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Åre Natural Mineral Water

Be a part of this fantastic journey, introducing the Worlds First Supremium Natural Mineral Water.

Supremium Åre Natural Mineral Water to New Markets

Be a part of this fantastic journey, introducing the Worlds First Supremium Natural Mineral Water.

Åre Water welcome you to Indochine Green Festival
Åre Water welcome you to Indochine Green Festival

The Summary

With Åre Natural Mineral Water we offer our clients a superior drinking water in an elegant glass bottle.

Åre Water AB believe that our secure and exclusive access to the natural mineral water of Åre, will satisfy the demands by aware consumers looking for luxury and healthy products.

Åre Water AB seeks to build up its global reputation, recognition and distribution in such a way that Åre Natural Mineral Water will be enjoyed at a selection of establishments around the world where superb service, first-class cuisine and premier entertainment invites the guests to an exclusive setting and ambiance.

Åre Water AB wants to be a strong brand by contributing and actively supporting sustainable and ecologically conscious initiatives and projects. Camilla Hall one of our founders acts as advisor to IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and IWA (International Water Association).

Åre Water AB will initially focus on the primary markets of Stockholm and Åre in Sweden, Singapore and Hong Kong (SAR) in Asia, Italy and France (Monaco), and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. At the beginning, marketing and distribution will focus on existing customers, personal network and contacts as well as established distribution channels.

Åre Water AB’s “first year after investment target” is to sell 2 400 bottles daily, 40 bottles per day to 30 customers in 2 markets, Sweden and Singapore, via high profiled distributors. That will ensure a solid economic foundation for the company and a security for you as investor.

Today, Åre Water AB needs additional capital to reach their goal. The new funds will mainly be used to set-up sales teams and access distributors in the targeted markets. Other costs will be marketing our products at exclusive events at our markets and to upgrade the production facility linked to both capacity and product development.

At present, the major challenge faced by Åre Water AB is the lack of cash-flow allowing the leveraging of business opportunities that Åre Water AB has identified and built-up since its launch in 2011.

Our core valuesTRUE PURE HONEST will guide us in all we do.

Our Markets
Our Markets

The Investment

We are embarking on a fantastic and exciting journey.

In order to take the step into the selling phase requires more capital and liquidity.

We offer now

a unique opportunity to pioneer and make Åre Natural Mineral Water the most recognized Supremium Water, that clients think of when they want the best water.

Åre Water Academy

All our partners,investors, stakeholders, customers and distributors will be linked to the Company by becoming members of the Åre Water Academy. The members will be invited to annual events in Åre to exchange business experiences and further strengthen our brand.

Investor Deduction

Investor tax deduction means that you as an individual or company acquire shares in a company of smaller size when it is formed or when new shares are issued can deduct half of the payment for the shares in income capital. Please read more at www.skatteverket.se

See the Financial forecast and Executive Summary

Please contact us for Investors Memorandum and more info.

The Background

The Åre village has an amazing history of culture, recreation and sports elevating the name of Åre to a well-known brand.

Åre Natural Mineral Water from Åre Källa is one of only 10 natural mineral water wells certified by the Swedish food agency (Livsmedelsverket) and by the EU-commission.

Åre Water AB was founded in 2011 by Anette Friman, Camilla Hall and Jan Duvdahl. During the period 2011-2013 the Company has finalized the production and site facilities in Åre. At the same time, with the input of consultants and advisors, the optimal design for a high-end market of the bottle, label and bottle cap has been decided and implemented. Simultaneously, the Company has invested in building the Åre Natural Mineral Water brand and started sales in both domestic and international markets.

The Swedish government actively invests in companies and supports the export of Swedish food. Since Åre is situated in the Support Area A according to the classification by the Swedish government, Åre Water AB qualifies for financial support and sponsorship for companies domiciled in the less inhabited areas of Sweden. In addition, the company has received financial support from the County Council (Länsstyrelsen).

The factory has been built with limited resources and is operated within a rented building. In order to guarantee the continuity of production and secure investments, an agreement has been made to purchase the property that owns the existing premises for 4 million SEK.

The company founders have invested 2 million SEK and more than 11 000 hours of labor during the last 2 1/2 years. In comparison and according to estimates by Snåsa Vann, a start-up company in Norway and the City of Gothenburg, investigation investments for comparable facilities in similar locations, are expected to amount to 25 million SEK. Today, with existing investments, resources and infrastructure, production has a capacity of 4 000 bottles per day.

During the last year, we have marketed our product in different contexts to potential customers. We have started selling in the Åre area where we currently supply 20 customers, mainly restaurants, hotels and shops. In the Stockholm market, we service about 40 ICA grocery stores and have just initiated a collaboration agreement with a local distributor catering exclusive products to the restaurant and hotel market.

The ambition has been to keep costs down and grow step-by-step matching market demands and opportunities. We have now reached a pivotal point where additional capital is required to move forward and further develop both the domestic and international markets.

The world market and the sales for bottled premium water are the fastest growing segment in bottled water. The total value of premium water is about 10% of the total bottled water sales of 126 billion USD per 2012. According to a new report by Research and Markets, the global bottled water industry is one of the fastest expanding industries. The world bottled water market is expected to reach $70bn in value by 2017 and will be stimulated by rising population, consumer spending patterns, lifestyle trends and growing levels of health consciousness, among other factors.

The Jewel on the fine dining table
The Jewel on the fine dining table

Our Supremium Åre Natural Mineral Water is one of the Worlds Finest Waters, bottled directly from Åre Källa in the Alpine World Championship Village of 2019, Åre, Jämtland, Sweden

We are a small team that has build up the company since 2011 with an operating production site,suppliers, existing customers and great ambitions, plans and activities for expansion. Join us on this journey!


You, who enjoy and appreciate the quality things in life will always drink Åre Natural Mineral Water when you want an exclusive Premium water at home or in at a nice venue. In Åre village Åre Natural Mineral Water is the obvious choice of bottled water for every visitor and the inhabitants of the Åre village are proud of it. Our vision is to sell one of the best and finest Supremium bottled waters in the world on selected markets. We envision that Åre Natural Mineral Water is served at the appropriately chilled temperature, in classy glasses, without addition of ice. We want the consumer of Åre Natural Mineral Water to feel welcomed and valued as an honored guest when drinking our water.


Provide selected markets with the virgin Supremium Natural Mineral Water from Åre and make consumers understand the advantage of the water and that “Water is not just Water”. Our consumers want to be amongst the limited number enjoying this exquisite water.

Business Idea

To develop, produce and sell Natural Mineral Water products, bottled directly from the spring Åre Källa, Sweden.

Business Goal

Establish a fully functioning, economically stable and environmentally conscious company with sales capacity of 2 400 bottles of Natural Mineral Water Products per day one year after this capital increase. An increase of annual sales in the target markets is forecast to reach the maximum production capacity of 2,6 million bottles per annum by 2019.

Åre Village from above
Åre Village from above

Åre and The Spring

Åre is the Alpine centre of Northern Europe, a unique mountain village in the virgin lands of the non-polluted northern part of Sweden. Åre is the host of FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019. Åre is the prime ski destination of Scandinavia and the home of a range of regular and extreme sports events. Åre is where you meet moose and reindeer in the wild, where you drink the water directly from the babbling brooks or a bottle of Åre Natural Mineral Water. Åre is also famous for its fine cuisine and world class chefs such as Niklas Ekstedt and Magnus Nilsson at Fäviken.

Åre Källa, a well protected underground source from where the water is tapped is one of only ten Certified Natural Mineral Water Springs in Sweden, only six is operating.

Åre Natural Mineral Water is delicious, well-balanced and have health advantages due to low nitrates and sodium content.

Nothing has been removed or added except carbonic acid in sparkling water and natural aromas in some products.

We believe that our secure and exclusive access to the natural mineral water of Åre, will satisfy the demands by aware consumers looking for luxury and healthy products.

Our Natural Mineral water is arguably one of the best Natural Mineral Waters in the world as it contains an astounding 85% of oxygen and is classified as “Superior” by “Fine Water Sommeliers”.

Recently, our water has been selected by one of the leading Scandinavian grocery retailers, ICA, to be the best and most preferred mineral water among a selection of mineral waters for one of their own Branded products. The contract is signed and the product will be launched in September 2014.

Office and Factory
Office and Factory

Challenges and opportunities

With Åre being a premium location in Sweden and Åre Natural Mineral Water being the first supremium water in the world an exciting future awaits the company.

With a modern fully operational bottling plant and amazingly talented operational team in place we now need to expand our sales and distribution to capitalize on this investment to a market that is demanding differentially priced high quality mineral water.

The addition of new capital into the company will give security of cash flow at this expanding stage. As we build volume and a distribution infrastructure in the key markets around the globe for Åre Water, a solid balance sheet and cash flow will ensure that we can grow at a sustainable planned rate.

The mineral water market has some Premium brands all of which recognize that this “Supremium” (High Quality with Exclusivity) market is prime for growth. The various drinks markets have shown that exclusivity and rarity are highly prized, with price not being the defining factor for purchase.

Recently, our water has been selected by one of the leading Scandinavian grocery retailers to be the best and most preferred mineral water among a selection of mineral waters.

For investors and the team at Åre Water AB an exciting and rapidly growing business is just the tip of the iceberg and we know that a crystal clear future waits.

The Natural Mineral Water

Åre Natural Mineral Water is a certified natural mineral water and has been classified at the quality level “Superior” by Fine Waters. Åre's clean and pristine mountain landscape offers a good environment for the water. Layers of rock and sand created during the ice age allow for a superior filtration of the water. The original source is well protected from external and adverse environmental influences.

The chemical analysis:

  • Sodium (Na) 1,3 mg/l
  • Nitrates (NO3)2,2 mg/l
  • Nitrites (NO2)<0,0003 mg/l
  • Sum of nitrates (NO2/0,5+NO3/50) <0,5 mg/l
  • Chloride (Cl) 2,1 mg/l
  • Sulphates (SO4) 6,7 mg/l
  • Magnesium (Mg) 1,2 mg/l
  • Potassium (K) 0,51 mg/l
  • Calcium (Ca) 32 mg/l
  • Fluoride (F) <0,10 mg/l

The water is moderately hard:

  • Calcium 32 mg/l and Magnesium 1,2 mg/l.

Other properties:

  • pH 7,9
  • naturaly oxygen 85%
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) 110 mg/l
  • The sum of nitrates are < 0.5 mg/l which is a evidence of virginity
Products:  Still, Sparkling, Lemon and Lingonberry
Products: Still, Sparkling, Lemon and Lingonberry

Products & Services

Our products are:

  • Still Natural Mineral Water
  • Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, carbonic acid added
  • Sparkling Lingonberry, aroma added
  • Sparkling Lemon, aroma added

Currently all in a 50 cl elegant glass bottle with shrew cap, seal and transparent label primarily for high-end customers. We intend to extend the range of bottle sizes to include 25 cl and 75 cl to meet identified market demands.

The company intends to provide training and education for hotel/bar/restaurant staff and in restaurant schools on every market.

Mikael Larsson, Anette Friman, Jan Duvdahl
Mikael Larsson, Anette Friman, Jan Duvdahl


The Board of Directors consists of Anette Friman, Jan Duvdahl and Camilla Hall substitute member is Ulf Persson.

The Team consists of Anette Friman CEO, Jan Duvdahl Overall sales responsible , Camilla Hall Marketing responsible Asia & Pacific, Mike Redford Sales and Marketing, Mikael Larsson responsible for Production and Maintenance and Per gcRejving acts as senior advisor.

Camilla Hall, to the right@Millionaireasia
Camilla Hall, to the [email protected]

True, Pure Honest

The guiding words for the Company and the products are “True, Pure, Honest”, these words guides us in all we do.

Nobody can copy us, as we are the sole producer that can exclusively bottle and sell water from the spring, Åre Källa, according to domestic and EU-regulations.

Our small organization can easily adapt to market demands with its clear and accepted roles for everyone, while maintaining a short and compact decision making process.

Our sales force are truly dedicated to our products and have many years of experience in sales both in Sweden and Internationally.

Our personal, international and domestic network provide us with unique possibilities to promote our products

All marketing is based on our story and influenced by our key words “True Pure Honest”.

All our partners; investors, stakeholders, customers and distributors will be linked to the Company by becoming members of the Åre Water Academy. The members will be invited to annual events in Åre to exchange business experiences and further strengthen our brand.

Together with our distributors we will organize targeted events on every market, inviting their customers as well as VIP guests that will draw media attention. Our distributors and their customers will learn about our story and be educated through Åre Water Academy.

Sales support will be continuously offered and will be adjusted to specific market needs. Specially designed campaigns will be executed at specific occasions.

Thanks to Camilla Halls roll as advisor to IUCN and IWA we will have access to international hotel chains CSR directors and develop CSR menus/events.

Together with our strategic partners we will participate in game changing events. We have a cooperation with Virtuous Spirits AB, Mörsjö Deli AB and Gefle Choclaterie AB introducing our products to the same customer segments at special events and fairs both in Sweden and abroad.

Connoisseur Event @ Steninge Palace in June 2014
Connoisseur Event @ Steninge Palace in June 2014

Events and Fairs

When participating in events at a new location we try to find a local distributor in advance to make sure our products are available for sale during the event and afterwards

We have participated in many events,for example, recently;

  • In Stockholm – together with Connoisseur at Steninge Slott
  • In Dubai, Club Terra Viva event Capital Club in conjunction with Dr Ashok Khosla receiving from Ruler of Dubai the Environmental Prize Zayed 6 May

Fairs: In Italy we attended the Cibus food exhibition in Parma, in may 5-8 together with Mörsjö Deli.

We are planning the following events and fairs:

  • Releaseparty in Stockholm in the begining of September
  • Formula 1 event in September in Singapore
  • IndoChine Green Festival in November in Singapore
  • Prince Albert of Monaco’s gala dinner in November in Singapore
  • Sea Orbiter Circle in November in Singapore

Please also see the document; Brand Timeline.

Cibus Fair with Mörsjö Deli@Parma, Italy, May 2014
Cibus Fair with Mörsjö [email protected], Italy, May 2014


The production capacity with existing equipment and staff is 4’000 bottles per day. In order to reach the desired production capacity of 10 000 bottles per day, we need to invest in the upgrade of the production facilities and extend the warehouse capacity.

Production process We operate a semi-automatic linear production line with manual on- and off-loading of bottles. The sealing of the bottles is handled manually which constitutes a bottle-neck in the production process today.

Premises Rented building with an agreement to buy the property company that own the building for 4’000’000 SEK. We have the right to build an additional production facility – a total of 300 sqm, in close proximity to the existing facilities. Production facility officially approved for the production of Natural Mineral Water by authorities.

Environmental aspects

As far as possible we will work with green and “fair trade” cargo.

To produce 1 liter of water it takes 1 liter of water, the same for soda is 9 liter water per 1 liter soda. As far as possible we will work with green and “fair trade” cargo.

Many restaurants are in fact saying today that it is environmentally friendly to carbonate their own water and therefore it is often impossible to get a bottle of really spring or mineral water to the food. Instead, you often pay for tap water that has been run through a filter and then poured in a stylish bottle. Arvika Municipality's study shows that there may not always be the best option. E-coli bacteria and coli form bacteria were plentiful in the water that was served, and it does not sound so appealing right. If you want to have clean water at the pub, it is easiest to select one of the available water bottled directly from the spring.

Environmental impact is negligible; the annual Swedish consumption of just 25 liters per person or 3.1 kilos of CO2. It gives as much climate impact as a tumble or a hamburger.

Banning bottled water makes consumers choose less-healthy drinks, says IBWA. Rather than eliminating the ability of consumers to purchase bottled water – the healthiest package beverage on the shelf – the NPS should be looking for more ways to increase the availability of clean, safe drinking water in national parks, especially if other packaged beverages that contain sugar and additives are sold on site. Such efforts would complement campaigns to promote healthy hydration, which might include placing bottle refilling stations and water fountains throughout the parks. Access to bottled water is a key component of healthy hydration for 'healthy people', so it should not be discouraged, prohibited or overlooked when discussing water's role in a healthier lifestyle. (http://www.foodbev.com/news/banning-bottled-water-makes-consumers-ch#.U8ZfyEC7JqG )

Industry research shows that when bottled water isn't available, 63% of people will choose soda or another sugary drink – not tap water. It is logical to expect the same consumer response if access to bottled water is removed in the NPS. The bottled water industry is a strong supporter of our environment and our natural resources. In fact, bottled water’s environmental footprint is the lowest of any packaged beverage according to a life cycle assessment conducting by Quantis in 2010.


For further information see the attached documents and feel free to contact us: