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Invest in Rom & Tonik

Invest in Rom & Tonik

"We tend to see ourselves as workspace innovators. Through introducing natural materials like wool in a new context with an appealing design, we will improve your work day"

Take part in expanding Rom & Tonik

"We tend to see ourselves as workspace innovators. Through introducing natural materials like wool in a new context with an appealing design, we will improve your work day"

"We are industrial designers hell bent on making our living spaces into better places. Whether it’s a work space, social space, or a private space, we believe in functional, sensible and great design." - Birgitte and Mats, founders Rom & Tonik.

FeltTile - Acoustical tiles from 100% wool

Don’t let noise get the best of you.

Our FeltTiles are designed to achieve class A sound absorbent, meaning they function as a sound trap. Because they absorb audio waves, they make it easier for you to keep your attention tuned.

Don’t settle for synthetic stuff.

Wool has antiallergenic capabilities, attracting dust and working as a natural air purifier. Also, the hygroscopic capabilities of wool naturally regulate the humidity of your environment.

Don’t make walls an obstacle.

As much as we love open spaces, we sometimes need zones to cover a diversity of needs. Our flexible mounting system allows you to customize your space. Any felt unit can be removed with ease and the possibilities for variation are endless.

Do some good.

We are dependent on our close relationship with the Mongolian shepherds, who supply us with raw material. In turn, they gain regular income from a material that would otherwise go to waste. Our product is designed with a complete lifecycle in mind. As each component consists of one single material, it’s perfect for recycling.

Test results

Some weeks ago, we did a test of the acoustic effect of FeltTile in a small meeting room. As you can see from the graph below, we reduced the reverberation time drastically over most of the frequency band. These results show that FeltTile os one of the most volume efficient absorbents in the market. A great result, and a definite proof of concept.

FeltTile in the tested meeting room at Rambøll
FeltTile in the tested meeting room at Rambøll

"We discovered that wool is a brilliant raw material. The technical properties of wool are great. For example it is a natural flame retardant, it absorbs moisture and dampens sound surprisingly well. At the same time, our wool is entirely natural and when realizing that rough sheep’s wool is redundant in many areas across the world, we saw a unique opportunity in making use of this resource.” - Birgitte

Investing in Rom & Tonik

We need your help to expand Rom & Tonik. Over the last two years we have developed a functioning and good organization with a big potential in a rapidly growing market. We have established a good distribution network, and we have initiated a sales effort already paying off. Today we have more than 20 projects installed around Norway and we see that our revenue is growing with the interest around FeltTile.


We also see that we are in need of help to boost the sales even more. We are now looking at various solutions to make this happen, and with your help and funding, we believe that we can find a proper solution for expanding our sales network and grow our revenue.

Product development

We have also had a lot of exiting insight through developing and selling FeltTile, and as much as we love FeltTile, we see that the market also needs other solutions. To develop a product portfolio that can match every need of our costumer, we need funding for product development and pilot-testing as well. Without revealing to much, we have a very exiting product in the pipeline with great potential. This product also supplements FeltTile perfectly, and we really believe that we can grow a lot faster if we get the funding to realize and launch this project by the end of 2014.

12 FeltTiles installed in the offices of Novavista
12 FeltTiles installed in the offices of Novavista

Distribution and expansion

Today, we have worked with sales in three Norwegian cities: Oslo, Ålesund and Trondheim. Through your help we want to work our way into the market in Bergen and Stavanger as well in Norway, and we want to start investigating a few of the other Scandinavian cities as well.

Crowd equity and FundedByMe

To us, it is key that we have ambassadors in the market, but just as much, it is key that we have users that are aware of our product. What is really interesting is that almost everyone is a potential user of our product. Most people have a day-to-day job and we are all familiar with the challenges of poor acoustics. Through gathering a group of investors through crowd equity funding with FundedByMe, we believe that we will get more active ambassadors creating awareness about the importance of good acoustics in workspaces and the need for Rom & Tonik's brilliant solutions. Therefore, we hope that you are interested in investing in Rom & Tonik and helping us expand further and improve the working day of more people!

Market and ambitions

We have estimated the Norwegian market within soundproofing alone to be about 100 mill. NOK. a year (estimation from 2012). This is a very modest estimation, but our ambition is to take about 2% of the market in 2014 and 5% in 2015 through introduction of our new product and boosted sales in FeltTile. Expanding our market to Scandinavia, we are looking at about 500 mill. NOK annually, which shows for a great potential for growth. The European market is at about 3 bill. NOK anually, so there is no stopping with Scandinavia.

Our first visit to Mongolia.
Our first visit to Mongolia.

Background and History

Rom & Tonik is a Norwegian company founded by Birgitte Linde Røsvik and Mats Herding Solberg in October 2012. With a background from Industrial Design studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) we started off with the intent of solving a problem:

In countries across the world with cold climates, sheep produce a very rough wool. This wool is too rough for the textile industry and this brilliant raw material is often discarded. It actually has to be considered a bi-product from meat production. We started investigating how this raw material could be put to use. Many options were considered, but when the acoustical testing showed that mechanically felted wool performed brilliantly as an acoustical absorbent, an idea started to emerge. Through various courses at NTNU, we gradually developed a product that would help solve the growing issues with noise in open office spaces, meeting rooms and public spaces. When searching for a producer the Norwegian company Tova contacted us. Through Tova we established contact with Mongolia, a country in dire need of employment growth and thousands of years experience with refining rough wool.

A glimpse from developing FeltTile
A glimpse from developing FeltTile

Insight and research

Based on a vast base of user interviews and market research, our first product was developed through two master theses supported by both acoustical experts and interior architects. With support from Innovation Norway and Ålesund Kunnskapspark, we managed to produce a batch of functional prototypes and started selling those in the Norwegian market. Working with Mongolian wool experts for half a year developing the product and sourcing the right production facilities and partners, our first product was launched in Norway September 2013. FeltTile, as the product was named, received a lot of attention being a highly sustainable and natural product solving a growing problem brilliantly.

Acoustical challenges in offices and open spaces are something that we all experience daily. We spend eight hours a day in our office and the acoustic properties are key for the health of every employee. Working in a poorly soundproofed space, will result in reduced productivity and worst-case health issues like headaches and stress.

Check out Julian Treasure´s brilliant TedTalk on "Designing with your ears": TedTalks - Julian Treasure

An early pilot project installed at MESH in Oslo
An early pilot project installed at MESH in Oslo


We started selling our first product FeltTile in November 2013 and we have now installed more than 20 projects across Norway. FeltTile is an acoustical tile made from 100% wool. It is a flexible and modular system that can be used in a lot of spaces and configurations. We will soon be sold out of their first batch of 600 tiles, and we are now producing a second batch to meet the demands in the market. To fulfill our portfolio of sustainable and responsible acoustical solutions for open spaces, we are now developing at least one more product for launch at the Stockholm Furniture fair in February 2015.

FeltTile in the Cantina at Evry in Trondheim
FeltTile in the Cantina at Evry in Trondheim

Going international?

Our debut to the international furniture scene was in Stockholm this year, where we exhibited FeltTile to great feedback from Scandinavian resellers wanting to represent Rom & Tonik in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. To enable us to establish a fully functional network of resellers and distribution across Scandinavia, we are looking for investment partners and ambassadors.

Rom & Tonik´s stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair
Rom & Tonik´s stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair

The team The Rom & Tonik team now consists of Mats and Birgitte, founders and full-time employees in the company. Our board is a competent board consisting of experienced interior architect Morten Kaels and former CEO of Fora Form, Gunnar Hareide. Our advisors have 10 years experience from selling Norwegian furniture all across Scandinavia and northern Europe. Rom & Tonik AS is registered at Vigra, a beautiful island outside Ålesund on the west coast of Norway, but we also have offices in Oslo and Ålesund.

The view from Rom & Tonik´s head office at Vigra
The view from Rom & Tonik´s head office at Vigra

Timeline for Rom & Tonik


Q3 2012

  • Venture cup win, Business plan is developed

  • Proof of concept with acoustic testing in Trondheim

  • Rom & Tonik AS is founded

  • Birgitte starts working full-time

Q4 2012

  • Pilot project development in Mongolia

  • FeltTile is born

Q1 2013

  • Mats starts working full-time

  • "Etablerstipend" granted from Innovation Norway

  • Production agreement in place in Mongolia

Q2 2013

  • Pilot projects installed at MESH and with Bekk AS in Trondheim

  • Rom & Tonik is included in Ålesund Kunnskapspark´s incubator

Q3 2013

  • FeltTile is launched at Designers Saturday in Oslo

  • Rom & Tonik brand and web is launched

Q4 2013

  • First batch of FeltTile arrives in Norway

  • Sales of FeltTile are initiated

Q1 2014

  • Rom & Tonik participates at Stockholm Furniture Fair

  • Rambøll proves the effect of FeltTile to be superb

Q2 2014

  • Rom & Tonik starts FundedByMe campaign

  • The first batch of FeltTile is sold out


  • Rom & Tonik starts a sales offensive towards all major cities in Norway

  • Rom & Tonik initiates in sales towards the Swedish market

Q3 2014

  • The second product in Rom & Tonik´s portfolio is launched as a pilot project

  • The second batch of FeltTiles arrives in Norway

Q4 2014

  • Production of the second product is initiated

Q1 2015

  • Rom & Tonik launches the second product at Stockholm Furniture Fair

  • Sales of the second product is initiated

Q2 2015

  • Sales and distribution network for 8 major cities in Norway and Sweden is fully functional

  • Pilot projects are installed in Silicon Valley and Tokyo

A curiosity in the end for those interested: This is a time-lapse from building the Rom & Tonik stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair.