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Kick start "yobeeda"

Short jobs, no hassle

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We seek individuals, investors and companies who share our vision to radically change the game for short job fulfillment: Support us. Attract employers (yobmakers) to kick start our service.

A Smart Employment Agency for Short Jobs

We seek individuals, investors and companies who share our vision to radically change the game for short job fulfillment: Support us. Attract employers (yobmakers) to kick start our service.


yobeeda är Sveriges smarta arbetsförmedling för korta jobb.

Alla är nog överens om att korta jobb är en viktig ingångskanal till arbetsmarknaden. Väldigt få har försökt förfina denna språngbräda. Däremot finns det myter och missbruk runt korta jobb. Vi tror att marknaden är mycket större än alla andra tror för korta jobb. Det handlar inte bara om utanförskap. Det handlar även om engagemang och outnyttjad potential för alla som redan har ett jobb och sitter och lider på arbetsplatsen på hel- eller deltid. Därför pratar inte vi om arbetslösa. Vi pratar bara om arbetsvilliga och tillgängliga. Den potentialen är mycket stor.

Det är hos företagaren som behoven uppstår så vi utgick från den klassiska företagaren som saknar personal, just nu.

Rent praktiskt måste många vara med för att det skall funka. Det är som att förvärma en motor eller tända på en masugn. En kick start. För 100 sek blir du ett av våra officiella kick start donor bee, en av fyra typer av rewards.

Vi vill att så många som möjligt visar sitt stöd för denna helt nya lösning och sprider vår idé. Hjälp till att vända upp och ner på marknaden på ett sätt där alla involverade blir nöjda men måste tänka om! Nu kör vi! Vi börjar med Sverige...

Friktionsarbetslösheten för korta jobb är borta
Friktionsarbetslösheten för korta jobb är borta

First of all: What is yobeeda?

Yobeeda.com is an on-line booking system for short job fulfillment, from search-book-check in-salary-pay-out to mutual ratings. Currently PayPal is used to reserve and pay salary. Our focus is short jobs, only.

Yobeeda is a meeting place where companies/organisations with short jobs to be done (yobmakers) can search for available and willing candidates (yobtakers) located close to the work to be done.

It is a simple and hassle free service that reduces the administrative barriers to hire for short jobs. Yobeeda also enforces a fair treatment of the yobtakers by securing agreed salary before the shift and collect mutual ratings after. Yobeeda is not an employer. Yobeeda summarizes the financial records for the yobmaker on a monthly basis. . It sounds plain but the model is very cool and slim and totally different. We all need to rethink.

We believe everyone also agrees that short jobs represent a springboard to "real" jobs. So we want to eliminate the so called friction unemployment for short jobs, together with you.  

What do we need?

In the end, we primarily want you to show your support for a game change. We want many to communicate that this is a great idea and spread the word. We actually need that more than money. We all need to rethink our approach to how we hire for short jobs. At yobeeda the yobmaker searches for yobtakers using location and availability as search criteria. No ads. No-one applies for any job. Yobtaker search passively by appearing for searches when he or she is available. To succeed together we need enough yobmakers and yobtakers to use this.

Yobeeda is neither an employer nor a staffing company and charge no member fees. We charge the employer a low cost per booking. We want to be the best springboard into the real job market by increasing the touch points between individuals and companies. We also want to enable anyone out there, employed or not employed, to make him- or herself visible for paid short jobs that may open a door to something different, add some money or simply do good.   We see FundedByMe as a unique springboard, reaching out to all with a vested interest co-write the continued story with us and radically change the job market for short jobs. Every company, individual or stakeholder who believes in a new and complementary solution to enable willing and capable individuals to be exposed to short job opportunities, for whatever reason, should back us. The backer support will be used to demonstrate interest in this service; to finance short jobs via yobeeda; to generate real traffic and a volume of yobmakers and yobtakers: - make the yobeeda experience go viral and demonstrate value in society - market ourselves and our premium backers in social media and other water holes - pay salaries for yobtakers to work for yobeeda or backers: - either by paying salaries for yobtakers doing short jobs on behalf of yobeeda in order to be trainees on our evolving organisation, to market ourselves (e.g. we pay for physical activities, handouts), make a video, work with user support . .

yobeeda is a dynamic online end-to-end meeting place for short job fulfillment starting with an employer (yobmaker) searching for available short job candidates (yobtakers)

  1. Available and willing yobtakers register relevant profiles and their updated availability for a potential yobmaker search
  2. yobmakers with short job needs, will always find available and willing yobtakers on yobeeda and they can search on time, location, rating and experiences
  3. Once a yobtaker has been selected from a search list, the agreed salary will be reserved, prior the shift, using Pay Pal
  4. After yobmaker and yobtaker checked in and out of the shift a mutual rating survey is initiated and will be documented. Over time yobtakers will have a "yobeeda CV" with multiple ratings and free-text references for future job search
  5. Salary is paid out and yobeeda provides a financial summary to yobmaker on monthly basis
  6. yob shift cycle is closed.

yobeeda currently use PayPal for reserving and paying salary. Reserving the salary is a key function to ensure fair play. This money is never in control of yobeeda though, but reserved by PayPal. Our business model is transaction based where yobmaker pay pre booked shift and yobmaker. In the end, we are a broker.

Initially yobeeda focus on Sweden but the service scale and is globally enabled. Our solution is tested and proven. We are amazed by the positive feedback we have received from both yobmakers and yobtakers. The critical next step is to continue to grow in a balanced volume of yobmakers and yobtakers. This is why we want to start the FundedByMy campaign and engage as many as possible to kick start a game changing alternative for short jobs with a solution that does not exist today. It's a tricky threshold to grow in balance.

Anyone - anyone! - can be yobtaker!
Anyone - anyone! - can be yobtaker!

yobeeda is based out of Stockholm and is fully owned by founders Sven Hultin, Magnus Maurex and Ulf Gullstedt

As founders we have together a comprehensive background in service business for all kinds of industries across the world. We have increasingly been annoyed by the imperfect service industry and the perceived barriers to recruit people and the overall so called "friction unemployment for short jobs", e.g. the ability to find people when you need them. There must be a better way using social media and open platforms to reduce these barriers whilst mitigating all risks for getting a first job, making short jobs politically correct, creating a new and larger market of short jobs without cannibalizing on existing full time jobs? Today all talk about full time jobs. At the same time everyone agrees that short jobs are a spring board into a full time job. No-one makes it easier to provide or get that short job. With yobeeda there is an alternative.

Dagens Industri wrote about us, August 21
Dagens Industri wrote about us, August 21

the future

We do see a future where anyone available and willing to work, with a predefined profile in yobeeda, simply making him- or herself available. The person is located geographically and made visible for relevant search in that area, irrelevant where he or she is on the planet.

The bees of our society can be unemployed, self-employed, visiting tourists, stand by pools, students, pro-bono workers. The platform is ready. As for early September we have close to 400 yobtakers and 20 yobmakers registered. Support us to get started. We need 10000 yobtakers and 1000 yobmakers to take us to the next phase of expansion.

we want yobeeda to be for short jobs what TripAdvisor is for travelling, Airbnb is for accommodation ...

  • yobeeda is not a staffing company nor an employer but a catalyst engine on the short job market
  • yobmakers search for available yobtakers on yobeeda
  • yobtakers do not search for jobs but make themselves available
  • yobeeda is a meeting place, a society of human bees, that eliminates friction unemployment for short jobs
  • yobeeda focus only on short jobs in a time where the number of employees increasingly are freelancing, juggle multiple jobs and/or have challenges entering the market for a first job, find contacts and/or get some work experience
  • yobeeda makes money per booked yobshift, not from advertising nor membership
  • the administration is hassle free and the overhead is minimum to enable more yobmakers to create and hire for more short jobs
  • once a yobtaker is booked the salary will be paid for that shift as salary is reserved using PayPal. This is a unique yobeeda solution. We are/were first in the world with this. Also, it enables a very appreciated fair play for short jobs.
  • a documented CV with ratings and references per shift will be accumulated over time for yobtakers
  • our values are simplicity, transparency, accountability, inclusiveness, respect (in that order)
  • our job classification is based on the global ISC coding which will simplify continued expansion
  • we are committed to the UN Human Rights

yobeeda is an ease of use mobile platform for every yobmaker that face regular peak needs of staff, is weather dependent or has large pools of temporary staffing or whom may need but can't justify to employ sometime for a limited job.

yobeeda is primarily fit for high volume needs in retail, restaurant, hospitality business, construction etc.

yobeeda is also fit for self-employed or employed who want to work some extra somewhere but can't market themselves.

This service as designed does not exist as of today and is extremely dynamic. Either you are available or not. Search is location based, rating based and capability based.

The common good for this service is huge and will impact everyone. Existing employment agencies (private or national, such as arbetsformedlingen.se) do not focus on this niche at all even though the need and potential is there. Today you can't even post short jobs on arbetsformedlingen.se.

The number one benefit for our backers is to participate in a new movement and radically change the job market, building a total new way for short job fulfillment.

The number two benefit is to co-fund a first work experience - via yobeeda - to achieve the same goal.

We deeply believe there is a social story to be told, per backer, regarding how to improve the unemployment situation and also demonstrate on actions in this area. The yobeeda core business is short job fulfillment. yobeeda is a good citizen solution that anyone can support in their sustainability agenda.

We believe our backers believe that there is another ways to mobilize more people and contact in an imperfect employment situation.

the rewards

Overall we want your help to tell the world that there is another simple, hassle free way of handling short jobs where all stakeholders benefit. We all need to change the way we look at the job market. The rewards are also associated to different bee statuses and storytelling.

Our intent is to create and share four different engaging stories given each backer status as a kick start donor bee, a honey bee, a yobmaker bee or a pollinator bee.

Show your support in a new set up where everyone is a winner

The longer story that brought us here is a story about a job society of human bees

Imagine a single bee moving from flower to flower, being busy as a bee.

We have seen them at work all day. It’s a full time job. Bees are the foundation of the ecological system. Each bee is part of a society, a community. Millions of bees visits millions of flowers every day all over the world. Bees are known to be very productive and hard working. Their combined hard work is actually a foundation for all living on the planet.

The ways humans work differ from the bee. We serve one - or maybe two – three flowers - at a time, or ourselves, or not at all. Our collective ambition is to work for one flower. All systems and politics support this idea. There is only one problem. It is not working for everyone. So we asked ourselves, why? More and more serve no flower at all. They are totally excluded, unemployed bees busy doing nothing. Or they bring knowledge to pollinate and or add value when they travel and or have more capacity. These bees are completely outside the job market. But we all know they are good to do something. It is a lost opportunity.

Even worse, it’s also more likely we will have to work with many flowers doing many small things in the future. Many smaller shifts combined might make a part time job, to make some money, to gain some work experience, to get some exposure while actually helping out, for real. But we are not ready for that situation, mentally.

Our idea is a crowd sourced approach to a short job community for human bees. We only provide short jobs, shifts, new contacts and smaller opportunities with different employers. Over time we will build yobtaker CV and track record via yobeeda, with actual ratings, referrals, work experience to also enable getting that first real job. No-one should need to be totally unemployed or un-used. There is so much small work out there that needs to be done, but it is too expensive to administrate fort the employer today. We aim eliminate those barriers as well. It should not be an issue to attract and pay these bees.

We call it yobeeda, and the individual, the human bee is the core solution to our idea, available and willing to work here and there. Many flowers and many bees working many small shifts, hassle free. Our platform scales and all will benefit who recommend others to join. Maybe this will be the new way of working for many of us? The more flowers and bees the stronger the community is. We think it’s better to be busy as a bee than busy doing nothing. It's a game changer.

That's is why we ask you to become an official kick starter donor bee, honey bee, yobmaker bee or pollinator bee.

Believe in a society of human bees? Photo ©Jerhov
Believe in a society of human bees? Photo ©Jerhov


yobeeda as a service was founded spring 2014 after thee months business modelling exercises

yobeeda Release1 was launched July 1st 2014.

More than 300 yobtakers registered end August. 2014.

yobeeda is fully operational by end Q3 2014.

Full press release.July 1st (launch): http://yobeeda.tumblr.com/post/90547095102/pressrelease-start-up-yobeeda-jobbida-utmanar

"Imagine a society of human bees" http://yobeeda.tumblr.com/post/89887236142/imagine-a-society-of-human-bees

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