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ISBJÖRN of Sweden

ISBJÖRN of Sweden

ISBJÖRN was founded 2005 by two Swedish female entreprenours. The Company has now expanded into 13 countries, building a strong brand and platform for growth. We invite you to become an Investor.

Premium Outdoor and Ski Wear 0-14yrs

ISBJÖRN was founded 2005 by two Swedish female entreprenours. The Company has now expanded into 13 countries, building a strong brand and platform for growth. We invite you to become an Investor.


Our ongoing rights issue is fully subscribed at the present and for those who wish to invest, we can now offer a waiting list to the extent any of the existing and accepted investor chooses not to pursue its investment.


Because of the huge interest in subscribing for shares in our company and in our brand ISBJÖRN, we have decided to issue additional shares and expand the campaign to 4MSek. We are extremely pleased that our company will now be able to take a major leap forward with this new financial muscles and to do so with an army of enthusiastic ISBJÖRNs ambassadors. For those on waitinglist, your investments are already accepted.


ISBJÖRN of Sweden is proof that necessity is indeed the mother of invention. When first time mums Maria Frykman Forsberg and Camilla Schmidt could not find proper outdoor gear for their little ones they designed a range themselves.

The company was founded in 2005 by us, two female Swedish entrepreneurs and mothers of five kids in total.

The goal was clearly set. "Our aim was to make the best possible outdoor wear for the ones who needs it the most - the kids - and to do so with the environment in mind. All the way!"

Since then the company has grown and expanded into 13 countries and the Vision is clearly set: "To equip the adventurer of tomorrow".

We have built and prepared a platform for growth with longterm relationships of suppliers, producers, distributors and retailers all around the world. Now you can also invest and become a part of our growth!

We invite you to become an Investor in our growing company, a premium brand for Outdoor and Ski Wear in the range of 0-14 years. We invite you to buy shares in an exciting brand where sustainability is the guiding star for everything we do, today and tomorrow. We invite you to invest because we have built an amazing global team for ISBJÖRN and an equally amazing and sustainable range of products and we know that with that combination, we are also looking towards a very interesting future.


We are raising money in order to continue our domestic and international expansion. ISBJÖRN is ready to take the next step for growth and invest accordingly. We have a strong brand with uniqe selling points, a solid platform of nominated suppliers, production facilities, distributors and agents as well as a loyal retailer base in 13 countries. The infrastructure is set and we now need to invest in sales capabilities and market visibility in order to boost the growth on all our markets.

Purpose & Objectives

  • Increase the proportion of sales capabilities and market visibility on all key markets

  • Actively promote, build and strengthen the brand ISBJÖRN

  • Expand and develop the product portfolio

  • Investing in processes, procedures and business systems that equip the company for further growth

  • Drive revenue, profit and build future value for our shareholders


  • The above, combined with a clear structure of capital and a good cost control will equip the company to realize the added growth plan and ensure a continued profitable growth.

  • ISBJÖRN of Sweden (aka Nordic Kids Wear AB) is seeking external funding in order to finance the above.


In order to see the full offering or any other details, please see the attached documentation or Contact us. We can also answer on e-mail: [email protected] or be reached via telephone on +46 762 244 890.


The following people from the FundedByMe network are acting as lead investors: Dabber

Josè Luis Minguez

Pasi Lyysaari

Petri Pippuri

Magnus Collin

Stefan Linnér

Fredrik Pallin

Patrick Stahl

Stéphane Aldebert

Jack Melcher- Claësson


ISBJÖRN of Sweden is a premium Outdoor and Ski Wear brand for newborns, kids and juniors up to 14 years.

The ISBJÖRN of Sweden collection covers the age from 0-14 years, offering all necessary layers you might need for your child being active outdoors, at a daily basis as well as in the spare time with the family. The collection was launched in the most exclusive outdoor shops in Sweden and today the brand is distributed by over 250 exclusive retailers in Scandinavia, Europe, Japan, Russia and soon also in South Korea.

The absolute success factor for ISBJÖRN of Sweden has been to bring true product sustainability into the kidswear clothing market. This has been done by offering products in the same high quality and technical function as for premium adult brands and also by taking a strict environmentally friendly approach when choosing the materials.


It all started with two mothers - one engineer with a Master of Science in Engineering and Marketing and a career as Management Consultant and one Pattern Constructor and Taylor - with two things in common. They had become mothers for the first time and they both lacked proper gear on the market for their babies being outdoors.

With the great help and support of one female shop manager at the biggest outdoor chain in Sweden - Naturkompaniet - we managed to get our foot into the door of their flagship store in Stockholm. This was an important key account and other outdoor shops joined rapidly thereafter. With the help of the first believers and our first loyal retailers and customers, our company has grown and the brand is now established on several international markets. Nowadays we count 13 markets, 12 international distributors and agents, over 250 loyal retailers, a handful nominated suppliers and producers, a board to be proud of and last but not least our Swedish Team in Gustavsberg. We are super focused determined to succeed, while we are bringing true sustainability into the children wear market.


The shares in the company is currently owned 50/50 by Maria Frykman Forsberg and Camilla Schmidt.

Financial facts

  • Since the start 2005 the average growth has been 20% in average, showing black figures

  • The turnover between Sweden and the international market is 50/50, which is a very healty mix at the stage we are in.

  • The product margin is 45% YTD, aiming for 50% 2018 and forward

  • The gross profit margin shows 10% YTD (September 2014), which is the longterm goal

  • The company's equity ratio showed by end 2013 11,9%

Growth Plan

With planned investments, the growth target for the period of 2015-21 is:

  • A yearly growth rate of >30% during 2015-18, leveling out towards >20% during 2019-21

  • Profit margin of 10%

Conclusion of the above gives us:

  • An estimated turnover of 78MSek (8,5M EUR) in 2021

  • Showing a profit of 7,8MSek (0,85M EUR)

Investments & Growth:

  • Staff investments are planned for this period within both Sales and Marketing as well as for Order and Adminstration.
    Important to note is that the % of staff cost compared to annual sales, will gradually become lower, since the company setup with distributors can handle a significant increase in revenue without increasing the amount of staff equally.

  • Market visibility is a vital factor for the coming growth. We will invest in sales fairs and in co-operations with the PR partners on our agent markets.

  • Growth in Europe will mainly be in Scandinavia, Germany and Switzerland.

  • Outside Europe we foresee the main growth to come from Japan, Korea and Russia.

  • Entering Canada and the US market is definitely on the agenda, but not until 3-4 years ahead.

  • So far China is considered a wildcard, but a Project has been started together with Mittuniversitet i Umeå to explore possible coöoperation partners to ISBJÖRN on the Chinese Market. The Project will be presented in early spring 2015.


ISBJÖRN started in the Swedish Market 2005 entering the swedish premium outdoor chain Naturkompaniet. At the time premium outdoor gear for baby and kids was extremely rare and hard to be found anywhere. But Naturkompaniet had the right profile and the right customer and also perceived ISBJÖRN to be a perfect addition for them in order to position them towards the entire family. Having Naturkompaniet on our listing also made it easier for us to enter the other premium outdoor shops in Sweden. Today we are present at most premium outdoor shops in the market and now focusing on doing the same journey within ski and fashion.

In 2008 ISBJÖRN entered the Norwegian market togheter with a norwegian distributor. The market in Norway was quite easy to penetrate, since the mindset in Norway is extremely outdoor and more set towards quality and function and less upon price. Today Norway is our second biggest market with 30% of the total turnover and growing.

During 2009-12 we have entered into Denmark, Finland, Germany, Chech Republic, Spain and the UK. the recent two years we have establisehed good co-operation partners in Switzerland, Russia, Japan, France and now also in Korea.

Today we are four people in the headquarter in Sweden (soon to become five) working with business- and product development, sales and marketing and last but not least - order administration, packing and delivery. The key has been to find "the right people" with "the rigth attitude" and with a burning energy and enthusiam for the brand. With that goal set in mind, we have succeeded in building in our mind a superior international ISBJÖRN team, all from our supply chain to our distribution partners.

Our business has been profitable from start. From 2012 we have built up an external and professional board that has helped us focus on and improve all routines, processes and systems in the Company, vital to become even more efficient and profitable. This work is now visible in a new IT structure, a new website and webshop and in the annual result for 2013 also in clearly improved financial key performance indicators. The company infrastructure is ready for growth and so are we!


ISBJÖRN offers a full range of outer wear from newborn up to 14 years. We offer all layers, from first layers, middle layers, shell products and padded products as well as a wide range of accessories such as socks, hats and gloves.

WE CALL OURSELVES SPECIALISTS This is our core business. This is what we do. We call ourselves specialist and we do it with pride. All our garments are developed and tested on children. Our own as well as the testfamilies we have longterm and close relationships with. Who but the kids can tell us when we have succeeded or not? Only the best is good enough and we are not satisfied until the garment is perfectly constructed. Considering that children are far more active than adults and also tend to both loose temperature and sweat more easily, it is quite obvious for us that the they are the ones in most need of true functionality. Only the highest quality can bring you soft and smooth garments with a wind and waterproofness combined with an outstanding breathability. And we all know that there are no shortcuts to that!...

HOW WE CAME UP WITH THE SAYING “MULTISPORTERS BY NATURE”… We offer garments for children to enable them to be just that - children - and to give them the possibility to play freely without having the garments constraining them. Our saying is that children are "Multisporters by Nature", but this love for being outdoors can also be easily destroyed by poor equipment. Our aim is that the children should be highly comfortable in wearing our garments as well as dry and perfectly insulated independent of weather conditions and activity. They should also be safe in the sense that no harmful chemicals affect them wearing our clothes.

AND IN THE END… SUSTAINABILITY IS KEY Production of clothes affects the climate and the environment. We all know that. For every garment we can produce in environmentally certified and recycled materials, we are very happy and proud. We continuously strive to make our garments in materials thoroughly tested and approved for not being harmful to the environment and to the child as the end user. Our garments endure tough times when used, but can still be handed over to a smaller sister, brother or a friend. Not only once, but twice and even three times. In that way we can together limit the use of natural resources – that is being environmentally friendly according to us!


ISBJÖRN aim to make the best possible outdoor and ski wear ever for the ones who needs it the most - our kids. And to do so with the environment in mind. All the way!

BUY SMART WITH A LONGTERM FINANCIAL PERSPECTIVE ISBJÖRN truly offer sustainability in that perspective that one garment can be inherited and used again. That way the initial cost is not so high by then end of the day and neither is the strain on our natural resources.

THE SAFETY FOR YOUR CHILD The safety of your child is key for all parents. We all want the best for our Children. By buying garments without harmful chemicals and with re-cycled materials, you do not only make a good choice for the planet, but also for the longterm health of your Child.

THE COMFORT FOR YOUR CHILD When being active outdoors, comfort is key. By using ISBJÖRN, you as a parent can always rely on your child being dry and balanced intemperature independent of the weather conditions. This also gives your child a positive feeling about being outdoors. So, in a way you could say that we are together fostering and building the adventurers of tomorrow. Nice thought isn´t it?


DRIVING REVENUE We continue to focus on increasing our revenue and ensuring that the company and all processes within can sustain and increase the momentum we have built so far. Since the start we have been working hard at bootstrapping, keeping costs low and making sure the right decisions are taken. This way we have fostered a healthy and profitable business model with organic growth. By fiscal year 2013 we already achieved the margin goal of 44% and an average stock level of 15% of total turnover. This way we have already excelled in our expectations of improving the most important key indicators for sustainable growth - improving our profit margin and reduced our fixed costs. Next step is to further improve the margin up to reaching the longterm goal of 50% and to continue to keep the fixed cost at a correct level.

GROWTH Since 2005 ISBJÖRN has grown into 13 countries. We are proud to present solid longterm relationships and co-operation partners from supply chain to distribution. In order to grow from here, we need to make further investments in building our global sales team, in promoting sales activities as well as in relevant coherent PR and brand building activities on all markets. With growth comes volume and an increased negotiation power. With that power comes increased revenue and profit.

BRAND POSITIONING Our strategy is to co-operate with the best in every field in order to become the best ourselves. This way we secure our business model and our longterm strategy and vision. ISBJÖRN has a solid profile being a premium brand with sustainability as a guiding star. Our preferred suppliers are at the forefront of their respective fields. Our intention with these partnerships is to ensure that our products deliver what we promise in the end. In January 2012, we became bluesign System Partner. Bluesign is an independent global organisation, providing and controlling an environmental certification which not only look at the final product and its impact on the user, but that looks over the entire process from raw material to final product.


THE BOARD - In May 2014 the Board was strengthened with further with strategic skills and experience in brand positioning, marketing and international growth. Mikael Sundström, with his extensive background in senior positions in the Telecoms and Sports industries, stepped in as the new chairman. Mikael has been an appreciated board member since 2012. During 2009 - 2011, Mikael was CEO of SOS (Sportswear of Sweden), gaining valuable experience and a network that will be an important element of our continuing expansion plan.

At the same time, Mr. Ola Oredsson became a new board member. With his background as Sales & Marketing Director as well as acting CEO of Houdini Sportswear, Ola Oredsson brings in extensive experience and expertise on how to best run and develop a business in a phase of rapid growth. Additionally Ola’s background in Management, Public Relations and Communications and IT, both in its past and his present career as a consultant, will further strengthen our core capabilities.

Together with Maria and Camilla - Michael and Ola will further complement ISBJÖRN’s core team. They both have extensive experience in developing companies and brands, both at a strategic and operational level. We are very excited to have them join us on our continuing journey of growth.

CEO - Maria Frykman Forsberg is the CEO and Production Manager at ISBJÖRN. She also covers the Finance areas as well as the overall PR/Marketing Strategy for the brand. Maria has a Master of Science in Engineering and Marketing as well as an extensive experience as Management Consultant within production and finance from her career as Manager at Accenture Sweden. When it comes to the big important area as Product Development and Design, Camilla and Maria are equally engaged, since design and function is the heart in the business and the brand.

COO Sweden - Camilla Schmidt has a solid Textile background as a Pattern Constructor and as a Taylor. She is the operational manager of Sales, Logistics and the Customer Support in Sweden as well as responsible for IT, the Website and the Webshop and Staff related questions. Camilla also covers the PR/Marketing work in Sweden, where a close contact to our retailers is key to success on our local market. She is also repsonlsible for bloggers and other local events to build the brand on our home turf.

Export Manager - Our new Export manager is under recruitment, why we can not present this name quite yet. This person will be responsible for executing the sales and brand strategy made for our International Markets, by supporting and developing our distributor and agent partners. This role will also be main responsible for our big international key accounts.

Order & Administration - Andreas Hentzel and Alexander Eliott are responsible for the warehouse and the entire order to delivery process. Their team is responsible for all incoming orders and contact with both Swedish and International customers. Andreas and Alexander takes care of all administration connected to this process, such as order confirmations, shipping lists and invoicing. they also handles the daily cusomter support via phone and email as well as sending out newsletters and ongoing website support.

Bookkeeping & Accounting - Lena Sjödén is working at Wennberg & Blennå AB and is responsible for our bookkeeping and montly as well as yearly financial reports. Lena has worked with ISBJÖRN since the start 2005 and is very familiar with the business as such. She is also supporting the CEO and Board in tax and other financially related questions.


In order to protect our brand and our business, we have created key alliances with a number of partners in the industry. These partners are at the forefront in their respective areas in terms of technology, quality as well as ethical and environmentally friendly production.

bluesign - The global and independent bluesign standard is a Swizz organisation founded as a direct response to the dramatically increasing demand for textiles that are more sustainable and better for people, business and the planet. The goals of bluesign is to link suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and brands together to foster a healthy, respsonsible and profitable textile industry. The bluesign standard is built around five principles: resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational Health and safety for workers. ISBJÖRN is buying bluesign approved fabrics and trimmings like zippers in order to secure a sustainable and safe end product for our customers. Please read more about bluesign at www.bluesign.com and find our mutual partnership at http://www.bluesign.com/industry/bluesign-system/system-partners#.VBGCZmccSpo

BIONIC FINISH ECO - The product Bionic Finish Eco at Rudholm Chemie Group GmbH has already opened up a new perspective to the clothing sector regarding 100% flourcarbonfree water repellancy treatment (DWR). The use of flourcarbons is a huge topic within the EU and further restrictions are to be extpected in the near future. With the use of Bionic Finish Eco, ISBJÖRN has taken the important step away from florcarbones and only use 100% flourcarbon free DWR. Please read more at http://www.rudolf.de/en/technology/bionic-finishreco.html

SOG - Scandinavian Outdoor Group (S.O.G.) was founded in 2000 as an industry initiative to serve outdoor retailers and media in export markets. It unites over 30 well-respected outdoor gear manufacturers from all five Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Under the theme "Together we are stronger" the co-operation runs sales and media oriented projects outside the Nordic region. As a group the SOG members can create a far better leverage in these projects and benefit from eachother in a relatively non-competitive spirit. The membership has proven to be very beneficial for ISBJÖRN, it gives us a clear stamp of quality on the market and the logotype showing our membership is clearly visible on all our PR/Marketing material. Please read more at www.scandinavianoutdoorgroup.com


Through the years, ISBJÖRN has won a number of awards both in Sweden and internationally.

2009 SPORTFACK Gear of the Year "Kids brand of the Year" - Four years after our introduction on the Swedish market we won the industry award "Gear of the Year", awarded by the speciality retail magazine SPORTFACK. This was an important milestone for us since we were new to the market and wanted to change the way the market and customer looked at children´s outdoor gear. With this award, we received further recognition on our home market as well as the ammunition we needed to take the first step into the international arena.

2010/2011 SOG Sustainability Award - The European Jury for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award choose one of our Hard Shell Jackets as SCANDINAVIAS BEST SUSTAINABLE OUTDOOR PRODUCT for Winter 2010/11. The magnitude of this kind of award and the value on the market is priceless. With this award we received an immediately recognition on the market as "the" absolute most durable quality brand for children and junior. The European market was suddenly interested in the new outdoor brand from Sweden and we started to gradually get requests for cooperation in a number of markets in Europe.

2011 Polartec APEX Award - Each year Polartec LLC celebrate the designers and diviners for their supernatural ability to turn Polartec fabric technologies into inspiring products. Every winner is honored and presented with the coveted Malden statue, an industry award unlike any on this world. 2011 ISBJÖRN was the winner of this award with our WindPro Jacket, made out of Polartec WindPro fabric. Again this was an Award we won in a high international competition, with competitor brands like NorthFace, Patagonia, Haglöfs, Fjällräven among others.

2013 ISPO Award WINNER Action Segment Category Kids Apparel - The ISPO Award is the absolut most distinguised Award in the Industry when it comes to outdoor clothing. Winning this price was beyond comprehension at first, but a one clearly telling us that ISBJÖRN was heading in the right direction and acknowledged for what we are trying to achieve with our brand on the market. Even better we won the Award with our new Ski Collection for juniors. The Jury acknowledged the use of bluesign materials, the design and the overall aim to make and offer this kind of sustainbility Product for this category of Products on the market. By this award, ISBJÖRN finally took the plunge into the finer salons of the outdoor business.

2013 SOG Kids Award - The European Jury for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award choos the same Product as the ISPO Award Jury and awarded ISBJÖRN with the SOG Kids Award. This year was an important and successful year for ISBJÖRN, in every perspective.

2014 SOG Sustainability Award - for the second time in ISBJÖRN history we won the SOG Scandinavian sustainability Award, this time with a Spring/Summer product. Quote Jury: "During the Scandinavian Outdoor Award Jury meeting, which was held 8th/June in Kleinwalsertal, Austria, the international Jury was testing and evaluating numerous entries from Scaninavian Outdoor Brands. Eight Journalists from six European countires judged the MOUNTAIN Longsleeve from ISBJÖRN, to be outstanding in this category."

2014 Editor´s Choice of Category Practical - Angels & Urchins Kids Fashion Magazine, Autumn 14. This was such a great news and showed that ISBJÖRN has now finally taken the step into the finer kids fashion salons. Quote Jury: "This Scandinavian Company takes Winter seriously. Such clever designs enable kids to get a couple of seasons´wear out of each Product."

2014 "Best Premium Jumpsuit of the Year" Award - for the second year in a row, ISBJÖRN wins this Award. The test is conducted by an independent testinstitute named www.bäst-i-test.se, using an uniqe field test approach. The competing Products are tested on a daily basis for three months at a Swedish daycare center. This way the test puts an entirely different pressure on the Products actaully delivering what they promise in terms of waterproofness, durability as well as warmth capabilities.


SWEDEN We have 45 premium retailers in Sweden. Most of the retailers them within outdoor and sport but also within kids fashion. the growing trend of functional wear has proven to be the right conept, so most fashion shops of today also presents somekind of range within functional wear. Key accounts for ISBJÖRN in Sweden is Naturkompaniet, Addnature, BabyShop.se, MadeForKids, Barnskospecialisten, SkiStar, Outnorth.se among others. The brand is strong in Sweden and our Uniqe Selling Points (USP´s) are very clear and communicated. All sales and support are done from our headquarters and we plan to keep it that way, because our domestic market is the base for our business.

NORWAY SportAgile AS is a Norwegian distributor, family owned and established in 2003, holding a premium portfolio of brands within outdoor and alpine sport. ISBJÖRN was introduced in Norway in 2008 and now accounts for 30% of the total turnover. Norway is a true outdoor country, where quality clothing is percevied as "bread and butter" for most people. The local competition in Norway is quite fierce, but ISBJÖRN has found its own niche among the local kids brands being both environmentally friendly and sustainable in one.

JAPAN RCT Japan is a solid distributor in Japan, also having Peak Performance among other distinguished brands in their portfolio. The company has the perfect distribtuion net for ISBJÖRN and also the necessary resources to establish ISJBÖRN on the Japanese market. ISBJÖRN is already established at the Isetan department store in Tokyo, which is considered the absolute premium department store in Japan. The Japanese market shows a huge interest for Scandinavian brands and for the famous "Swedish Quality".

SWITZERLAND ACE Alpine & Climbing Equipment AG is one of the most distinguished outdoor distributors on the Swizz market, having built up brands like Haglöfs and having Marmott and LaSportiva in their portfolio. They considered ISBJÖRN to be a perfect complement to their portfolio and it has proven right since the start. We have entered the biggest premium Outdoor and Sport chain in Switzerland, which is Transa and can be found in their flagshipstore in Zurich. The Swizz market is growing fast for ISBJÖRN and is going to bre an important fueler for the whole Alp Region in the Southern Europe.

UK In the UK we recently won the Editor´s Choice Award in Angels&Urchins, which is a widely spread kids fashion and Lifestyle Magazine. That clearly shows that ISBJÖRN finally has taken the step into the circles of the finer fashion salons. Our agent in the UK has managed to get ISBJÖRN into a very healthy mix of outdoor/sport and fashion. We are established at the premium outdoor and sport chain Snow & Rock as well as the absolute premium internet shop Alex & Alexa. You can find ISBJÖRN at Harrods for example, at the Snow & Rock Shop-in-shop.

GERMANY Germany is one of our absolute key markets in Europe. Our Export Manager will be responsible for managing the local Sales Team of agents in the different regions of Germany. Local presence is crucial on this market. At the moment we have a platform of 20 solid retailers in Germany and we are focusing a lot of resources to build this market into one of our biggest ones longterm. The success scenario would be put up one of the bigger outdoor/sport retailer chain on our listing.

DENMARK STM SPORT & FASHION A/S is a Danish distributor of more than 40 premium outdoor and ski brands. All carefully chosen in regards of the highest functionality, quality and strong environmental profile. ISBJÖRN is present at one of the biggest outdoor chain in Denmark - Eventyrsport. The next step is to take ISBJÖRN into the kids fashion market since we have built up a trust for our products in the Danish market generally.

FINLAND GREENDOOR OY is a Finnish agent who has a premium portfolio of over 10 Scandinavian outdoor and ski brands. Tero Blomberg is the responsible sales representative for ISBJÖRN and also co-owner of GreenDoor OY. The Finnish market is in its starting phase and we foresee a nice development there in the coming years. Especially the chain Partioaitta (who is owned by Fenix Outdoor) has shown interest for ISBJÖRN, which is a perfect match going forward.

RUSSIA ISBJÖRN is represented by a distributor in Russia situated in St.Petersburg area. Sfera Ltd has a portfolio of Finnish and Danish Kids Fashion brands and perceived ISBJÖRN to be a perfect complement as an outdoor brand for their clients. We are growing steadily in Russia, but it is a quite difficult market when it comes to the balance of power between the distributor and the big retailer chains. The retailers often demand to work on a commission basis, which makes it risky for the distributor to grow too quickly. Sfera is a trustworthy co-operation partner and has a clear mindset and strategy of how to grow the brand longterm.

SPAIN Sliding Zone is a distributor specialized within freeride and action sport in the north of Spain. They lacked a kids and junior brand in their portfolio and saw ISBJÖRN as the natural choice having the quality and "gree" thinking as our key selling arguments. All aligned with the other brands in their portfolio as the Norwegian brand SweetProtection among others.

KOREA We have recenty contracted Beans & Company as our distributor in Korea. Beans & Company is also acting a retailer and consultant to the fashion industry in Korea, having extensive contacts in the business. They own "Futureperfect", the largest premium children´s multi-brand boutiques in Seoul and also have a long standing relationship with the important department stores. They exclusively carry brands such as Stella McCartney, Little Paul & Joe, Makie, Bensimon, Cacharel, Finger in the nose and more. Scandinavian brands and Lifestyle is very much appreciated in Korea. They even have a term called "Scand Mum" and "Scand Dad", which is the vision they have of life - to work less, spend more time with their children and to be active outdoor. Considering this and also that an outdoor brand like North Face has Korea as their 2nd biggest market in the World, we believe that ISBJÖRN could have a really exciting future on this market.

CHECH REPUBLIC & SLOVAKIA North Trapper is a distributor specialized in Scandinavian outdoor brands. They have been on the market a long time and is solid and established. ISBJÖRN is to be found in Prague at Hudy Falgship store, which is the premium outdoor chain in the market. The price level of ISBJÖRN is still a little bit of a show stopper outside the big cities, but the market is growing in the right direction.

FRANCE We have a newly contracted distributor in the South of France - StormTech - having a ski and surf profiled portfolio of really nice brands as Billabong among others. The first sales season starts in FW15 and we are very much looking forward to start seeing ISBJÖRN in the shops of the famous alpine resorts in the south of France.


ISBJÖRN has been very fortunate to receive quite a lot of attention through the years due to the Awards we have won. What we see now is a growing interest from both magazines and bloggers to co-operate in different ways. We are also acknowleded in the press with editorial material, which is by far the ones creating the most credibility. The latest example is the Editor´s Choice Award in the UK Kids and Lifestyle Magazine ANGELS & URCHINS, where we won the Category Practical Wear. Being visible in that community of brands as this editorial provides us is a huge brand positioning factor and shows us that we are heading in the right direction when it comes to brand awareness on the market and among the media and press.


Every market offers competition. Our ground rule is not to fear competition, but to embrace it and let it trigger us to excell even further in what we want to achieve. In the beginning of our journey we did not have either time nor resources to even consider what our competitors were doing. Nowadays we have a clear picture of the competition on the market, but we do not let it lead us astray. Instead our focus is to "stick to the plan" and focus on our own business idea, vision and strategy.

Making a competitor analysis we do not find any 100% head-to-head competition on the market. ISBJÖRN is a niche player on the market in that sense, but that is also our strength. The kids market offers a lot of big brands in the mid quality segment such as Reima, Didriksson, Vaude, JackWolfskin, Spider, Everest, FinKid, Molo, Skogstad etc. This is a really tough place on the market due to the price pressure. These brands also have limited possibilities to enter the segment of environmental consideration, since that factor drives cost.

Some of the bigger premium outdoor brands makes smaller ranges of kids and/or junior styles, such as Norröna, Patagonia, Houdini SportsWear among others. Here you will find the same high standard of quality, sustainability and environmental concern as well as a high price point. But important to remember when it comes to these brands are that this field or range is not their core business and not their main focus. Again, ISBJÖRN is a specialist in this field. This is our core business and that is a huge strength towards our distribution network and towards our end customers.

What makes us uniqe is the fact that we are specialists in what we are doing, we are offering a full range of outdoor and ski products, from 0-14 yrs, with the highest quality and sustainability. All the way!

INVESTERARAVDRAGET - Applicable to Swede´s only

(In Swedish only, regarding a Swedish tax deduction on this investment). Ett nytt så kallat investeraravdrag infördes den 1 december 2013. det tillämpas på investeringar gjorda efter den 30 november 2013.

Investeraravdraget innebär att fysiska personer som förvärvar andelar i ett företag av mindre storlek i samband med företagets bildande eller vid nyemission kan få göra avdrag för hälften av betalningen för andelar i inkomstslaget kapital. Avdrag ges med högst 650 000 kronor per person och år, vilket motsvarar förvärv av andelar för 1 300 000 kronor. Investerarnas sammanlagda betalning för andelar i ett och samma företag får uppgå till högst 20 000 000 kronor per år.

Exempel: Företaget Mindre AB erbjuder befintliga aktieägare att teckna nya aktier i företaget för 100 kr styck. Företaget uppger att alla villkor för investeraravdraget är uppfyllda. Karl tecknar sig för 500 nya aktier och betalar 50 000 kronor för dessa.

Investeraravdragets storlek blir 25 000 kronor (hälften av 50 000 kronor), vilket ger en skattereduktion på 7 500 kr (25 000 kronor x 30%).