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Mobile ordering made simple

Intreat is a transaction and communication platform that integrates ordering, payment, delivery, and engagement in a single platform, bridging the gap between fans and their favourite clubs.

Enhancing the fan experience at sports arenas

Intreat is a transaction and communication platform that integrates ordering, payment, delivery, and engagement in a single platform, bridging the gap between fans and their favourite clubs.

Our passion, our pitch

At Intreat, we are all about experiences and enjoying the moment. We’ve also noticed that subpar experiences at sports venues can leave the most loyal fans feeling unengaged and underserved. So we created Intreat, a transaction and communication platform that enhances the fan experience at sports arenas. The platform helps bring sports clubs closer to their fans by helping with their engagement strategies, tackling the unconditional but often underserved fans loyalty by analyzing and leveraging behavioural data to provide supporters with a more engaging club experience. Unlike existing systems, our software updates user purchases in real time, transforming them into suggested relevant information.

We are currently available in Sweden but there is huge potential to expand beyond this initial market. This is just the beginning and eventually we would like to share the Intreat experience with sports fans across the Europe, but need your help!

Let us introduce Intreat to you and we hope you join us on our exciting journey.

Our Product

The concept behind Intreat is to put the user in the forefront of relevant and customized information so they can make simple, quick, and convenient decisions whenever their favourite club is playing. With Intreat, sports fans achieve a more engaging service – no more waiting in long lines at the concessions, no more depending on cash to purchase lottery tickets, and no more fuss in the gift shop when buying merchandise.

Through one on one communication through the Intreat app, sports clubs can present their fans with relevant offers based on their previous attendance, purchase history, and overall engagements with the club. Today clubs have very little or no information about who their fans are and how often they come to the games. All of this is conveniently made possible through Intreat’s platform. The mobile application is currently available for both iOS and Android devices.

How it work’s

1. Browse through offers and venues that make most sense to you

  • Intreat suggests and displays offers conveniently on the app’s front page based on your location and purchase behaviour, making it a breeze for you to find relevant offers and venues nearby.

2. One click payments

  • Forget cash or card handling and make secure and quick purchases on mobile through our trusted partner, Klarna. You can choose and switch between invoice or card payments.

3. Connect with your friends and family

  • It’s fun and easy to send gifts to anyone from anywhere. All offers can be purchased for someone else and are delivered as vouchers via SMS, in-app, or by Facebook.

4. Scan your voucher and go

  • Simply show your voucher at any preferred Intreat Express cashier at the venue, scan the QR-code, get your purchase, and go! Intreat integrates with POS systems directly and in the near future will supply our own tablet based redemption solution.

Our beginning

Intreat’s platform can be applied to a number of different areas within the mobile commerce industry. We started out by offering our service on a small scale at sports arenas in Sweden and ran our first pilot last April in Gothenburg at Gamla Ullevi for IFK Göteborg fans. The pilot was a proven success amongst the fans, staff, and club, and as a result, the service was made available across the entire arena for the remaining of the season. Intreat is now in its second season at Gamla Ullevi, servicing the whole arena with mobile ordering.

Our current status

Together with our partner SPORTFIVE (S5), a German world leading sports rights company representing clubs and sponsors across the globe, we have submitted a joint proposal for the Connected League Project that has been requested by Swedish Elite Football (SEF). The Connected League Project is an initiative within Sweden and Norway aiming to provide the top two football leagues with connectivity that enables live video streaming services of all of the matches.

Our joint proposal is to provide and operate a common mobile app for 32 teams in Sweden and 32 teams in Norway where S5 provides content such as match videos and game and player stats and Intreat provides the mobile commerce and communication with the fans. Intreat and S5 are also planning to work together on other markets with their existing client base, including many of Europe’s larger football clubs. A joint pilot is in discussions for the second half of this year.

Intreat Ecosystem

Market Potential

Mobile Commerce

The mobile commerce industry is an attractive market to be in as smartphone penetration rates remain high and continue to grow along with the need for mobile solutions. In Sweden, the smartphone penetration rate as measured by Google’s Our Mobile Planet is 62.9%, which ranks 7th highest in the world. And with social media, mobile shopping, and mobile promotions being amongst the top technology related trends that have a significant impact on businesses, Intreat’s platform rises above as it provides a mobile solution covering all three trends.

There has also been a shift towards the mobile wallet as traditional chip and pin card payments are proving to be cumbersome and require too much time. This is especially the case in environments that experience high volume transactions in short amounts of time, such as sports arenas.

Sports Arenas

The worldwide sports industry is very profitable and will continue to grow as new stadiums are continually being built across the globe, including Stockholm’s Tele2 and Friends Arena in the recent years. Football leads the sports industry with 43% of the global market share in revenue, which largely comes from the European markets. The market potential and current operations of arena concessions present fruitful opportunities for Intreat.

In Sweden, there are 58 arenas with a capacity of at least 10,000 spectators. In the Nordics, there are 134 arenas with a capacity of at least 10,000 spectators.

On average, an operationally efficient arena in Sweden invests in only one cash register per 1000 guests that can attend any given event. This creates the bottleneck issue, especially during game intermissions where the concessions are unable to serve an optimal amount of guests due to sluggish payment transactions and ordering decisions that take too much time. Currently, the average spending per visitor at any football event in Sweden is 13kr, which is not being capitalized as arenas are struggling to increase their throughput at their concessions. At full capacity, a sports venue on average can only deal with 2-3 transactions per minute per cashier. Intreat has managed 8 transactions per minute during peak times per cashier.

Combining the trend towards a mobile wallet with a clear gap in the market to improve service during peak times at arenas gives Intreat the opportunity to grow and develop immensely in the upcoming years.

Market Expansion

Value Proposition


  • Simple payment and no line ups
  • Relevant and exclusive offers
  • Future proposition: direct delivery to seat


  • New revenue streams, sponsors, and partners
  • Increased knowledge about the clubs’ fans, and one on one communication
  • Digital channels to acquire members


  • Increased revenues through growing attendance
  • Increased traffic and footfall
  • Better arena experience


Why we are raising money

We are now seeking investment to help launch Intreat reach its vision to be in the mobile of all European fans. The funds we raise through this campaign will help us reach our growth and expansion targets into the rest of Europe, as stated above in our market expansion plans. The money will be put towards integrations with other POS systems, building a dashboard for our partners so they can easily control and manage their own offers, campaigns, and communication, as well as developing our own stand-alone mobile POS solution.

While product development is complete, we are constantly updating and improving our app based on user feedback. We take our feedback seriously and listen to our users to make their Intreat experience even better. Therefore, resources will be used to maintain and improve Intreat’s overall service as well as to build strategic partnerships to help expand the business in new markets.

For more details of our strategic plans and financial forecast, please see accompanying documents. Thank you and we hope to see you on our side!