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Winner Takes All

The world's first crowdlottery

Invest in the world’s first crowdlottery; Winner Takes All. Better odds, lower costs, higher payouts and fundraiser for charity. Together we create better chances for everyone, power to the crowd!

Become an Ambassador of Happiness

Invest in the world’s first crowdlottery; Winner Takes All. Better odds, lower costs, higher payouts and fundraiser for charity. Together we create better chances for everyone, power to the crowd!

Success: join the crowd now at www.crowdlottery.com

We have reached our goal :-). And recently changed our name from Winner Takes All to Crowdlottery.com

Lot's of the information below still contains our old name: Winner Takes All.

So join the crowd, become an Ambassador of Happiness, and invite your friends. Power to the crowd!!

An introduction to the crowdlottery

Everybody deserves a fair chance in life.

Technology reduces overhead costs, connects the world and makes it possible to challenge the status quo in traditional markets. The power of crowds can be used to democratize the current lottery systems. Crowdlotteries are fairer and more transparent than traditional lotteries. They lead to better odds, higher payouts, lower costs and still act as fundraiser for charity. An improvement on all levels.

Crowdlottery.com is the world's first crowdlottery - it uses the power of crowds to spread happiness and create better chances for everyone in a social and transparent way.

Launched and ready

Since Winner Takes All launched on May 16, 2013 we have been improving the product and we already reached players from 20 different countries with word-of-mouth marketing only. The first phase, product development, has now been completed. Our next goal is to get proof of concept on a larger scale and to create brand awareness so we are ready for the last phase; global expansion. Share prices in Phase 3 will be higher, so don't miss this opportunity and join the crowd now! Who can say he/she owns a lottery?

Be one of the first to join the crowd, invest in Winner Takes All and become an Ambassador of Luck. Together we can create a snowball effect!

The concept

www.crowdlottery.com is a concept derived from two thoughts. On one hand the fact that there is still, in spite of the Internet and social media, not a global internet lottery. On the other hand, the fact that traditional lotteries are unnecessarily complicated and do not focus on generating the best possible chance to hit the jackpot, which is ultimately what the player wants.

We believe there’s no need for large companies, complicated prize schemes or big marketing budgets. Together, as a crowd, we create better chances for everybody by keeping it simple, affordable & fair.

In the press

The day we launched our crowdfunding campaign was also the day we introduced our crowdlottery concept to the general public, and we immediately got attention from the press. The Next Web selected us as 1 of the 7 most interesting startups from TNW Europe 2014′s Boost program and some Dutch blogs wrote about the new concept.

More to follow...!

The business model

The business model is as simple and transparent as the lottery itself. Winner Takes All charges an administration fee on top of each transaction.

By merely acting as a facilitator we are reducing costs and risks for both the player and the company. The goal is to create a lottery where the majority of players participate based on a subscription model.

The average income per ticket sold is 1,23
The average income per ticket sold is 1,23

As you can see we are only charging cents, so it really is a numbers game, but once we reach critical mass a lot of small cents will turn into a substantial profit. By activating the power of crowds we are able to offer the best possible odds, the highest payout and the lowest costs. Our unfair advantage lies in the fact we have a very lean organization with low overhead costs and a simple and scalable product.

There are a number of big players who also offer their tickets online to the world, but almost all of them are still rooted firmly in the physical world. They are still selling physical tickets which bring a lot of costs with them. Looking at the height of the jackpot Winner Takes All cannot compete with them yet, but in all other areas we challenge the current standards.

When you look at the most important aspect of a lottery, the chance to hit the jackpot, Winner Takes All offers the best odds by far because we payout all of the stakes players bring in and only charge a small administration fee on top of the stakes.


The present situation

  • We are operational (first phase is privately funded by founders)
  • We have a license for the upcoming 4 years (Maltese, within EU)
  • We accept payments globally (except from American banks, we feel sorry for the American people ;-) )
  • We already have 48 Lucky Ones (winners)
  • We have players in 11 different countries (93% from the Netherlands, which explains the Dutch winners)
  • We have been invited to The Next Web Conference 2014 as part of their Boost-program for promising startups.

About the founder

So far launching the world's first crowdlottery has been the solo enterprise of one man. Jasper Versteege is a philosopher and entrepreneur who believes everybody deserves a fair chance in life. As a global citizen living in a connected world he sees fresh opportunities to restructure the world in fair and transparent ways. By developing Winner Takes All he hopes to fulfill his lifelong dream to become a philanthropist and make a difference in the world. Historically lotteries have always been a means to achieve philantropic goals. Launching Winner Takes All thus feels like a natural place to start challenging the status quo.

“I believe it is possible to have a positive impact on this world by leveraging the power of the crowd. Leveraging works best if you manage to keep efforts at a minimum and rewards at a maximum. Winner Takes All is the perfect format to leverage this power; together we can create better chances for everyone!”

We are all Ambassadors of Luck. Together we can create a snowball effect and better chances for everyone!

Meet the Lucky Ones!
Meet the Lucky Ones!

Why we are raising money

Winner Takes All goes crowdfunding, because;

  • The crowdlottery wants to involve and reward its early adopters.
  • Needs funds to create brand awareness and brand ambassadors.
  • Wants to go global (multilingual) and mobile (apps).

We are raising money in order to get our marketing efforts up to speed so we can create brand awareness and reach as many people as possible. To achieve this Winner Takes All will focus on six key elements;

  • Jackpot seeding (a lottery is as good as its jackpot and the jackpot serves as teaser for new players)
  • Funding charity (this is part of our philanthropic goals but also serves as marketing tool and creates brand loyalty)
  • Brand ambassador program (referral and word-of-mouth marketing is the best marketing you can get)
  • Marketing automation (data-driven marketing can be used to maximize player retention)
  • Product development (developing apps so we are in everybody's pocket and an integral part of someone's life)
  • Going global (translations so we directly reach people from all over the world)

In order to see the full details please read the attached documentation or contact us.


With the above mentioned focus we expect to grow into a lottery which reaches more than 2,500,000 players a week and raises more than € 500.000 a month for charitable causes around the globe. After 5 years the total turnover will be more than € 13 million and a net result of more than € 600.000 per month.

We will reach our first net return in Year 3 and we expect to have earned back all initial investments, through dividends, in Year 5. The goal is to turn Winner Takes All into a perpetual source of income and into a vehicle with which we support and initiate great projects.

For more detailed info please see the attached documentation or contact us.

Together we can create a snowball effect...
Together we can create a snowball effect...

Return on Investment

Our goal is to provide our investors with a return on investment that lasts a lifetime. In other words; we are not looking for an early exit, we want to keep spreading happiness and turn Winner Takes All into the best lottery of the world. However, if staying independent turns out to be impossible we will make sure our investors get rewarded appropriately.

The projections below are based on a cash dividend payout ratio of 50% (we will distribute half of our profits amongst the shareholders). Reminder; if it turns out reinvesting the profits is needed we will do so, these projections only represent our intentions. However, intentions always need to be adjusted to reality.

517,9% after 5 years...
517,9% after 5 years...

This means any investor who has invested 1000 euro (100 shares) will have a return on investment after 5 years of 5179 euro (517,9%). And more in prospect…

For more detailed info please see the attached documentation or contact us.

High risk investment

The nature of this investment is just like the concept itself; it is all or nothing. This means the return on investment can either be fantastic or you will lose all your money, but what is wrong with taking a chance every now and then?

The biggest risk the crowdlottery faces is government interference, however we believe we have invented the best lottery in the world; game wise ánd morally. That's why we think we have a right to be here. Read more about our position right here.

Become an Ambassador of Luck

Let's create better chances for everyone, because together we can create a global snowball effect!

Join the crowd, invest in Winner Takes All and become an Ambassador of Luck!