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Profit from Videogames!

U55 - END OF THE LINE gives you the opportunity to profit from a fast- growing economy and to invest in a globally highly anticipated project by loaning money.

U55 - END OF THE LINE is a horror-adventure deeply rooted in H.P.Lovecrafts world-famous Cthulhu Mythology. It is told in 9 episodes of roughly 45 minutes and 3 bonus episodes and features unique gameplay elements, extraordinary sound design and strong narratives. This way U55 - END OF THE LINE is closer to a TV mini-series than a classic video game.

The demand for horror titles is immense and in recent years the fanbase has grown to a size that makes it possible even for small- and mid-sized games to make a significant impact.

With U55 - END OF THE LINE we bring several new elements to the table that make the game really stand out. Our intention is to create the mostintense psychological horror game on the market, and revolutionize the very concept of horror. An unspent and fresh sound design technique, unique features and an overarching story focused on character development will bring players a sense of immersion that has never been experienced before.

U55 - END OF THE LINE has been in development since May 2013. Over 120 Manmonths of production time went into the creation of the game already. We are currently on the finishing line of pre- production, delivering a working prototype every week.

We are offering direct investment into our project U55 - END OF THE LINE. This is a RETURN OF INVESTMENT (ROI) campaign, which means that for each EUR you invest into U55 - END OF THE LINE you get a share in revenue of the PC-Version of U55 - END OF THE LINE.

All backers will get a free copy of U55 - END OF THE LINE as soon as it is finished!

PLEASE NOTE: For a detailed cost/revenue analysis please download the "FINANCIAL NEEDS, FORECAST & RISK" file attached.

U55- END OF THE LINE is an episodic first person horror survival adventure set in the Berlin subway. Players take on the role of the survivor of a train crash who finds himself lost and alone in the dark as the world around him slowly descents into madness. Armed with only their smartphone and their own sharp wits, players have to find a way to survive and make their way out of the subway system. Surrounded by darkness, players soon find that they are not entirely alone and the shadows crawl with chaos incarnate.

At the core of each successful game development project stands a strong, clear vision that unifies the team in its creative efforts.

For U55- END OF THE LINE this unifying vision was soon found.

Our intention:

  • To create the most intense psychological horror game out there.
  • To thrill, excite and torment the player.

Thus our design is based on Three Pillars:

  • Smart (phone) Gameplay
  • Narrative Design with True Grit
  • Innovative Sound Design

Smart (phone) Gameplay

Armed with only a smartphone and the tools players find on their journey, gameplay in U55- END OF THE LINE is heavily reliant on the players’ imagination and inventiveness. Several applications acquired throughout the course of the game become an asset to the way players deal with difficult situations and challenges they face. An important feature is that gameplay is designed to empower the player to be able to make meaningful decisions that impact the way events unfold for the players.

Narrative Design with True Grit

Deeply interwoven with the game design and mechanics of the game, the narrative of U55- END OF THE LINE is mainly focussed on letting the player step into the shoes of protagonist David, an exchange student from America, whose main focus is to survive the hell he’s been thrown into. Conveying his emotional state without creating a disconnect between player and character is the main focus of all narrative elements in U55- END OF THE LINE. The subway system beneath Berlin offers a truly unique and fresh backdrop to the game, while its horrors are deeply rooted in H P Lovecraft’s horrors.

Innovative Sound Design:

While graphics appeal mostly to the brain, it is sound and music that appeals directly to one’s baser instincts. To convey the tense atmosphere and the increasing madness U55- END OF THE LINE makes use of an acoustic phenomenon called Binaural Beats. This system uses low-frequency tones that mirror emotional states, therefore tricking the brain to adjust to the stimulation. To evoke the raw feelings of fear, horror and terror, audio design is immensely important and Binaural Beats are a fantastic addition to this.

link Binaural Beats Example 1 (Schumann Resonance)

Our target group is 18-49 years old and comes from all social classes and educational backgrounds.

These players are interested in horror and adventure games, preferrably those played in first-person-view. Just like the target group of Amnesia, Eternal Darkness or Call of Cthulhu – Dark Corners of the Earth, our target group would like to survive in a ghastly, story-driven setting by solving riddles and using dexterity to fight horrific creatures.

Nevertheless, not only do we adress fans of the aforementioned genres. Our USPs like binaural beats and Berlin as our prime location open the doors for new players who are interested in one of these aspects.

Our target group likes to play solo, a gaming mode preferred by 83,7 % in Germany (1-14 years old; 12.857 computer and console gamers; University of Hohenheim; April and May 2011)

The games are obtained via internet, the reason why we have started the Greenlighting process on the prime online distribution platform Steam early. After only 18 days, we have been Greenlit for online distribution on Steam.

In addition we utilized Greenlight to gather feedback from the community. During the Greenlight campaign the game is listed on STEAM and every user visiting the U55 page has been asked one simple question: "Would you buy the game?".

With our approval rate of 73% U55 END OF THE LINE scored extremely well among PC players. By comparison, the average approval rate for games in the top 50 games on Greenlight is 55%.

In order to reach our goals, we have to reach out to our target group first, covering different platforms and employing varying techniques. Here is a list of the scheduled activities:

PLEASE NOTE: The biggest impact on sales numbers will come directly from STEAM itself, due to the fact that STEAM is advertising games for free in many different ways.

In terms of social media, we already have active profiles for all the major networks, namely facebook, twitter, as well as an active and interested STEAM user group. They will get more and more content in the near future. We use these platforms to build and form our community, communicating with or fans and not to them. By hosting numerous contests, lotteries and prize competitions as well as offering significant insight into our game development (screenshots/videos), we want to keep the interest at a high level.

Miscellaneous forums:

Since gamers do not merely stick to social networks, we also focus our activities on gaming forums to reach their communities.

Public relations:

Press contacts are essential. By sending out news releases and talking to journalists, we have reached some solid results and have moved into the public interest ever since. We will keep up our public relations, steadily expanding our press mailing list if nothing else, on an international level.