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An Unforgettable Evening at Trattoria Gallo D'oro

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Chef Morelli’s launches a new menu at the Trattoria Gallo D'oro Ristorante, bringing a little bit of Italy to Singapore.

A new dining experience for the discerning.

Chef Morelli’s launches a new menu at the Trattoria Gallo D'oro Ristorante, bringing a little bit of Italy to Singapore.

Welcome to a Journey of fine Italian Cuisine, Art, and History

Spend an evening with renown Executive Chef Silvio Morelli as he escorts you through a new, scintillatingly delightful dining experience, as he launches a new approach inspired by his native home in Tuscany, Italy.

Launching a New Vision for Italian Cuisine: A True Feast for the Senses

More than two years in the making, Chef Morelli’s dream is finally coming true. Today, as the Executive Chef at Trattoria Gallo D'oro Ristorante, or “The Golden Rooster”, Chef Morelli is able to weave a beautiful evening for your party. With that in mind, Chef Morelli has designed a dining experience like no other, to bring a little bit of Italy to the shores of Singapore.

Join Chef as he puts together the finest ingredients with recipes from his rich experience in his career.

Visit us today!

Address: Blk 7 Magazine Road #01-03 Central Mall Singapore 059572

Telephone: 6438 8131

Fax: 6536 4149

Email: [email protected]

Why did Chef Morelli choose FundedByMe?

Chef Morelli explained, “I’ve always been asked by my regular patrons, what is your finest meal? I’ve always said it was a full experience delighting every one of the five senses. And now, I want to answer that question, by creating the perfect evening, right here in the Gallo D’oro."

“FundedByMe and crowdfunding is a perfect way to reach out to the people who truly love an authentic Italian experience. While this may be new to many people in Singapore, I believe that there are many people here are very discerning when it comes to fine dining experience, and will support this new direction for the Gallo D’oro, and this is a way for me to prove that this is certainly the case."

“Also, I don’t believe that price should be a barrier from enjoying a wonderful dining experience; anyone walking into my restaurant is my personal guest. I’ve designed 5 different menus that you can choose from and enjoy with me.”

Which is why Chef Morelli invites you –– all of you –– to be part of this new launch.

Spend an evening with art, music, and fine cuisine
Spend an evening with art, music, and fine cuisine

About Chef Silvio Morelli

Chef Silvio is the Executive Chef and owner of Trattoria Gallo D'oro Ristorante.

Born in Pisa, a little town in the centre of Tuscany, Italy in 1960, Chef Silvio's interest in cooking was sparked since at a very young age. His mother was the key reason behind his interest, as she would cook Italian cuisine for the family with her son as her trusted assistant.

As Chef Silvio was growing up, he developed a strong sense towards Arts and graduated from the Artistic Maturity Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. He relocated to Belgium where he furthered his studies in Industrial Design. Chef Silvio soon realised that his true passion laid in cooking and culinary art. So he enrolled at the "Ecole d'Hotellerie et de Tourisme" in Liege where he was awarded with a Diploma in Hotellerie Restauration in 1980. In 1982, he attended a Pastry Proficiency Course to hone his skills in baking as well.

His first milestone in career is without a doubt, his experience as Chef de Partie at "Auberbe du pont de Collonges" with Paul Bocuse, a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant in Lyon, France. Chef Bocuse himself taught Chef Silvio the importance of the selection of the freshest ingredients for cooking and he instilled in Chef Silvio the passion for fine dining. Chef Silvio spent nearly 2 years at Paul Bocuse Restaurant where he worked almost 16 hours every day in the kitchen to perfect his skills and build on his knowledge in culinary arts.

Chef Silvio's training continued under the mentor of Chef Michel Guerard at his 3 Michelin Star Restaurant, Les Pres d'Eugenie in France, where he worked for 5 years as Sous Chef. In the following 15 years, Chef Silvio decided to move to Martinique, a small island in the Antilles in the eastern Caribbean Sea where he has worked as Executive Chef at 4 and 5 Star Hotels, La Bateliere Plazza and Le Marouba.

After 2 years of experience in Martinique, Chef Silvio decided to move to Singapore in early 2011, having decided to bring his artistic flair and creativity to Asia. Chef Silvio was previously the Executive Chef of Da Paolo Group for a year before joining Gaia Ristorante and Bar as Executive Chef and the T.R.E. Group of Restaurants as Mentor Chef.

Chef Silvio's delightful cooking and charming personality would definitely be one of the reasons why guests would continue to return and support Trattoria Gallo D'oro in the years to come.

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