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Short Term Loans for private consumers

Invest in YesCredit and get shares and 10,90% interest. Profitable company offering short term loans to private consumers up to 1000 € for 15-90 days. We change the way consumers manage their credit.

Already profitable company and growing fast

Invest in YesCredit and get shares and 10,90% interest. Profitable company offering short term loans to private consumers up to 1000 € for 15-90 days. We change the way consumers manage their credit.

YesCredit Consumer Loans

Our loan services, which include short term loans for consumers, are currently available in two countries - Sweden ( and Estonia ( We have provided thousands of loans, totaling over 500.000 satisfied customers. We also allow people to choose how much cash they want to borrow and for how many days or weeks they need it, with no fees for repaying early.

We offer flexible unsecured loans to meet our customer’s needs. We offer loan term of 50 to 1.000 € in 15, 30, 60 or 90 days. We offer flexible loans, which are payed out in 15 minutes. Loan application available on computer, tablets and mobile, accessible from any device with internet connection.

There's no paperwork or meetings and all of our services are digital and real-time, without any prejudice through personal interaction or judgement. We do so using our fully automated risk technology, which processes thousands of pieces of data to make fast yet objective and accurate lending decisions in seconds.

Our technology also means we can offer a service 24/7 and give the customer full control over how much money they wish to borrow, and how long they want it for.

Why customers choose YesCredit?

  • Easy, fast and secure
  • Responsible lending principles
  • Money in 15 min
  • Personal and transparent service
  • No hidden costs
Apply on computer, tablets and mobile
Apply on computer, tablets and mobile

Started in Sweden, expanding to Baltic states

We launched our first loan service in 2007 in Sweden with brand name Pengos ( and our long term aim is to offer alternative modern ways for people to manage their money. Yes Finance Group has recently opened an office also in Estonia with brand name YesCredit ( The business headquarters is located in Tallinn, Estonia. From where we want to project our loan services to neighboring countries, starting from Baltic states.

More information about the company is visible on corporate web site:

Please also visit our active loan websites at:

Started in Sweden, expanding Baltic states
Started in Sweden, expanding Baltic states

Why invest in YesCredit?

As an investor you will invest in strong team with entrepreneurial and exit experience.Own a part of Yes Finance Group OÜ as well the YesCredit brand, and as a shareholder, you will profit on our profitable growth. Have your say in the running of the company through an online community, where you can voice your opinion on Yes Finance Group and potential improvements. Receive bi-annual reports on YesCredit’s business activities and plans. If you have invested over 2.500 € you will get 10,90% of interest the first year.

The first plans of Yes Finance Group brand YesCredit is to cover the markets in Baltic states and move further to other Northern European countries. As an investor, you will be able to benefit from the growth of this start up company in the markets where the need for this kind of service is growing exponentially.

YesCredit domain strategy
YesCredit domain strategy

What are the investment intervals?

250 – 2.499 €

  • Shares
  • Investor News

2.500 - 9.999 €

  • Shares
  • 10,90% interest the first year
  • Investor News

10.000 € +

  • Shares
  • 10.90% interest the first year
  • Investor news
  • We are offering different bonus packages to our investors. For instance, chance of winning SPA-trip for 2 to Tallinn, including flight and hotel costs
  • Visit YesCredit office to see how your investment is working on a daily basis

Funding will be used for:

  • Expanding lending portfolio in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (Baltic states)
  • Growing the customer base accordingly
Our office building in Tallinn, Estonia
Our office building in Tallinn, Estonia

YesCredit is already profitable and has high growth and clear exit potential.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania offer favorable tax systems as well as low tax rates. What makes Estonia especially attractive is the zero (0%) percent corporate income tax. The region continues to provide a stable and attractive business environment.

Exit strategy

The exit strategy is either an IPO or a strategic sale. Strategic partners would be a larger online international financial services company, or any other top rated financial services companies.

Timing for an exit would be in 3-5 years. Operating fully functional, offerings loans to customers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Valuations are typically done based on the number of active lenders and average loan amount per customer. We anticipate have provided thousands of loans, totaling over 150 000 new satisfied customers. The operating annual income approaching €1 500 000 within three years to five years.

Exit planning helps the team maintain discipline in running YesCredit. Working towards maximizing shareholder value. For more information see the attachments in the DOCUMENTS folder.

Business Plan

1-3 months: YesCredit loan services have been running in Estonia since august 2013 and successfully growing in numbers of customers every month. Our target is to have a loan portfolio of 100.000-300.000 € per month. Our customers will mainly be acquired through AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook social media campaigns. Estonia's population is 1.4 million people.

3-6 months: We plan to establish in Lithuania. In the beginning the targeted loan portfolio is 100.000-300.000 € per month. The brand will be introduced mainly through Internet media: AdWords, search engine optimization, Social media and E-mail marketing. The population in Lithuania is around 3 million people.

6-12 months: We will open in Latvia, where the target loan portfolio is 100.000-300.000 € per month. As well as in other regions, the brand will be introduced by Internet media. The population in Latvia is around 2.1 million people.

Financial Forecast: 2014-2018

Through our own capital and crowd funding, we are looking for an investment of 100.000 € to the existing loan portfolio offerings loans to customers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Further the company expects to expand to other North-Europe countries like Denmark and Poland.

Media Activity

As a start-up company in Baltic states we have done a modest media coverage, mainly on Internet: online campaigns, social media, AdWords, search enging optimisation, some clippings for brand awareness. Also some event marketing and coverage in print media.

YesCredit Segway campaign Tallinn city Estonia
YesCredit Segway campaign Tallinn city Estonia

Contact Us

In case of questions regarding equity crowd funding, the company or the team, do not hesitate to drop us a line. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

If you wish to discuss the opportunity to invest larger amount in the company and want to meet us, then we would be happy to book a meeting with you. We are looking forward to meet you, check our documents for more information on how to get in touch.

Our team speaks English, Estonian, Russian and Swedish.