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High Heaven

High Heaven

The world's first site dedicated to giving fantastic females a place to hang out and develop their lifestyles of adrenaline, adventures, outrageous outdoor fun, action and extreme sports!

The world's first site dedicated to giving fantastic females a place to hang out and develop their lifestyles of adrenaline, adventures, outrageous outdoor fun, action and extreme sports!

High Heaven landing page
High Heaven landing page

High Heaven targets girls and women interested in the lifestyle of adventures, adrenalin and action sports. We combine content, community and e-commerce to help active women and the brands of the industry connect, collaborate and communicate. We love action, adventure and adrenalin and we know that girls and women who participate in sports…

have higher grades in school

are less likely to use drugs

are less likely to get breast cancer

are more likely to graduate college

will learn skills that will help them all of their lives

Girls and women in sports worldwide often lack a sense of community and are rarely provided the right tools and environments to excel in their sports. Women also lack inspirational role models and positive media exposure. A 20-year study found that men take up 96% of the space in sports news and for the action and extreme sports market, sexism and objectification of women is a huge problem.

The market brands are starting to realize that they must adjust if they want to attract women as customers. Just offering something for women is not enough anymore. E-commerce and social media are rapidly changing the market, and old-school sales channels aren´t working. Female customers want products that reflect who they are and what they care about. Relevance, quality and sustainability are key components for women when making purchasing decisions, and even though 80% of all brand purchases are made by women and 90% of all women feel misunderstood by marketers, only 3% of creative directors at advertising agencies are women.

We believe that one effective way to push for a faster change for gender equality is to give women credit as a serious, dedicated group of customers that represents a great purchasing power in the market. We believe that doing business while doing good is a sure recipe for success.

We surveyed close to 400 active women in action sports on what they lacked in the market and the features of High Heaven represent the results of what the segment wants and lacks in the market today.

Subpage Look n feel
Subpage Look n feel

An average action sports enthusiast spends 1000-10.000 SEK per month on her lifestyle. Products include streetwear, personal equipment and luxury goods, as well as travel and destinations. The apparel sector has decreased in many areas over the last couple of years, but one area of growth is the streetwear market. In the US alone, the streetwear niche is a 181 billion dollar market, with a growth of over 4% from last year, and the US active wear market is worth 58 billion dollars. The first board sports brand to reach the ”billion dollar club” was Quiksilver who had a turnover of 1,3 billion dollars as early as 2003. Foxhead inc. has revenue of over 200 million dollars, and Swedish e-commerce site Junkyard passed a turnover of 200 MSEK a couple of years ago.

High Heaven is entering this market with a truly unique online platform, displaying awesome and responsive design, high quality content, a niche community and a shop with relevant products from premium brands. Today there are no international action sport sites like High Heaven out there - in fact, good sports sites targeting women, are lacking throughout the market, as well as good e-commerce sites for women in action and extreme sports.

The business model is highly scalable, efficient, sustainable, low risk and low cost. Our initial revenue streams are content marketing services and other sponsored activities on the platform. For our second release, our main revenue stream will be affiliate e-commerce sales and super relevant and actionable ads offered to the users. We are currently looking at different "drop shipping models", which will allow us to work without warehouses, stock and logistics, as well as other solutions for the sake of keeping our environmental impact as low as possible. For us, SROI (Social Return On Investment) is just as important as high ROI.

We are looking at a minimum profit and worst case scenario of 1 065 000 euros in year 3, having reached break-even in early year 2 due to low-risk models, our initial bootstrapping so far, and a low burnrate.

Besides building the brand and organization of High Heaven, we are currently working with development, getting the platform that we have built tested and ready for a soft launch in time for the crowd funding open round in late November. We plan to launch the first version of the site at ISPO 2014.

We know the market, We love the market, We are the market. We have a huge network of active women just longing for High Heaven to launch and We Want You to have a piece of the action!

Support us with love; share and spread the stoke!
Support us with love; share and spread the stoke!

We are looking for investors with passion for stuff like...

-action and extreme sports

-adventures and ventures

-entrepreneurship and startups

-tech, digital and everything web

-business women and female adrenalin

-doing business while doing good

-being a part of the next big thing

And you will get...

-to be a part of our awesome journey

-to contribute with ideas, connections and expertise

-access to our closed network

-reports on High Heavens progress

-invites to the planets most exciting shareholders meetings and workshops!

We want you to...

-invest as little or as much as you like

-get two of your friends to do the same

-spread the word, spread the stoke and keep on kicking ass!

Contact us!

Do you have questions regarding equity crowd funding, the campaign, the company or the team? Get in touch! We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Do you wish to invest a larger sum and want to meet us? Book a meeting! We will take you skateboarding, motocross riding or just meet you for coffee. You are also super welcome to visit us at our office.

We are looking forward to meet you, check our documents for more information on how to get in touch!