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Campaign owner

We have a vision. Take your favorite sporting equipment and give them a place in your home. You associate these with good memories, why not have them for display each day. Start with Wall-it Ski.

When your skis is you..

We have a vision. Take your favorite sporting equipment and give them a place in your home. You associate these with good memories, why not have them for display each day. Start with Wall-it Ski.

Wall-it Ski

Wall-it Ski is your way to display your favorite skis on the wall. It is produced by solid high quality aluminum with a durable matte black paint. To protect your skis when mounted in the holder there are protective grip surfaces made of a soft rubber material. A special feature that Wall-it Ski offer you is 360 degrees spin of freedom which enable you to chose your position of your skis. Wall-it Ski fits all kinds of alpine skis, waist widths from 60 - 140 mm fits perfect in the holder.

Wall-it Ski where it belong
Wall-it Ski where it belong


Wall-it Ski is as easy to use as it looks, the product has been designed with the end user in focus. You simply start by measure the waist width of your skis, adjust the ski brackets to one of the three locations. Then attach it on your wall and mount your skis, it is as simple as that. Just in case, we created an instruction for use on how we recommend you to use the product. If you are interested please check it out. Enjoy!

The Funds


We started to sell our product Wall-it Ski in November 2012. We manufactured the first batch to get a feel of if the market was ready for this kind of the product, in August 2013 we sold out. This gave us the answer we wanted, we saw that there was a demand for this product and that people shared the Wall-it vision.

Now we feel it is time to take it to the next level, but we need your help. To make this product available on the market again we need your support on this campaign. With your help we do not only open the possibility for a new batch of Wall-it Ski, we also find new friends that share our vision.


We want you to share our vision with us, we believe the more the merrier. This will be more obvious with our rewards in this campaign.

- High five

No contribution is too small, with this you help us going in the right direction. A big thank for your great generosity, you will receive updated information about Wall-it and get a customized Wall-it desktop background for your computer.

- Sunglasses

You are great! For every single € you fund, it is a big help for us reaching our goal. To say thank you, we will send a pair of customized wayfarer glasses for you to wear on those sunny days. Help us spread the word.

- One Wall-it Ski

Be a proud owner of your very own Wall-it Ski. It comes in a beautiful matte black paint which will enhance the beauty of your skis. Thank you for believing.

- Three Wall-it Ski

Get together with two of your friends and order three Wall-it Ski, you will get rewarded with a €5 discount on each Wall-it Ski. Thank you for the support.

- Five Wall-it Ski

We can´t thank you enough! You will all be rewarded with a discount of €10 on each Wall-it Ski. Great job gathering your friends together and helping us get closer to our goal.

- Ten Wall-it Ski

You are all amazing! You have not only ordered ten Wall-it Ski to place on your wall, you are helping us in a perfect way to spread the Wall-it vision. For this you will be rewarded with a €15 discount on each Wall-it Ski. You help us, we reward you.


Campaign description
Campaign description

About Wall-it

The idea behind Wall-it was born in 2008, when we took our passion for product design and new innovations into use. Newly graduated our passion and enthusiasm for creating new things started to grow and we started to develop a wall holder for skis.

Our journey from 2008 until now have been long and with a lot of ups and downs, but we never gave up. Through surveys in Åre, cardboard mockups, design sketches, discussions with prototype makers and long working weekends we ended up with this. A brand called Wall-it that enables you to display your sport equipment on a wall where you are given the possibility to enjoy their design and shape even when they are not used. Innovative, quality and unexpected are three of Wall-its core values that we want our products to reflect throughout.

In November 2012 we finally launched our test series of Wall-it Ski to the market. By the end of August 2013 we sold out and truly discovered by the European market. At that time our products had been sold to Germany, Switzerland, even USA among others was on that list. Our ambition is to grow and be featured in all countries around the world, because we believe that there is a great market for this product.


We have already made a name for ourselves through media events, fairs etc. But we are not happy with just that, we see a great possibility to grow fast with your help. We have only done minor marketing and done well with only that so we imagine nice results with more excessive marketing, sky´s the limit.

During the next three to five years Wall-it will claim a firmer place being the number one producer of innovative products for hanging sport equipment on the wall. The goal is to increase sales volume and expand existing product range and we want you along for the ride.

We hope you enjoy the product from Wall-it and hopefully we can enlarge your passion for sports.

Thank you!

The picture above represents what we want to tell with Wall-it Ski. It is a beautiful product to look at but when mounted with your favorite sporting equipment it should not steal any unnecessary focus, it is all about your product.

Thank you

We are really happy about this project and we hope your share this feeling with us. We believe that your sporting equipment deserve a better place in your home, not just hidden away in the garage. When you store your skis in a garage you hide away a part of yourself. We want you to display who you are with your skis, reminisce the fun you had last season and look forward for the next to come.

All of this is included in the Wall-it vision, and of course a really awesome product.

Without you funders out there, all of this will not be possible, you provide us with the power to make it happen. If you have any questions, concerns or want to share something cool with us, please message us! We love to hear your thoughts about us and our product.

Sincerely yours,

Kristoffer Apelstedt & Kristoffer Larsson

Straight out of the box
Straight out of the box

Campaign owner