonella need financing primarily for delivery a pilot to Africa and the system management development.

Neonella shall deliver several interactive internet TV systems in Africa. Since Neonella’s developed system has just been completed and therefore we still need users’ experiences, in general the delivering of the system in African markets has been done under a Letter of Intent. The Letter of Intent is first conditional and it becomes binding when the system is delivered and the commercial operation can begin. After the commercial operation has been launched, the income for Neonella also begins.

In addition, the need for the development of the Flexveen management system is needed in order that it can be automated and easily to use, even without any IT experience or knowledge.

In all, Neonella is looking for funding for the first quarter of 2015 for development 200.000 euros and for other operating expenses 100,000 euros. The essential income from Flexvee will start to roll in the first quarter of 2015.

Why would you invest in Neonella?

Neonella is offering to its investors a huge increase in value already in few years. (Based on the actual share’s transactions, Neonella’s value has increased over the last three years, from 700,000 euros to 4.8 million euros.) The markets that Neonella is aiming are predicted to have a very strong growth. A new way of marketing is needed in to provide consistently cost-effective solutions.

The risks in investing in Neonella are reduced by the facts that Neonella has the business related to subcontracting in programming, the development of interactive mobile TV which is very important in African markets, as well as new forms of digital advertising that can scales globally. Nevertheless Neonella does not want to downplay the risks of a start-up type investments include without exception.

If you are interested to buy at least 10 000 shares you can ask an offer from CEO Jussi Myllylä [email protected]

Neonella Oy

Neonella is a Finnish based company founded in 2004. A couple of years back Jussi Myllylä the founder and CEO of Neonella started to think: what's wrong with advertisement? He came up with the conclusion that people are tired of giving their time and their information for the benefit of advertisers without getting anything in return. There has been a need and a social pressure for a change, but the time has not yet been ready. The internal rewarding points known from games, and virtual money now create space for a new start and Flexvee was born!

Neonella has also an existing business in the software development sector, which is why Neonella already employs number of experienced software development specialists. Neonella’s turnover was before Flexvee-development, in the financial statements 9/2013 724t and 26t as profit, the financial statements 9/2012 net sales was the result of 820T and 72t. Neonella’s credit rating of the financial statements 9/2013 was AA +