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Invest in Give

Invest in Give

Our idea is simple; we want the experience in both giving and receiving a gift to be as seamless and quick as possible for both businesses and consumers on a global 93B€ market with 10% annual growth.

Mobile gifting platform Give

Our idea is simple; we want the experience in both giving and receiving a gift to be as seamless and quick as possible for both businesses and consumers on a global 93B€ market with 10% annual growth.

Business description

  • Give is a mobile gifting platform built for a global market.
  • Pain: Most gifting apps and websites are complex both for gift senders and the receiver to redeem. It is not cost-efficient for the giver and it does not satisfy the receiver the way gifting should do.
  • The Give idea: Drag & Drop a gift, done. The receiver can redeem the gift immediately online or in over 7000 stores.
  • Over 70% of companies use incentives for employees, customers and future customers, 52% of companies give gift cards on a market that grows 10% per year.
  • Give is using existing gifting behavior and transforms it into mobile gifting. Mobile gifting is growing around the world as 30% smartphone users have used their mobile to give a gift.
  • The Mobile Gifting Platform, consist of a C2C app for Android & iPhone and a Business Portal for B2C gifting with easy access to other systems by Partner API. Already adapted to Facebook, LinkedIn, sms, e-mail.
  • The C2C app is possible to download on Google Play and App Store in Sweden. The App is easy to use. Choose between gifts. Drag and drop your gift. Write a message. Insert the mobile number. Send and make someone happy.
  • Behind Give are a team of dedicated entrepreneurs, marketers, programmers, designers and strategists based in Stockholm.

Consumer Pain

  • Most apps and web sites for gifting are ineffective and hard to complete also many are primarily focused on giving discounts.
  • 78% forget to take their printed gift cards to the store.
  • 89% lose track of the value of their gift card.
  • 67% think their wallets are exploding with gift cards.
  • 85% want all their gift cards in one place.
  • 70% cancel their purchase if they need to add the card info again
  • To redeem a gift is often very advanced and acquires many steps for redeeming.

Consumer solution

  • Give offer a pleasant way to give instantly to anyone in your social network, business network or new acquaintances..
  • Give ask for your payment information only once and gives you an alert when your gift is received.
  • Give keeps all your gift cards available in your phone. If you have received a mobile gift card through Give, we inform you about your remaining balance while shopping.
  • Give is perfect for: Thank you, I miss you, Congratulations, Forgive me, Cheer up, Reminders, Encouragement or Dating.

Try the Give consumer app:

Download our iOS app on AppStore

Download our Android app on Google Play

Business Pain

  • 70% of all companies give to their employees, customers or future customers but the pain to do so is time-inefficiency and unnecessary high costs.
  • Only 52% of companies use gift cards for incentives.
  • Many gifting solutions have not focused on the consumer- receiver experience and fail to make customers happy through gifting. Even though most companies understand gifting is a great way to keep customers, the barrier for gifting have kept 48% of companies from using gift cards as the important sales and marketing tool it could be.

Business solution

  • Give platform for instant mobile gifting is perfect for over 70% of companies that give to their employees, customers or future customers.
  • Our API is easy to integrate into any large customer support or sales system as well as into any salesman's iPhone or Android to entertain customers.
  • Retailers actually make more money from selling gift cards than selling actual goods.
  • Give is perfect for: Marketing, Rewards, Thank you, Invitations, Reminders, Forgive us, We remember you and Congratilations.


Source: E-marketer
Source: E-marketer

Timing and market opportunity

  • B2B: 52% of all companies use gift cards as incentives on a market that grows 10% annually.
  • B2C: Retailers actually make more money from selling mobile gift cards than from selling actual gods. Today most gift cards are printed or sent via email.
  • C2C: Most gifting apps today offer poor consumer experience. Consumers love Give for the fact that it makes it simple to both give and to receive and redeem a gift.

First Partners

  • Kuponginlösen, clearing services, 7000 stores all over Sweden
  • Retain24, gift-card provider for 100 different brands
  • Dibs, payment solution provider
  • Euroline, safe credit card-transactions
  • UC, business information provider
  • Barncancerfonden, charity-organization, provides credibility



  • May - Production start
  • June - iOS App release
  • Aug - Android App release
  • Sept - 2000 users!
  • Okt - B2B Portal, phase one


  • Jan - Global digital card partner

Agile go to market strategy

Phase 1:

  • Invite companies in several branches to use Give for customer support and sales.
  • Building a brand prepared for global growth.
  • Establish Give on several markets through signing up with global payment partners as well as redeem partners.
  • Attract region and country managers to launch Give on prioritized markets.

Phase 2:

  • Growth to new markets through existing partners and new ones.
  • Focus on fast growth through a global sales organization with competition and incentives according to Sun Tzu.

Reason for Funding

  • Grow sales & market team
  • POC in Sweden, prepare for global launch
  • B2B portal, phase 2