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The electric solar catamaran

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Would you like to take this solar-powered catamaran to work? Let's change urban transportation by building a zero-emission alternative and prove that fossil fuels are a thing of the past!

Would you like to take this solar-powered catamaran to work? Let's change urban transportation by building a zero-emission alternative and prove that fossil fuels are a thing of the past!

At 13.30 20/1 vi crossed the finish line with 45 600 sek from 63 backers! Super-thanks for backing. Now we got the funds and energy to continue the project and look for the big funds that we need to build Elvira. We also reached out with the story about Elvira and that helps a lot in the process. Thank you!

Follow the journey on twitter.com/sthlmwaterlimo and facebook.com/ekocharter as well as the Swedish newsletter on www.ekocharter.se

With 50% of our planet’s population living in urban areas, the future of urban transportation are facing big challenges. Considering this number is projected to be close to 70% within the next 25 years, these become more and more evident. In short, heavy urbanization presents a significant challenge for the provision of transportation, both logistically and environmentally. Traditionally, solutions tend to favor more and larger roads – but we believe natural waterways are overlooked as a way to relieve traditional transportation.

Over the past three years Ekocharter has been running a business with two small electrical boats in Stockholm and we know that a transition to green transportation and shipping is possible. Our plan is to put a zero emission boat, Elvira, on the waterways of the early adopter city of Stockholm, Sweden. Through established collaboration with naval architects and manufacturers we have developed Elvira – a vessel that is ready to take the step from blueprints to physical reality and into the water. Elvira is a electrical catamaran designed for 30 passengers and its commercial use stretches from mere charter tours to being an integral part of the inner city shuttle traffic.

We seriously believe that we can change the way we travel in and around cities. Anyone who want to travel or move goods over any small body of water can use electric boats instead of land-based alternatives and do so in an affordable and awesome way.

The reason for this crowdfunding campaign is to kickstart the construction of our first electric catamaran. To accelerate the process and find funding we need a small capital injection. The immediate need is to pay the Swedish transport agency, consultants and the naval architects in order to move the project forward.

Thus, we require support from people like you to make her a reality and show the world that the transition can start in Stockholm within two years. Elvira will be the first of a number of Ekocharter solar boats to come. Thanks for supporting us by reading this far - let's do this together!

All the best, Cajsa, Sara and Jeppe

The founders of Ekocharter in Visby last year
The founders of Ekocharter in Visby last year

Getting to know Elvira

Technical Data

  • Length over all: 14.56 m
  • Beam: 4.40 m
  • Draft: 0.6 m
  • Free height: 3.0 m
  • Displacement (empty): 4.5 ton
  • Number of passengers: 30
  • Loading capacity: 3 ton
  • Propulsion: Twin electric pods
  • Power: 2 x 10 kW
  • Solar panels: 3,6 kW
  • Speed max / cruising: 12 / 7
  • Range cruising: 10 h
  • Design / construction: E.B Yacht Design

Elvira will be an integral part of the inner city shuttle traffic of Stockholm as a commuter boat. Apart from carrying pedestrians, she will have designated space for bicycles as well as the possibility to carry light goods on, for example, bike logistics trailers carrying ~300 kg each. When used for charter, the large open area and flexible furnishing makes the vessel perfect for lectures, exhibitions, parties or set table for 25-30 people.

Electric propulsion in combination with a light and efficient catamaran hull makes Elvira several times more energy efficient than existing commuter boats. In addition to the batteries, 30m3 of solar panels provide a power output of 3.6kW. With integration of the ongoing development in high output charging which will enable quick charge up at numerous locations the range of the vessel will be drastically improved. Elvira is not only very efficient but is also charged with renewable energy from the solar panels as well as from wind shares at our home port.

The company behind the idea

Ekocharter has since 2011 been running a water limousine business with two smaller electrical vessels in Stockholm. The enterprise has hosted a multitude of commercial and private events and its guests has ranged from brides and grooms to ministers, movie directors and celebrity CEO:s. The service has been highly praised by customers and has enjoyed strong support and media attention. Earlier this year Ekocharter received the “young shipping entrepreneurship” award from the hands of the Swedish minister of infrastructure.

Following the success with the water limousines it became obvious that a larger vessel was required to meet customers’ needs and prove the worth of electrical propulsion as a commercially sustainable option.

Elma, one of our two water limousines.
Elma, one of our two water limousines.

The Team


Ekocharter was founded by Sara Nordin, Cajsa Henrikson and Jeppe D Larsen. We share a strong interest for shipping and environmentalism. If you choose to support us by buying the VIP tour we will gladly tell you the story of our friendship and the birth and growth of Ekocharter.

Cajsa is an alumnus from Chalmers University of Technology where she graduated with double degrees in Nautical Sciences and Logistics. Cajsa is an experienced sailor that grew a keen interest in marine biology during an Atlantic crossing when she was 17. She is also on the board of directors for the Briggen Tre Kronor association.

Jeppe is founder of organic kids apparel startup Bonkeli Design. He is also co-founder and former chairman of Cradle Net, a network whose purpose is to drive society toward a circular economy within planetary boundaries. Jeppe is an experienced sailor and electric boat captain. Jeppe and Cajsa got to know each other on the Atlantic crossing 12 years ago, where the discussion about green shipping began.

Sara has a degree in Nautical Sciences from Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden. Aside from partly working as a chief officer in the Swedish merchant fleet, she is on the board of directors of Stockholms Sjögård. Sara is knowledgeable and experienced in areas of sailing, shipping and environmentalism.


Tobias Kask San Francisco-based software engineer that have enjoyed the privilege of growing a multinational startup through ups and downs from six to 120 employees. Acting as a general advisor to Ekocharter and helping out with anything IT.

Alexander Kilander M.S.c in finance from Stockholm School of economics. Currently working as a trader at the Danske Bank and acting as economic advisor to Ekocharter.

Stuart Pledger Operator of Sustainable Leadership Laboratory AB, a network of consultants aiding companies and organizations with development and implementation of green business strategies and leadership training. Acting as advisor with vast experience in entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Naval Architects

The boat concept Elvira has been developed in collaboration with Swedish design and naval architecture duo Ekman Blomquist Yacht Design with vast knowledge in all aspects of ship building from initial design to manufacturing support.

Removing the bar leaves a lot of space for bikes
Removing the bar leaves a lot of space for bikes

Campaign owner