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Lastu is your way to make a statement. High-quality wooden accessories for electronic devices with a traditional style.

Nordic design with nature in mind

Lastu was founded by two hi-tech loving eco freaks from Northern Finland. The basic idea is using organic materials, which give the best feeling and offer possibilities for new design. The whole business is built around sustainable development and design.

Lastu products are manufactured from start-to-finish by Droplet Hitech Design Oy (Ab) in Oulu, Finland. Wooden products company has been manufacturing products since the end of 2011. The aim has been to manufacture highest quality eco-friendly wooden accessories for electronic devices. For now, our products can be found for the iPhone, iPad and MacBook`s. Our intention is to expand our line of products to the supply of Samsung smartphones in this year.

The products have found a niche in the market and especially in the Nordic countries where wood and design are close to people`s hearts. The company supports sustainable development by planting trees in Zambia, the country with least number of trees in the world.

We have two kind of products: Lastu is wooden skin and Lastucase is ..a case.

Our ambition is to make high-quality, wooden products for electronic devices with a traditional style. We love to make strong link between you, your device and the nature.

Find financial info here (LINK)

".. As a bonus, part of the profits from the sale of this case go towards projects that aim to restore lost forests throughout the world. .."

-Macworld US 4/2012

"I love the juxtaposition of hi tech and old school elements, so the combination of a state of the art iPhone and real wood is right up my alley."

-iPhone Life Magazine US 7/2012


The smartphone market is growing fast, having 46.1% global growth only last year. Smartphone accessories market has nearly similar growth numbers. While tablets, such as iPads continue to grow rapidly, we see a growth opportunity for our Lastu products. Based on statistics, our products have a growing market.

Accessory market of United States is highly competitive, but in Europe and other parts of the world competition is relatively lower. That`s why our marketing is focused more on the outside of the U.S.

Lastu products have been sold from beginning of 2012 to 22 countries (from our website). We have merchants in four countries:

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Iceland

In this incredibly competitive field, we strive to stand out with unique products, design and materials. There are lots of details in Lastu products that stand out of competing products. For example:

  • We are the only wooden skins company with wooden iPhone home button
  • We use materials unique to the market, e.g. Kelo wood, Curly Birch and Real Fish Skin
  • Thinnest wood: 021 inches (0,54mm) to be exact.
  • We use only natural waxes, like beeswax for treatment of wood.
  • Our products have free text engraving and the possibility of the logo.
  • Have you ever seen product like Lastucase for iPad Mini before?

And many more.

One of the most important things is that our products have Nordic spirit.

We have products. We have ongoing manufacturing. We have very enthusiastic customers. Currently we lack capacity for taking the next step in growth.

We are looking for 200 000 EUR (~1 748 093 SEK) that will grant to the investors 20% of the company shares. Your investment allows new products better manufacturing capacity, as well as more aggressive marketing.


Lastu products has received a lot of visibility in media, even thought we have not done any marketing yet. We have noticed that our concept has lot of potential to grow fast, if we can increase manufacturing capacity and start marketing.

Markets of smartphones and tablets are growing well. Environmental awareness is increasing among customers. This combination offers us an excellent opportunity to grow.

In 2013, we will release three new products: for Galaxy S -products, iPad With Retina Display and new iPad models coming in fall. Our aim is to increase the production capacity and acquire more merchants all over the world.

Over the next three to five years, Lastu will rise as an iconic brand that is known all over the world. Sales expected to tenfold. The goal is to expand the existing product range, apply the products to new devices, as well as to identify new product categories.

Company's product range holds now 20 different products in five product categories.


So far, research and development is funded by revenue from the sale of products. We started our business in 2011 by taking a loan of EUR 35 000 which we used to purchase equipment and materials. At that time, we already knew what we want to achieve.

We need funding so that we can produce more products to a larger number of customers. So far, we have been forced to delay some of the larger customers opportunity to order because production capacity is incomplete. Greater production capacity means the acquisition of more production machines.

Find financial info here (LINK)


Meet our CEO and Head Designer Sakari Arffman in this interview made by FundedByMe:

Planting Trees

In Nordic trees regenerates quickly. We, Nordic people have used trees for almost everything possible throughout the history. We want to stop deforestation with planting trees there where they don't recur.

Lastu is part of GreenPop`s project which main purpose is to promote the natural capacity for regeneration and sustainable development.

Lastu supports sustainable development and community upliftment projects. This year, we are supporting a reforestation and eco-education project in Zambia - the country with one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. For each Lastu product sold, we support the project - this means, that for every four products we sell, a healthy tree is planted and school children, subsistence farmers and community members learn about the incredible values of trees.

Lastu is your way to make a statement. We help neutralize the enviromental load that your device manufacturing has caused.

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