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Your Portable Second Hand Market

Plick is the place where you turn your clothes into cash. Our app is already downloaded by over 10,000 people and makes it easy to buy and sell clothes in a sustainable fashion.

Join in early on the next big trend in fashion

Plick is the place where you turn your clothes into cash. Our app is already downloaded by over 10,000 people and makes it easy to buy and sell clothes in a sustainable fashion.

UPDATE 06 JAN 12:51

Great news! There has been a huge interest in subscribing for shares in Plick since we launched the campaign on FundedByMe. We have therefor, at this final stage of the financing round, decided to issue additional shares and expand the campaign to 2.5MSek. This additional injection of capital and Plick ambassadors will, without a doubt, increase our chances of turning our amazing product into a huge success! For those on waitinglist, your investments are already accepted.

UPDATE 21 NOV 10:39

Aggregate Media Invests in Plick AB

We are proud to announce that Plick AB has signed an investment agreement with Aggregate Media enabling Plick AB to utilize media space to a value of 1.25 MSEK in around 100 media outlets owned by the larger media companies. The outlets include papers, outdoor advertising, radio, television and online channels. In return, Aggregate Media will obtain newly issued shares in Plick AB.

Aggregate Media is an experienced investor with over 150 investments. The portfolio includes companies like Mr Green, Travelpartner.se and Bygghemma.se.

Thank you! This is just the beginning!


Plick is a marketplace app where anyone can buy and sell quality second hand clothing. One could say it's the Instagram of second hand shopping. We believe that good user experience is about a good mix of quality and quantity. We enable our users to easily browse through thousands of fashionable clothes, shoes & accessories, follow the styles they love and stay trendy. We have come to find that it’s the quality of the ads, rather than the app itself, that motivates our users to come back. That's why we manually monitor every single listed item to assure the quality of the garment and the visual appeal of the ad. This is what makes us unique.

The core team is based in Sweden and consists of people with business experience and knowledge in tech, branding and fashion. Our goal is to create the market leading e-commerce platform for second hand and vintage clothing.

With our validated technology platform, we are now ready to enter a growth phase and expand our business. And now we're wondering if you want to be a part of this exciting journey with us?


The app has already been download by more than 10 000 people, uploading over 17 000 items. 1 out of 3 items are sold, 30% of them within 2 days. 90% of all listed items are shared on social media, which contributes to a constant expansion of the user base.


Plick is a beautifully designed iOS app with a clear focus on user experience. We've put the clothes at the forefront of our interface because they're the vital component that drive sales and keep users coming back. Data is collected and analyzed in a web administration platform that allows us to monitor and constantly improve the user experience.

A PayPal payment solution is currently being tested and validated, and is scheduled to release in the app within the coming months. This will make it easier for users to make a purchase and pay instantly whether you're in the same city or in different countries. It will also open up the opportunity for us to charge a commission fee on transactions.

To further increase availability, a down-scaled web application has been developed. The web interface allows users to browse through the thousands of items uploaded on Plick, from any platform and device.


  • Business incubator (UIC Business Agile) - Summer/Fall 2013
  • Launch Plick 1.0 - September 2013
  • €20 500 in funding from Vinnova - October 2013
  • Business incubator (UIC Business Prep) - Spring 2014
  • Nordea Travel Awards 2014
  • 10 000 downloads - September 2014
  • 15 000 ads uploaded - September 2014
  • Launch Plick 2.0 - November 2014 (will be released during the campaign)


  • Launch transaction-based business model with commission fees (already in beta-testing)
  • Expand the market within Europe (initially Nordics)
  • Digital marketing (CPC & targeted media)
  • Continuously improve the user experience to shorten the sales cycle
  • Evaluate complementary business models


BUY - Browse through thousands of clothes, shoes & accessories and follow the styles you love.

SELL - It's as easy as snapping a picture of the item you want to sell, pricing it and waiting for someone to Plick it up.


  • Free to use (you don't pay anything unless your item is sold)
  • Free to download
  • Quality assured content
  • Dedicated & active userbase
  • 30 seconds to list an ad
  • Mix of retail stores & people
  • Critical mass of users & ads reached during POC


  • Nordics - €520 million
  • UK - €1,2 billion
  • Germany - €1,6 billion
  • France - €1,2 billion
  • US - €6,4 billion

Annual turnover for stores selling used clothes, shoes and accessories. These figures don’t include online & peer-to-peer sales where clothes, shoes and accessories is the fastest growing category. Similar to conventional retail shopping, an increasing shift by consumers to online shopping is now happening for second hand.


We know that our mass consumer lifestyle has a negative impact on the world, and we know that we could contribute to a positive change if we would actively make more conscious choices.

It takes about 8,000 liters of water and 2.7 kg more or less hazardous chemicals to produce 1 kg of clothes – which corresponds to about 3 items.

Buying 20 second-hand garments has less environmental impact than buying one newly produced garment.

Second-hand clothes save 97% of the energy needed to manufacture new clothes.

Changing The Narrative - A Initiative by Plick & Future Threads Project

Changing The Narrative is an inspiring documentary about the insights, initiatives and the approach to a sustainable future. The documentary is produced by Plick and The Future Threads Project, featuring several high profile companies in the fashion industry, including Filippa K, Boomerang, Uniforms for the dedicated among others.