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Find singles nearby who wants to watch a movie

A true ice-breaker between singles

Find singles nearby who wants to watch a movie

Update 2

Wow, we reached our second goal in day 5. We are now increasing the goal to 550,000 Sek. You are amazing. Thanks for believing in us and joining our future.


We reached 100% in less then 5 days. Due to big interest we are now offering more shares. Thank you!

The dating market needs something new

We created Fallinlover because most people who are dating online are looking for a true ice-breaker. What do you do after you have met someone online? How do you break the ice and meet? How do you find the perfect opportunity to get to know someone? How do you truly fall in love? We hope to make those first few steps easier.

Find singles to watch a movie with

Fallinlover is designed to connect you with singles who are nearby and are interested in watching the same movies as you. In the app you can choose whether you want to meet the other person before the movie starts, so you have time to socialize and get to know each other first.

We want to create the best buying experience

We want to make it extremely easy to meet someone in the app and invite that person to go to the cinema. By allowing users to buy tickets via our app we provide a streamlined user experience and open up new partnership opportunities.

People want to buy tickets in the app

When we have talked to people and had them try our prototypes they have all expressed that they want to buy tickets within the app. Our goal is to provide the best possible buying experience so users can move faster to that real world experience of watching a movie with another person.

Users pay for a real experience

The dating market is worth billions and we believe we have found a unique gap in the market and a way to revolutionize how singles meet in real life for the first time. Fallinlover is built to serve all the people who are tired and disappointed with today's dating apps. People who want to start having real meetings and experiences, instead of the back-and-forths of so many other dating apps.

Fallinlover stands infront of a huge opportunity

In 2013 the global box office sales (total sales of cinema tickets) was $35.9 billions. The number of admissions is increasing worldwide, and in China there was a 27% increase year over year. People of all ages are buying tickets to the movies and the majority of people in most countries buy at least one ticket per year.

The market potential is huge

Going to the cinema has been the most popular leisure activity outside the home ever since movie theaters were first introduced. All around the world people consider the different ways to ask someone to go on a movie date with them. It can be difficult though, especially if you are single and want to meet someone new.

The use of dating services is still growing

The use of dating services is growing fast and has become mainstream over the past years. With a growing popularity in local based dating apps people are looking for alternatives and better ways to meet people. Fallinlover offers a great way to find people who want to share an experience in the real world together.

The best feedback we could get

Our response thus far has been only positive when we have talked to theater chains about partnerships. For them it means a new way to bring in customers and to fill empty shows. When we approached the Swedish theater chain SF Bio they told us they had received many requests about a similar app as a respond to their campaign hinting movie dating around Valentine's day.

How the partnerships work

Our revenue model is based on ticket sales via Fallinlover. Through partnerships with theater chains we can make a commission on each ticket being either reserved or booked via our app. Depending on which theater chain it is, we will be able to either fully process the purchase of the ticket in the app, or make a reservation so the users can pay and collect the tickets once they are at the cinema.

Produced the first version of Fallinlover in 30 hours

John Olsson attended a hackathon a few months ago arranged by VionLabs and sponsored by MTGx among other media companies. The theme of the hackathon was "Film & TV" but John didn't expect anything particular to happen that weekend.

By moviegoers for moviegoers

John ended up with a great team of developers and other people who all thought it would be a great idea if there was an app that would help you find other people to watch cinema movies with. John took the lead in designing the app and in under 30 hours there was a working app that could be presented infront of a jury and an audience of more than a hundred people.

Fallinlover won against 10 other teams

Fallinlover competed against 10 other teams who all built different related services and managed to win with the motivation "Great user interface and a fantastic idea".

Early sketching
Early sketching

What we will do next

The app is currently being developed and the plan is to publish it on the AppStore soon. In order for the app to work we need to sign partnerships with suitable theater chains. We will first target the U.S because it's a large market and it offers a wide variety of theater chains for partnership opportunities. We also believe that it will be easier to scale from our learnings in the U.S.

How to fall in love

Falling in love is hard. It's hard to find that perfect match. But we all dream about it. In today's modern and fast society we sometimes need a push, some help, or just a simple introduction. Here is where Fallinlover can be of service. We have been so inspired by the latest viral movie by Tatia Plieva. She asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time.... In this case she and the camera were the icebreaker. We are offering Fallinlover to all those people who need that first push, that first step, that first icebreaker to fall in love.