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InstrumentChamp is on a mission to inspire and help kids around the world to play music. Learning to play music used to be hard, boring and lonely - InstrumentChamp make it fun, easy and social!

InstrumentChamp is on a mission to inspire and help kids around the world to play music. Learning to play music used to be hard, boring and lonely - InstrumentChamp make it fun, easy and social!

Core human desire – Global Consumer Market Opportunity

InstrumentChamp help you learn to play music, by playing digital music games using real musical instruments. The company is on a mission to inspire and help kids to play music, and make the world play music together.

Playing music is a core human desire. It is a form of expression and communication that transcend borders, cultures and age. Music help children and adults develop personal skills like concentration, counting, listening and cooperation. It increase creativity and recreation.

InstrumentChamp is the solution that will make learning to play music fun, easy and social - with impact on every part of society.

How do you value quality time with your kids?
How do you value quality time with your kids?

InstrumentChamp provide a unique interactive music learning experience.

Learning to play a musical instrument requires a lot of practice. Practicing and doing homework have for the last centuries been hard, boring and lonely. It has been hard for parents and teachers to inspire, motivate and help their kids to have fun and master a musical instrument.

  • Connect with your friends, family, school and favorite artists online.
  • Learn to play your favorite musical instrument like guitar, piano, drums and voice.
  • Learn to play with your friends in a band.
  • Graphical music interface: Learn to play a song without reading sheet music.
  • Wireless playmode: Play with acoustic instruments without connecting with cables.
  • Adaptive tempo: The game speed can adapt automatically to your skill level
InstrumentChamp Band Edition - Screenshot
InstrumentChamp Band Edition - Screenshot

Scalable platform solution and Freemium Business Model

InstrumentChamp AB is now building the first music game platform where user connect and interact with their local and global music community. All people that want to learn to play and have fun with music can sign up for a free account and then upgrade to a premium account when they want to learn more.

  • Sign up for a free account: Free desktop application, Free basic lessons, Free basic songs.

  • Buy access to premium songs, lessons, competition and other content. (In-app purchases)

  • Upgrade to a premium account: Premium mobile application, Premium lessons, Create your own content

Cross-platform application strategy with desktop and mobile applications for the leading device platforms

InstrumentChamp is already the first and only multi-player music game where you can play with multiple real acoustic instruments. Desktop applications for PC & MAC will be launched in 2013 and new mobile applications will be released in 2014.

Strong entrepreneurial team with startup and exit experience

The Willner Brothers & The InstrumentChamp Team

Founded by two Scandinavian tech entrepreneurs with startup and exit experience. Now a team of 8 professionals with a background from music, mobile and tech.

Lars is a young tech entrepreneur from the video technology industry, with a unique combination of business, financial and tech knowledge. Startup advisor for young entrepreneurs around scandinavia and previously CFO for SnapTV AS in Oslo. Global citizen with experience from Brazil and China. Fun facts: Outdoors enthusiast - love to hike, ski, kite, sail. Linkedin Profile

Connect with Lars on TWITTER or contact on [email protected]

Magnus is a father of three and music tech enthuasiast, passionate about changing the way we learn to play music. Serial entrepreneur with exit experience, providing IT and Internet services since the 90s. Made an exit with Inceptive AB and is now focusing full-time on InstrumentChamp. Fun facts: Former pro-beach volleyball player, still going strong. Linkedin Profile

Jon Aabakken: CEO & Co-founder of MUNO – the leading private music education provider in Norway with hundreds of music teachers around the country.

Phillip Grønvold – Multi-award winning mobile product manager previously with Opera Software, managing growth of their mobile products from 50M to +200M users. Linkedin Profile

Oskar Lissheim Boethius: Music Composer, Experienced UX/Interaction Designer and Mobile Application developer. Linkedin Profile

Tor Grønsund: Norwegian Lean Startup Expert and house music lover. Linkedin Profile

Ashutosh Morwal: Game and Software Enthusiast

David Roos: Young aspiring musician and music editor for InstrumentChamp

Market description

A recent US study indicate that 85% of Americans has a desire to play a musical instrument. The same study show that 58% of households has at least one person currently playing a musical instrument.

InstrumentChamp is targeting a global multi-billion mass market opportunity, introducing the first online music game platform providing a unique interactive music learning experience . It will enable better connection and engagement in the global music community, empowering people to connect and play music together. It taps into the several large existing markets.

  • Music Education Industry
  • Game Industry
  • Music Industry

The platform strategy offer both same-side and cross-side network effects and offer value to all members of the music community and can create multiple recurring revenue streams with partnerships in all these billion dollar markets.


InstrumentChamp will win and standout with a more social gaming experience, providing better content with an attractive free to play model combined with premium features. These are a number of existing services providing music learning experiences.

Rocksmith by Ubisoft: Guitar and bass game, enabled by proprietary hardware to connect with different devices. Sold approx. 1.3 million copies.

Guitarbots by Ovelin: Finnish company with guitar games enabled by wireless sound technology.

Garageband by Apple: A number of music learning features is included in Garageband - the music creation software from Apple.

Youtube by Google: User generated and professional video-based learning.

InstrumentChamp will standout with a more social gaming experience, providing better content with an attractive free to play model combined with premium features.

Why invest in InstrumentChamp?

  • Help us inspire the world to play music!
  • Make an impact – Promote music in your family and local community.
  • +100 million user potential with scalable business model and future exit opportunities to leading music, tech or media corporations.
  • Strong team with entrepreneurial and exit experience.
  • Take part of an exclusive investment deal for members of the crowd.
  • Become member of an exclusive community of founders, advisory board and crowd investors.
  • Get invited to an annual meeting with founders and all early investors.
  • Get exclusive insight through our monthly newsletter

Overall goal 2014:

Establish InstrumentChamp as the leading music game platform.

Past milestones:

Q3 2010: Starting the project InstrumentChamp.

Q3 2011: Incorporation of InstrumentChamp AB in Sweden.

Q4 2012: Core technogy and proof-of-concept game.

Q4 2012: Succesful pilot sales direct to consumers on game exhibitions.

Q3 2013: Secured Pre-seed funding

Q3 2013: Extension of InstrumentChamp Team.

Q3 2013: Major international distribution agreement for digital distribution.

Q4 2013: First game application approved for distribution on MAC App Store

Future milestones

Q4 2013: Private beta release of desktop application for PC & MAC.

Q4 2013: Secure seed funding

Q1 2014: Public release of desktop application for PC & MAC.

Q1 2014: Go live in all established distribution channels

Q1 2014: Alpha release of music game platform.

Q2 2014: Private beta release of music game platform.

Q4 2014: Public release of music game platform with mobile cross-platform support.

Current owners Magnus Willner 80% Lars Willner 20%

Fundraising We are now raising SEK500.000 in seed funding to build the platform for alpha release in Q1 2014. We want to invite the crowd to be part of this journey and offer an opportunity to buy a share of the company InstrumentChamp AB. The offer to the crowd is limited to a new issue of 500 shares for a total of SEK250.000 (See attached financial documents for full fundraising details.)

The company is mainly self-financed by Magnus & Lars Willner from 2011-2013. In addition, the company has been granted 300.000 in soft funding in 2013 and more soft funding is possible in 2014.

  • SEK300.000 pre-seed funding by VGR (Regional Business Development Agency in Gothenburg)
  • ALMI Företagspartner can in the next financing round match a private investment up to SEK500.000 in seed funding (ALMI is a Swedish National Innovation Agency)