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Indie Bars

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Organic, gluten & dairy free energy bars.

Indie Bars is a brand new food company based in Stockholm. We have developed our first energy bars - the Wipeout and the Breakaway. Currently, we are fundraising money for our first production round!

The dangerously delicious Wipeout!
The dangerously delicious Wipeout!

There are literally hundreds of different energy bars available on the market. Most of them contain artificial ingredients and additives. Few are made for people who are intolerant to gluten and dairy. If you also want an energy bar that is suitable for athletes and actually taste good, that's hard to find. At least, that's what we - Mika & Olle - think, so we set out to make our own energy bars.

Indie Bars is a brand new start-up company based on the island of Södermalm, in Stockholm, Sweden. We are producing organic, gluten and dairy free energy bars. All our bars are 100% vegan and are designed to be suitable for athletes and active people. And by the way, they taste really good!

We have successfully finished product development for our first two bars; the Wipeout and the Breakaway. So far, we have been producing our bars at home, in Olle's apartment. Now, we are moving on to our first production round with our exclusively designed wrappers (thanks to the very talented illustrator Hanna Edghill). We are fundraising money in order to produce our first 10,000 bars.

Breakaway wrapper preview
Breakaway wrapper preview

Five characteristics of Indie Bars

  1. Organic: we make our Indie Bars from organic ingredients. We believe in sustainable food production.

  2. No gluten & no dairy: many people suffer from gluten and lactose intolerance. Indie Bars are gluten and dairy free in order to make them suitable for everyone.

  3. No strange supplements: we only use real and natural ingredients.

  4. Great taste: we want our bars to taste so good you'd like to order them for dessert at your favorite restaurant!

  5. We are a small, independent start-up: our goal is to produce the best tasting energy bar ever, which is also good for people and nature. And with a really cool and unique design!

Our Story

Both Mika and Olle have a background in sports and are ambitious triathletes. Olle started out as a runner and after having spent a year in Switzerland in 2005 he caught the triathlon bug. With multiple Ironman races (e.g. 2 x Ironman Hawaii) on his résumé he has eaten a fair amount of energy bars while training and racing. In 2012 he got tired of having stomach issues and decided on a gluten and dairy free diet. That improved his training and racing results immediately but he still had a hard time finding the right fuel for his training. So in 2013 he started making his own bars but quickly realized that making the perfect bar wasn't that easy. That's when he met Mika.

Mika is a former elite swimmer who loves food so much she decided to get a master degree in nutrition. After having borrowed her aunt's retro racer from the 80’s, she tried her first triathlon in 2012, and was hooked! She heard about Olle’s vision one day at the pool, and couldn’t resist to get involved in the development of the best energy bars ever!

Wipeout wrapper preview
Wipeout wrapper preview

How the Wipeout was born?

In the autumn of 2013, we borrowed an old Kitchen Aid from Olle's mother and started mixing our favorite ingredients in Olle's apartment on Södermalm. After having spent countless nights trying to come up with the best possible energy bar we could think of, we finally found what we considered the perfect mix. That was the Wipeout, our very first bar! Now the name might need an explanation. A wipeout is actually a surf term: it's what happens when you fall of your board. We liked the name because it's a part of surfing. You fall of your board, you get up and you try again. That's how we felt about our bars and about life.

Combining our full-time jobs and our triathlon ambitions with our entrepreneurial adventure, we spent late evenings and nights making the Wipeout for family and friends. As demand grew we realised we needed someone who could produce our bars on a larger scale. So finally we found a producer that met our high standards and demands. Now, we have successfully finished machine trials and the goal is to have our first bars out on the market in August.

Our company is a small, independent food company. We produce our energy bars they way like and according to our values and beliefs. We want to do good for people and nature. That's why we chose the name Indie Bars.

We hope you believe in us and Indie Bars and we would love to have your support.

Remember: it's moonshot's, all the way down.

Agnese presenting the Indie Bars Tee!
Agnese presenting the Indie Bars Tee!