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Eggs Included Sweden AB

Eggs Included Sweden AB

We were told that the person who invents a healthy fast food-concept will get rich. Here it is!

We were told that the person who invents a healthy fast food-concept will get rich. Here it is!

”The person who invents a healthy fast food-concept will get rich!”

The quote above is taken from an interview with the well-known Swedish chef Fredrik Paulun in the magazine Chef (which translates Boss in Swedish). So we decided to take his word for it and do it!

Eggs Inc is Sweden's brand new and supremely healthy fast food chain. We serve the tastiest and healthiest breakfast and tasty low carb food for the rest of the day. And we have one of the best chefs in Sweden to make sure it will happen.

Eggs Inc is for the modern people who think about their health and what they eat – those that have little time but still want to enjoy good food.

No carbs…

More and more people want to cut down on their carbohydrates, and there are a number of reasons for this. It can be to lose weight or just feel better in general but the trend towards less carbohydrates in food is strong with diets such as GI, Atkins and LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) to name a few.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in Sweden we eat sandwiches. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sandwiches but if you want to buy something else for breakfast – you can't! Unless you are resident in a hotel where you can get your lovely scrambled eggs.

Later in the day it's a little easier to avoid carbohydrates: Buy a salad or don't eat the pasta, rice or potatoes you just bought. Or look for something better. Like an omelette…

The answer is eggs!

Eggs in different ways taste good. So say a majority of the Swedish people. We have eaten eggs for many thousand of years thus getting almost all the nutrition the body needs. Not so strange considering that the sole purpose of the egg is to bring life.

An egg contains almost all the essential vitamins and minerals, valuable proteins, important fatty acids and all the vitamin B12 you need in a day. Healthy…

Our eggs

We believe that hens that enjoy their life lay better tasting eggs. Our ecological eggs come from Strömsnäs Egendom, just north of Mjölby. When the weather is nice you can see them to the east of the E4 when you pass by the river Svartån. If the weather is bad they stay indoors.

Our ethos towards all aspects of looking after our hens and our use of raw materials is always the same – if there is a greener alternative then we will use it.

The target group is huge!

People on a diet or in training who want to avoid bread for breakfast.

People on a diet or in training who want to avoid pasta or potatoes for lunch.

People who don´t like salad but still want a fast, healthy and inexpensive meal.

People who love a hotel breakfast but think it's too expensive.

People who think a tasty omelette with no carbs on top is one of the few lunches you actually can eat all of.

People who love scrambled eggs!

The early adopters who started to buy coffee to take to the office are waiting for the next trend.

Together they are a large target group.

When, where, how?

Eggs Inc can be an ordinary restaurant, open all day. In the morning we serve breakfast with scrambled eggs, boiled eggs etc. Later in the day we change the menu to omelettes and other egg dishes.

Many pubs and restaurants don't open until the afternoon, evening or maybe for lunch. Eggs Inc can move in during the empty hours and transform the rental costs to profit.

Eggs Inc can be run by us or as franchise according to any of the models above. The franchisee can be external or the owner of the pub/restaurant with the empty shifts in the morning.

Coming soon!

We hope that we can start our first Eggs Inc restaurant in the centre of Stockholm early this fall. From there we will expand in Stockholm and the rest of Sweden. Since we haven´t been able to find anything like Eggs Inc anywhere in Europe, we look across our borders as well. We desire to build a large chain of restaurants in a brand new niche. Our expansion will be both by restaurants of our own and through franchising.

Now we want more ambassadors. For instance you who, like us, has been longing for Eggs Inc without knowing it. We need money to start, ideas for the next location, franchisees and people talking about us. But let´s begin with your money: Do you want to watch it grow?

Naturally it is impossible to say what a brand new idea is worth but we truly believe that our idea is something Europe has longed for and that it will be good business. But think about this – if you had gotten the opportunity to buy a piece of the first McDonalds you would have had a nice number on your bank account today.

Remember what you read a few minutes ago: “The person who invents a healthy fast food-concept will get rich!”

Dan Lorentzon - dan@eggsinc.se


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