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Relax ALLY

The nightmare ends here!

We believe travel time can be spent way more comfortably. By solving a huge problem millions experience daily, Relax ALLY® is destined to change the way we travel in airplanes, trains, busses, cars...
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Invest in better travels!

We believe travel time can be spent way more comfortably. By solving a huge problem millions experience daily, Relax ALLY® is destined to change the way we travel in airplanes, trains, busses, cars...

UPDATE 17.12.2014:

Relax ALLY equity campaign reached it's goal today. We are now ready to go ahead on the planned journey and therefore we have, thanks to current investors, succeeded!

We have started to issuing the shares but still welcome additional investors/investments until the 29th of December 2014.

Congratulations to all accepted investors!, welcome aboard the revolution for more Relaxed travels and towards a highly profitable business!

Featured in media

  • "The Nordic Solution To Help You Sleep Soundly In Coach" (Forbes, USA)
  • "Best ideas are the simplest: Finnish brand Active Ally Oy has designed a new travel and sleep aid" (Daily Mail, UK)
  • "Is this headband the answer for economy class fliers?" (Telegraph, UK)
  • "Rest band will help commuters nap comfortably" USA Today, Buzz60, USA

Lead investors

"Active Ally Oy has an easily understood business, a solution to a well known problem with IPR in hand and an experienced team that we have had the opportunity to meet and evaluate in beforehand. We see the opportunity for co-operation and are investing into this company as a lead investor. We recommend this company with highly scalable business to other investor colleagues." -Antti Miettinen, Guida Invest Oy

"I have followed the development of Relax Ally closely and our company has also participated to it. An admirable achievement from these entrepreneurs that open-mindedly went to develop a product that had not been available before and went actively to make it known to the world. Relax Ally is now going towards being presented in the biggest TV-shop channel in the world, maybe this could be the big deal. Also the media coverage, as the story in Forbes, might put things in motion. Yet to have a breakthrough but forward moving all the time, and who knows when the Express version for the masses is introduced, this might be the exceptional Finnish consumer product brand, that is sold all over the world. I have invested through the crowdfunding platform and welcome you to do so too. The minimum investment is 200€" - Timo Häkkinen, Chairman of the board, Mastermark Oy

"I am in. Great team. I travel a lot, with Relax Ally. I can get good sleep while travelling. So much better than sleeping pills!" -Pavel Curda, Angel Investor/VC scout, http://about.me/pavelcurda, https://twitter.com/pavelcurda

"It is clear that Relax ALLY will have huge demand in the Asian travel hubs. With a successful airline company co-operation we will have a solid take off for growth also in this market area." - Jari Talvinen, Managing Partner, Paradise Investment, Singapore., Jari Talvinen LinkedIn


Active Ally Oy, a Finnish company founded in November 2012, provides a unique travel accessory innovation that solves a huge problem from which millions of people suffer daily while trying to sleep seated; simply fasten the head, prevent it from falling, sleep from interrupting and the resulting pain.

The Patent Pending Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ has already been sold to consumers in over 20 countries and lately presented in three international fairs with results exceeding expectations: over 300 potential customer leads and 200 hot ones that specifically expressed their interest towards the innovation.

Among others: Samsonite, Recaro, US Army and QVC to name a few big ones from different segments. QVC (one of the world's biggest multimedia retailer with multiple TV-shop channels reaching 262 million homes worldwide) was enthusiastic about the product and is already in the ordering process and will feature the product in their UK channels.

Now that the global need and demand is clear, it is time to scale operations to a highly profitable business. The aim is to grow rapidly first focusing mainly in EU and USA (such as the Fortune 500 companies) and then in later phases Asia and rest of the world.

The company has also been granted public funding from ELY (Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) and recently from TEKES (Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). This crowdfunding round will help to unlock in total about 250-300k€ for operational use to support the planned product family development and international growth.

We would more than warmly welcome you as investor, who see the benefits and the potential of the geniusly simple solution, would like to join as a user, silent supporter or active advocate.

Consider this opportunity preferably as a longterm investment, where your possible financial returns comes from the future exit. In addition all investors will get a free Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ 3-in-1 product to enjoy more comfortable travels in the future.

We will do our best also to leverage this new community, to develop and promote the innovation, generate leads/deals and reward for great initiatives related.

Join the revolution, help us end the nightmare and realize the (more comfortable) travel dream!

After all it's all about the journey!

Use of funds

Now is the time to grow rapidly, take travel comfort, health and safety to the next level, make it a phenomenon, millions in revenue and a highly profitable global business.

We are launching our first equity crowdfunding round to help unlock already granted public funding which would total in 250-300k€ for operational use to support the planned product family development and international growth.

This funding will be used for stage1:

  • Product family development (low cost, focus on masses)
  • Convert existing leads to sales
  • Sharpen image, marketing- and sales strategies to target big accounts
  • Forming the agent network, distribution channels, partnerships and agreements for serious growth
  • Expanding the IP portfolio, prepare licensing models and deals.
  • Seek to enter the TEKES YIC program (additional public funding from 250k€ and up to 1M€) and
  • Prepare for possible next larger funding round to accelerate global growth even further.

The Problem

In a growing travel industry millions of people suffer daily trying to relax and sleep as a passenger while seated. Current existing travel accessories solutions -such as conventional neck pillows- do not provide the needed comfort and healthy ergonomic support.

Nodding off, awkward situations and pain!
Nodding off, awkward situations and pain!

Our Solution

Active Ally's solution, the unique and Patent Pending Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ fastens and supports the head comfortably against the seat while sleeping in a sitting position and by doing so, prevents the head from falling and sleep from interrupting.

Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ uses
Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ uses

The Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ has been designed to be used with comfort in airplanes, trains, busses and cars or wherever there is a proper headrest to attach to.

Proven preventive health care benefits

Furthermore the ergonomic, adjustable and comfortable position enables to relax, double the sleep time and has direct preventive health care benefits from the use; prevent micro-trauma, prolonged flexion and resulting stiffness and pain to the neck and shoulder areas.

See the below video testimonial from Dr. Cacinda Maloney

(direct link to the video in youtube: http://youtu.be/fRr0cLZf6EI)

See more professional testimonials: http://www.relaxally.com/testimonials/

Triple the value for the money!

Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ 3-in-1 added value
Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ 3-in-1 added value

The 3-in-1 features can all be used separately or combined for maximum comfort.

The small and lightweight carry size with included carry bag makes it perfect for jet setters and backpackers as alike.

With these features and it's given value, we truly believe it is the best available travel sleep/comfort solution out there.

Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ - OffThePath review
Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ - OffThePath review

See more user testimonials: http://http://www.relaxally.com/category/user-testimonial/


The product was born as part of a pre-incubator Protomo program (http://www.protomo.fi) at the Finnish Aalto University in Helsinki, where conventions and user behavior are eagerly challenged. The simple idea to solve a huge problem came up and a team was gathered to develop it further.

After extensive prototyping, testing, market research and business planning, the company Active Ally Oy was established in November 2012 and the first production batch was funded by an Indiegogo pre-sales crowdfunding campaign thanks to active supporters, who saw the potential in the genius simple solution. The interest and global demand was validated (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/relax-ally-travel-restband-saves-your-trip).

Since the start, the company has received support from Finnish state owned innovation supporting public organisations:

  • Keksintösäätiö (Invention foundation),
  • Finnvera (specialised state owned financing company and official Export Credit Agency),
  • ELY (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment)

And as latest a R&D and global growth project funding promise from TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation), which also saw the huge global potential and thus possibility to enter their YIC program in the future.

Active Ally Oy with offices in Riihimäki and part of First Round Center (accelerator incubator) is directed by experienced people with strong background in entrepreneurship, product development, marketing and it has also young talented people involved.  

Active Ally Oy, its team, investors and supporters believes in, and wants to provide better innovative alternatives to the travel masses around the world.

After all, it’s all about the journey!

Timeline of events until now with major milestones
Timeline of events until now with major milestones

Product family development

Out soon two additions to the product family (currently in prototype stage):

  1. Relax ALLY® Express, a new design Travel Restband™ priced suitable for masses, for giveaway comfort item in e.g. airplanes and the promotional industry. Will be produced using industrial mechanisms with cost pressed to a fraction.
  2. Relax ALLY® Child Cap, a Travel Restband™ to use for children in car child safety seats.

In addition new standard fastening modules will be developed to serve:

  • Consumers: Portable fastening, to attach to any seat with a head rest (as in current version but even easier use).
  • Manufacturers: Pre-installation module, to integrate fastening end during manufacturing of seats.
  • Passenger operators: After installation, for installation to existing and already circulating passenger seats.

Up until this point, the products have only fabricated with one-two colour selection, but the idea is to co-operate (license in patterns and/or out our design) with known brands (e.g. Marimekko, Louis Vuitton and Angry Birds, Hello Kitty etc. for the child version) to make travel comfort a fashionable selection and phenomenon. 

Licensing known brand example
Licensing known brand example

Also options for branding of the product for promotional use and targeted industries for give-away/sponsored product (in airplanes, cars etc.) will be enabled.

Promotional use examples
Promotional use examples

In addition to the inhouse Relax ALLY® innovations, the aim is to quickly build quality travel accessories selection from existing products that are innovative, comfort, health or safety related (e.g. pressure-regulating earplugs, flight socks, headrest hygiene covers, innovative neck pillows, etc.) that fits the image and would be distributed under the Relax ALLY® selection/brand.

Relax ALLY® product categories
Relax ALLY® product categories


Relax ALLY is a registered trademark (®). The innovation covering the Travel Restband™ and Child Sleep Cap™ is utility Patent pending extended to PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application which first Search report and Written opinion shows patentability in 148 member countries. See more about PCT http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/

PCT 148 countries coverage

Market and main channels

With the mentioned innovative products, forthcoming versions and complimentary family products, Active Ally's business is in the global travel, passenger transport, promotional gift, preventive health care and child accessories market sectors.

Active Ally's markets are simply huge, non-seasonal and growing!

According to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) annual report the international turism alone in 2013 reached 10876 Million persons. In 2020 forecasted to grow to 1,4 bn by 2020 and 1,8 bn by 2030.

UNTO annual report 2013
UNTO annual report 2013

Note that these figures do not include targeted domestic travel (in flights, busses, trains and cars), health industry, manufacturers and child accessories markets.

The strategy is to primarily to target big (such as Fortune 500) chosen accounts from each segment (travel, transport, promotional gift, preventive health care and child accessories markets).

The aim is to get product as near to the consumer need as possible, spread global awareness as fast as possible and create a pull effect (as seen for the conventional neck pillows in their early phase history: http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19900205&slug=1054404).

First focus on airport terminal shops, airline companies, inflight services, business gift and big retailers (TV-shops, department stores, pharmacies and online) targeted mainly through agent, representation networks and licensees and pursuing direct leads through international fairs. These will provide high revenue and huge global exposure compared to marketing efforts needed. The key to success: outstanding products, message and display.

In later phase target the manufacturing (seat, vehicle, travel, health, child and fashion) and transport (air, train, buss, travel agency) industries through licensing agencies with appealing licensing programs.

Some examples to concretise:

  • Terminal Shops: World Duty Free (500 stores in 5 continents), LS Travel Retail (2700 stores), Dufry (1,400 stores)
  • Inflight/catalogues: American Airlines, Delta, Virgin Air, Southwest Airlines, Air France, Luftansa, KLM, British Airways etc.
  • TV-shopping channels: QVC (reaches 262 million homes), Home Shopping Network (95 million homes), ShopQC (86 million homes)
  • Retailers: Wallmart (11,088 locations), Amazon (244 million customers), Lidl (9800 locations)
  • Pharmacies: CVS Pharmacy (7,600 locations), Walgreens (8,217 locations)
  • Transport companies: Greyhound (1229 busses), Megabus (30 million customers), Amtrack (31,2 million passengers)
  • Air seat manufacturers: Recaro, Zodiac Aerospace, B/E Aerospace, Aviointeriors
  • Child safety seats: Recaro, Dorel Juvenile Group USA (>8 million seats each year)
  • Vehicle manufacturers: Volvo, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler

Customers and leads

The product has already been sold to consumers in over 20 countries. This year presented the product in three international fairs as exhibitor:

  • PSI, Germany (Europe´s largest trade show for the promotional product industry),
  • Travel Goods Show, USA (the largest exhibition of travel goods in the world) and
  • MATKA 2014, Finland (biggest travel fair in the Nordics)

Results exceeding expectations: over 300 potential b2b customer leads and 200 hot ones that specifically expressed their interest towards the innovation. Among others: Samsonite, Recaro, US Army and QVC to name a few big ones from different segments.

With the B2B just started we have already been able to convert to small sales in travel accessory retail, travel agency, airport terminal shop, gadget retail, health care and promotional gifts sectors.

QVC (one of the world biggest multimedia retailer with multiple TV-shop channels reaching 262 million homes) is in the ordering process and will feature the product in their UK channels (62 million homes).

And currently starting distribution to pharmacies in Finland.

Financial projections

Disclaimer: Understand that all figures presented are projections and estimates which could be reached faster, slower or in worst case scenario never. As an investor you have the risk of loosing the money is the company does not succeed but if succeeds you could make a nice win.

We are currently phasing the same challenge as the conventional U-neck pillow had, when first launching and today are seen everywhere, almost everyone has one and are sold in billions. Read article written back in 1990 related: http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19900205&slug=1054404

The projections below are based on our experience gathered from the international fairs and calculated on basis of potential deal sizes and yearly sales. First focusing in EU and US markets and taking into account the possible emerging competition.

5 year growth projection
5 year growth projection

The stage 5 in a moderate growth phase has been planned to be reached in 5 years and would mean a market penetration of 2,5% in EU and US and about 0.1% in the rest of the world for the innovation (from which calculated 70% as leader ours and 30% covered by possible emerging competition).

Lead investors
Lead investors

see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffusion_of_innovations for more on Diffusion of innovations.


A realistic estimate for exit would be after five years. As a shareholder your will have the right to sell the shares at any point of time but assuming that you were to hold them and a) scenario is realised, then the value would be at least 5 times based on equity growth alone (7 834 830/1 500 000 = 5,22).

Note that this calculation does not take into account that at a) scenario stage only a fraction (the innovators 2,5%) of the market has been penetrated and there is still a huge growth potential. Nor does it take into consideration the IPR or other intangible assets, therefore the valuation and ROI at that point would most likely be much higher.

Using current 5 year projections the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) would be around 159%.

Active Ally will valuate the company on a yearly basis, keep shareholders informed on the current value and provide exit opportunities when the best presented.