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We are looking for companies and individuals to support our campaign to get more girls into coding and tech. What if every girl could code and knew how to start a company?

We are joining forces to help girls learn to code

We are looking for companies and individuals to support our campaign to get more girls into coding and tech. What if every girl could code and knew how to start a company?



What if every girl could code and knew how to start a company? What if every girl could get access to the closed world of coding and entrepreneurship? Would she be The Next Big Thing? The next new game changer? Would she be the next #girlboss? Well, we strongly believe that more girls should have the options to learn how to code, to spark their creativity and imagination so that they could eventually turn that into ideas that will change the world.

We want to raise awareness around technology for girls by raising funds to support the little girl bosses around the world with iPads filled with educational content.

We grew up seeing the digital transformation form in front of our eyes, but nobody told us HOW it was happening. That coding is a tool that enables you to build super cool things like a Game Boy or a robot. Today as adults building technical companies, we want to give back to society and empower young girls to get excited about technology, programming and its endless possibilities. We want to demolish existing stereotypes by really showing that programming is the only universal language that allows you to completely express your creativity!

The campaign will be up for 30 days and our goal is to raise 35 742 kr so that at least 14 girls start creating and start becoming the Future entrepreneurs of tomorrow! #girlboss

  • One iPad Mini = 2295 kr
  • iTunes Gift Card = 150 kr
  • Shipping = 108 kr

Empower one girl = 2553 kr

These are examples of apps that we will fill the iPad with:

Goldieblox Movie Machine


Science Heroes

And many more.

Please suggest your thoughts on what apps you think we should add and why. Suggest here

Who is behind this and why?

Codarica and FundedByMe have joined forces to help the girls become the future entrepreneurs of the world by teaching them to code and how to believe in themselves to start their own future business. Read more below.

Rosalyn, Sanna and Lovisa
Rosalyn, Sanna and Lovisa


We create Seriously Fun Coding games! Codarica recently launched an iPad app, called CodeQuest that introduce kids to Web development and Markup languages like HTML/CSS by using fun gaming mechanics.

We really enjoy working with kids and believe that they have an infinite potential to excel and thrive at whatever their minds can dream - as long as they get the right tools on the way. We strongly believe that programming is one of those tools.

Storytelling is our passion, and through entertaining graphics and relatable characters we aim to take your children on a magical adventure through the world of code.

Most importantly, we want children to have fun as they learn! With twice as many synapses in their brains and with ever-increasing exposure to second languages, children are even quicker to catch on these days. Codarica aims to harness that fact and teach the language of the future – Code.

Codarica = Seriously Fun Coding Games codarica.com

Nominate a girl that you know or who should receive this opportunity.

Click here to answer 5 questions for the girl you nominate


Daniel Daboczy CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe

When we built FundedByMe we had in mind to build a tool to help people get funding for their business ideas and for people to fund and take part in The Next Big Thing. For those awesome creative people that should receive funding, enjoy the power of the crowd and the fast market validation in the steps upwards and onwards of their business idea.

One of my inspirations, for whom I was dedicated to make the company succeed for, was my small daughter, then 7 and now 10, that I saw growing up in a world where girl coders, girl entrepreneurs or girl bosses were rare. I have always searched for role models and solutions for her and always tried to empower her to look for creative ways to invent, dream about creating her own company or question the status quo. For instance, during her robot period, I made sure that she understood Asimovs first rules of robotics, since she had nightmares about evil robots.

When Codarica, who I have been following and been inspired by, contacted me and asking to start this campaign I saw in them role models for what I hope one day my daughter grows up to become, an awesome leader, a great coder and a great entrepreneur. Simply put, a true #girlboss

Together with the trio of Codarica, Sanna, Lovisa and Rosalyn we are now doing what we always dreamt about doing. Joining forces to inspire and help more girls learn how to code and start their own companies.

I am proud to be part of this campaign and I hope you join us, support us and help us raise funds to help more young girls to receive coaching and tools to help them become the coders and the entrepreneurs of the future.

What is #girlboss

The hashtag #girlboss has become a symbol for empowerment for the pursuit of becoming your own boss, your own inspiration and not to be held back. Nothing inspires young girls like a woman in charge and the #girlboss movement celebrates women doing it for them selves. It all started with the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso but has become far bigger then just a book. [Follow the Twitter feed here:(https://twitter.com/hashtag/girlboss

"You create the world, blink by blink...count on it." When your teachers and parents tell you, you are the future, they are not kidding. Your choices and decisions impact people around you and most importantly, yourself. You create the world that you live in.

Wall of #girlboss supporters

Thank you so much for contributing:

  • Ryan Dixon
  • Johan Jorgensen
  • Albert Örwall
  • John Airaksinen
  • Lena Dabocsy
  • Marcus Lindström
  • Rosalyn Knapp
  • Christian von Essen
  • Daniel Daboczy
  • Martin Nord
  • Michel Massadakis
  • Patrik Åkerlöf
  • Johan Nilsson
  • Pedro Pires
  • Carin Balfe Arbman
  • Lotta Norberg
  • Johan Jorgensen
  • Mikael Falkvidd
  • Ms Phyllis Fong
  • Pedro Pires
  • Jack Melcher-Claësson
  • Magnus Collin
  • Johan Nilsson
  • Maria Richardsson
  • Damir Omérov
  • Niklas Hall
  • Johanna Baagöe
  • Robert Moberg
  • Helena Lifvergren Levin
  • Anton Olofsson
  • Jonas Grimfelt
  • Sebastian Fuchs
  • Staffan Nilsson
  • Irina Gudkova
  • Johan Karlsson
  • Christian Albinsson
  • Karl Sjödal
  • Bill Kurtson
  • Daniel Wahlqvist

Campaign owner