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Fat Cat™

Unique Lottery-Style Games on Mobile

We design, develop and operate mobile games that are fun, engaging and social, offering players the chance to win life-changing prizes.

Fantastic returns from a unique lottery concept

We design, develop and operate mobile games that are fun, engaging and social, offering players the chance to win life-changing prizes.

SHM Entertainment Ltd (“SHM”), has designed an online gaming platform whose applications (“Apps”) are marketed under the brand, “Fat Cat”. Currently the platform allows players to play two unique games on their smartphones and tablets.

Our vision: “We produce simple-to-play games on mobile that are more fun and entertaining than traditional lottery yet still allow players to compete for the chance to win life-changing prizes”.

Our mission: “We rollout our games in countries with huge target audiences, one after the other, starting with India and followed by Latin America, China, Russia and the Philippines”.

We shall succeed because:

  • Traditional lottery is flat-lining
  • Its format is stale
  • Its players are ageing
  • Jackpot fatigue has set in
  • Younger players want more excitement. Sure, they want to win life changing prizes but they want more fun and convenience in a more challenging and competitive environment.

This is what players are demanding:

“When I play a game, I want it to be entertaining. Every time. I want it to be convenient and easy to play. I want it to be challenging. I want to use my judgement. I don’t want to have to study complicated rules. Most of all, I want to win a prize. A meaningful prize. Something that could change my life. Not just another credit, achievement or badge”.

And this is what the lottery CEO’s are saying:

“The kind of games that people like to play is evolving. Young adults desire considerably more interaction and entertainment value in the games they play”. Brent Scrinshaw, President and CEO of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation in Canada.

“A true national premium game that involves new technology such as social media and embraces corporate sponsorships will only serve to expand our player base by making it younger and increasingly diverse”. Buddy Roogow, Ex-President of North American State & Provincial Lotteries in the US.

“It’s become cliché but it’s true that the main advancement has to be mobile technology”. Dominic Mansour, CEO of the Health Lottery in the UK.

Fat Cat™ games are designed to meet this demand and fill the void.

SHM is primed to become a highly distinguished, widely recognised industry leader because:

• Online, social and mobile gaming is red hot, experiencing phenomenal growth which is forecast to continue;

• Its team is very experienced in all aspects of technology, product rollout, business development and marketing, and is spread across key geographies;

• Its model can be replicated, almost franchised, with ease;

• Its customer acquisition model is lean and its monetization model powerful;

• Its revenue streams are immediate and have a high recurring element, as lottery has by far the highest retention rates of any form of gambling;

• Its games have mass market appeal – people like brands and quizzes, they recognise them, they associate themselves with them, they understand them;

• Its games meet a pressing need to an untapped audience;

• Its games are unique – Lucky 6™ is ‘Patent Pending’ with the US Patent & Trademark Office;

• Its games are modern – 21st century games for a 21st century audience;

• Its games offer the key ingredients required to be successful (according to two US studies): relaxation, excitement, the prospect of winning a large jackpot, convenience, fast-paced and affordable.

SHM Entertainment Ltd was founded in October 2014 and is incorporated in the Isle of Man with a wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong.

Since incorporation, we have:

  • raised seed investment
  • launched our first game in India to 100 of the most prolific bloggers
  • assembled a hugely experienced team who is capable of rolling out our games worldwide
  • created an excellent brand identity
  • built a state-of-the-art gaming platform hosted in the Amazon Cloud
  • developed native iPhone and Android apps
  • built a website and social media sites
  • submitted Lucky 6™ to the US Patent & Trademark Office where it is Patent Pending
  • agreed terms with a Philippines based round-the-clock support team
  • signed an agreement with a prize fulfilment company that can supply winners with prizes all across the world

Once funded we expect to generate revenue immediately reaching positive cash flow in approximately seven months and profitability in the first year.

We plan to pay dividends from year two onwards with an exit for shareholders via an IPO on a gambling friendly market such as the London or Hong Kong Stock Exchange within three years. It is likely that we could be targeted in the interim by a larger gambling entity looking to diversify and tap into a brand new audience, such as Caesars Entertainment, Amaya Gaming or Novamedia.