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Crowdfund a media channel for liberty!

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bubb.la is a crowdsourced news site which helps you get out of the leftist mass media bubble.

Crowdsourced news. True public service media.

bubb.la is a crowdsourced news site which helps you get out of the leftist mass media bubble.

bubb.la (bubbla is the Swedish for "bubble") is a crowdsourced news site. We offer an alternative to the narrow and biased reporting of established mass media. The people behind the site are united by their interest in better news reporting and a more free society.

You can access our news on our site, on Facebook, on Twitter, through RSS, on YouTube and on Google Plus.

Besides this campaign, it is possible to donate Bitcoin to the following address (click here to see the Bitcoin donations made so far):


bubb.la started as an idea in early June 2014 and technical development started at the end of that month. The site was pre-launched during the Almedalen Week and the week after a wider launch was made on Facebook.

The goal is to establish bubb.la as a leading news site in Sweden before the national elections on September 14. It is an ambitious plan, but if many of us pull together, we can do it!

Here are some examples of what has been written about bubb.la so far:

Dagens Opinion: Liberal nyhetssajt ska sticka hål på vänsterbubbla

Cornucopia: Ny liberal nyhetstjänst: Bubb.la

Sundsvalls Tidning: Nya medier inte bara en fråga om format

Flashback: Bubb.la - ny nyliberal sajt, ska vara motvikt mot vänstervridning

Mattias Lundbäck: Bubb.la - den första nyhetsbubblan

Henrik Alexandersson: bubb.la - för ett varierat nyhetsutbud

Per Gudmundson: Liberal nyhetsvärdering

The money we receive will be used for technical development. We have already come far with a few initial donations, but to keep a high pace we need more resources. If we get more money than we need to finish bubb.la, we will use it to develop the site further, build more libertarian media channels and market them.

All software created will be made available for like-minded projects and we want to find many ways for libertarian media channels to cooperate. In the long term we want to create multiple libertarian alternatives to xenophobic sites like Avpixlat and socialist sites like Politism etc. All our projects will be voluntary, decentralized, crowdfunded and crowdsourced. Make a donation and help us build a new media sphere which puts individuals, markets and open borders in focus!

One of the reasons that the technical system behind bubb.la has been created so quickly is a talented freelancer from India, Jaskaranpreet Singh, who has previously created websites for Frihetsfronten (The Freedom Front) and the magazine Nyliberalen (The Neo-Liberal). Jaskaranpreets compensation is the main cost of the projects and it is money well spent. Make a donation and help us hire him for a longer assignment!

All donations to bubb.la makes a positive difference – every amount of money donated enables us to reach out to more people and over time convince them of the benefits of liberty.

Take this rare opportunity to invest in a more free society!

Campaign owner