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Invest in Virtuous Vodka

Invest in Virtuous Vodka

Virtuous Spirits is a Swedish company with passion for real taste and responsibility. We know that nature creates better taste than a human could ever do. We develop our products based on this.
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Swedish natural and organic vodka

Virtuous Spirits is a Swedish company with passion for real taste and responsibility. We know that nature creates better taste than a human could ever do. We develop our products based on this.

The pitch

The journey started in 2012. With the help of our fans that became our ambassadors, we grew, hit the shelves, entered the Swedish alcohol monopoly Systembolaget and starting growing.

We are now ready for the next big step. By raising 10 MSEK (approximately 1,08 MEUR) for the next 3 years we will strengthen and increase sales, further develop the brand Virtuous Vodka and further take position in the field of naturally (read, no fake) flavored vodka, without using preservatives, non-organic ingredients or cutting corners.

The launch of the first product was a huge success and went well over our expectations. Even though the product had only been on the shelves at Systembolaget (Swedish alcohol monopoly) for 1 year, it still managed to qualify into the regular segment, which is extremely difficult. In addition, the product manage to sell at more than 100 bars and has been exported to several international markets.

Our focus now is to further position the Virtuous Vodka brand in the growing field of flavored vodka, 100% organic and no fake.


The funding will be used to increase focus towards the HoReCa market in Sweden and begin exporting to markets that have shown strong interest. This will allow us to setup appropriate marketing activities within selected channels. The goal is to reach annual sales of 685,000 units (the equivalent of 0,015% of today's global vodka market) by 2020, with good profitability, and thereby be well equipped to continue further expansion.

For complete budgets, forecasts or other inquiries please read the attached Investment Memorandum or e-mail us.

Investor Deduction

For more information on the investor deduction applicable offering up to 15% rebate on the investment, please read below.

One of our first client deliveries.
One of our first client deliveries.
Virtuous Vodka Selection - one of each flavor.
Virtuous Vodka Selection - one of each flavor.

About Virtuous Spirits

Virtuous Spirits is a Swedish company with passion for real taste and responsibility. We know that nature creates better taste than a human could ever do. We develop our products based on this, without cutting any corners and with a strong sustainable mentality. Virtuous Spirits produces and sells Virtuous Vodka, first launched at Systembolaget 2nd of May 2013.

The Product

All Virtuous Vodka products are always fake-free, that means always naturally flavored with only organic ingredients. For example, our Raspberry Vodka only contains raspberries and vodka - without any artificial aromas, additives or preservatives. For the last hundred thousand years, nature has developed the full and natural taste of raspberries trough natural selection. No man-made product can really outdo nature in a laboratory. Using only organically certified ingredients, we guarantee the best possible taste. A raspberry that has not been artificially fertilized will always taste better.

Read more about our naturally flavored products: Raspberry

Bitter Lemon



Sea Buckthorn


Virtuous Vodka Raspberry.
Virtuous Vodka Raspberry.
Virtuous Vodka bottling.
Virtuous Vodka bottling.

Founder History

It was a cold day in 2010 when one of the founders of Virtuous Spirits, Claes Stenmark, thought, enough is enough. The cheating in the food industry had become standard. Companies were cutting corners everywhere and using more and more fake ingredients. It was crazy to think that you could change the world but he felt it was time that someone did.

There were others that felt like Claes, who also saw the need and the opportunity. You can't change the world alone or quickly, but you can do it one step at a time. So they decided to start within the vodka industry where fake ingredients were accepted and normal. Until now.

On the 2nd of May 2013, Virtuous Vodka was finally on the shelves of the Swedish alcohol monopoly and was received with standing ovations by critics, professionals, press and customers.

The first day of production - Claes Stenmark.
The first day of production - Claes Stenmark.
Virtuous Vodka has been served in many events.
Virtuous Vodka has been served in many events.


February 2013: First bottles are filled.

March 2013: 106 new shareholders reached with crowdfunding are written in the shareholders ledger after a very successful equity crowdfunding campaign on FundedByMe. Over 1 MSEK are collected at a valuation of 10 MSEK. The campaign is heavily oversubscribed.

May 2013: Very successful launch of Virtuous Vodka at Systembolaget, the Swedish monopoly.

October 2013: Virtuous Vodka Ginger grabs a permanent spot since it had out-competed another fake product.

November 2013: First order for export of more than a pallet is sent to Italy.

November 2013: First order for export delivered to Germany.

February 2014: Export agreement and delivery to the Czech Republic.

February 2014: Virtuous Vodka Selection grabs the permanent spot at Systembolaget.

April 2014: First order for export delivered to Australia.

May 2014: Virtuous Vodka is sold to the bar nr 100 in Sweden.

June 2014: Export agreement and delivery to Holland.

September 2014: Virtuous Spirits signs an agreement for distribution and sales in Sweden.

Some of the press clips from the initial launch
Some of the press clips from the initial launch

Reason for Funding

Virtuous Vodka has been received extremely well. We want to use this opportunity for growth by raising 10 MSEK for three years of operations. The funds will mainly go to:

• Further penetration of the Swedish market by working more closely with distributors, and marketing towards the distributors clients, while increasing our own sales towards HoReCa.

• Full efforts on export in the Nordics and neighbor countries.

• Develop a ready-to-drink beverage based on Virtuous Vodka.

Specific activities for 2015-2016 funded by the amount raised:

• Intensified marketing towards bars and restaurants - events, workshops and printed material.

• High frequency of attendance at trade fairs (where there is also a high customer contact).

• Hire a marketing manager for PR and Press relations.

• Product development to continue the path to be an innovative trademark.

• Increase training for end consumers and bartenders on how to mix amazing cocktails.

• Increase the digital marketing to support our export markets.

For a successful export market growth this is needed:

• Increased sale efforts towards agents, importers and distributors.

• Employ human resources for adaptation of communication towards the specific markets.

Virtuous Spirits will offer tasting for investors.
Virtuous Spirits will offer tasting for investors.

Read below about the Swedish tax deduction. (in Swedish) The text is in Swedish but in short, the deduction is for private investors where up to half of the investment is tax deductible in Sweden. This would equal a15% deduction on the investment (or 15% increase in value).

Investeraravdraget - Applicable to Swede's only.

(In Swedish only, regarding a Swedish tax deduction on this investment).

Ett nytt så kallat investeraravdrag infördes den 1 december 2013. Det tillämpas på investeringar gjorda efter den 30 november 2013.

Investeraravdraget innebär att fysiska personer som förvärvar andelar i ett företag av mindre storlek i samband med företagets bildande eller vid en nyemission kan få göra avdrag för hälften av betalningen för andelar i inkomstslaget kapital. Avdrag ges med högst 650 000 kronor per person och år, vilket motsvarar förvärv av andelar för 1 300 000 kronor. Investerarnas sammanlagda betalning för andelar i ett och samma företag får uppgå till högst 20 000 000 kronor per år.

Exempel: Företaget Mindre AB erbjuder befintliga aktieägare att teckna nya aktier i företaget för 100 kronor styck. Företaget uppger att alla villkor för investeraravdraget är uppfyllda. Karl tecknar sig för 500 nya aktier, och han betalar 50 000 kronor för dessa.

Investeraravdragets storlek blir 25 000 kronor (hälften av 50 000 kronor), vilket ger en skattereduktion på 7 500 kr (25 000 kr x 30 %).

Denna investering uppfyller alla villkor för att din investering skall vara avdragsgill enligt ovan.

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