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Global Talent

Global Talent

Global Talent is the entire sports eco-system moved online

Global Talent is the entire sports eco-system moved online

We have the pleasure to introduce Global Talent, an amazing innovation that will change the sports eco-system.

Global Talent is not just another social media site; in fact the social aspect is just an addition to help talents connect in a familiar system. Global Talent is the entire sports eco-system moved online for everyone.

Soon everyone will be able to share their talent with the world and have full access to our database of institutes to help them find scholarships, mentors or sponsors which will help them progress.

Using a standard social network as a base we will be building functionality to not just help talents reach their dreams but also help coaches manage their team, scouts find and follow upcoming stars, institutes manage and market their entire program and allow brands to market their products directly to sports enthusiasts.

We have spent the last couple of years researching and planning how Global Talent can truly help young talents become stars whilst still supporting the rest of the eco-system. Now we are ready to take the next step and put all of our contacts and plans into action.

Please be sure to read our more detailed presentations and information under the "Documents" tab.

3 Key countries before we go global

  1. Sweden is a good example both in web services and sport, which is why Sweden is the best country to start our operation and run beta testing.
  2. India is a great country to get lots of users to attract the investment of high-level Venture Capital companies.
  3. The USA will be used to finance and market a global launch together with a big VC.

Our biggest marketing tool will be StarSparring.

3 Business areas

With great help of our test site and social media pages, where thousands of talents, parents, coaches, agents, scouts and sports institutes from all over the world have registered, we have been able to get the information we needed to plan the optimal service, identify 3 business areas and get proof of concept.

In Sweden alone, we have around 20.000 clubs/institutes and 5.25 million people who are members of one or more sports association, which is nearly 50% of the entire population of Sweden.

The service will be free for all users to give everyone the same opportunity with advanced functionality available in a silver and gold plan for institutes and teams to help them with more complicated tasks and to market themselves more effectively to the sports world.

It will certainly not be easy but we have what it takes and can´t wait to show the world what we have been working on.

GT is for everyone.

Regardless of Location, race or any other conditions, everyone from the ages of 5 and up can with their parents try different sports with the help of Star Sparring. Grandpa can use his profile to be inspired and motivated to workout, whilst the elite players can use their profile as CV and "Internet Agent" where you can easily upload videos and stat in a place where the right people will see it if you let them.

If people start using their profile on GT instead of an expensive agent in contact with clubs, sponsors and the media, it would mean that billions stayed in sport.

If there isn´t a team in the community you live in, You can not afford to go on expensive trips or if you just want to train more outside your team you should still have access to the best training and contacts from the biggest stars in the world, whether you just think it's fun to try the sport or want to make a wholehearted attempt to become a pro.

Width perspective is important for GT and will ultimately provide a higher peak!

In short: Better described in our slide show under "Documents".

· Talents and parents will get all the information and connections through their GT-profile to set and achieve their goals which will give them a sense of independency and power. We will be releasing our Star Sparring Apps with the biggest stars in the major sports in each country.

· Sports institutions, sports managers and coaches will be able to market and scout for new talent to help build their teams and operation. So far we have noticed a great interest from Colleges in the USA whom have trouble reaching out to talents outside the US.

· Agents, scouts and sponsors will have different CRM features in their GT-profiles that will help them to streamline their daily work, promote their players and administer contracts.

· We will be able to counteract and highlight the elements that we want to get rid of e.g. Slave contracts and sexual exploitation which, sadly also occurs in sports

· All audiences of the eco-system will be able to interact with each other giving a meeting place for athletes, parents, schools, institutes, agents, sponsors and scouts.

How we will use your investment

GT is a service of the people, therefore, we encourage our users to be early partners and not one big investor which is otherwise common in internet startups.

The money we bring in through fbm will be used for development and marketing and will be enough to see us through both step 1 and step 2. We will also offer a clear exit strategy once we reach step 2 investment, though we hope that you will stay with us until Global talent reaches its full potential. In best-case scenario we should reach step 2 within one year.

With 300,000 sports institutes already in our database, contact with legends in sports and interest from major sponsors and investors, we feel that we are well on our way towards our goal. Read more about our legend and board members that will help us in India and USA in the "investors brief".

Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. We have been very fortunate to come up with and be working on this project that will not only improve the entire eco-system but also raise the standard of sports globally.

We have features for all audiences in the sports eco-system. These are not separate services. This is one service. And we are calling it: Global Talent.

We are building something big, Come join us for the ride.

Design concept of the new Global Talent website
Design concept of the new Global Talent website