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Jascha is a Swedish fashion label based in Stockholm. Our ambition is to make well-cut, wearable garments with a classic style and a modern twist.

Jascha is a Swedish fashion label based in Stockholm. Our ambition is to make well-cut, wearable garments with a classic style and a modern twist.


Jascha is a Swedish fashion label based in Stockholm. Our ambition is to make well-cut, wearable garments with a classic style and a modern twist. We believe in making quality clothing within a tailored tradition.

The company was started in 2009 by three brothers; Jascha, Jonas and Marc and has since then developed into an established fashion brand on the Swedish market.

The first collections consisted mainly of women’s outerwear but have now developed into full range collections including knitwear, dresses, trousers and suiting. For the coming year we are planning to launch a menswear collection including knitwear, shirts and outerwear. The first menswear collection is scheduled to arrive in stores fall/winter 2014.

When choosing materials for our collections we use a simple philosophy; The main ingredient must be a natural fibre such as wool, cotton or silk. No fabric can mainly consist of an artificial fibre.

We believe that crowdfunding is a new and inventive way for not only financing growth, but also for expanding our network and getting input and new ideas.


Jascha is a company that designs, markets and sells women’s fashion primary through multibrand-and department stores all around Scandinavia. The brand is represented in over 100 stores and the company has grown with an average rate of 25% since the start. Last years turnover was 4.600.000 SEK and the turnover for 2013 is estimated to 6.000.000 SEK.

Jascha garments are characterized by a combination of high-end tailoring and quality fabrics. The brand is positioned in the upper end of the medium price segment. The company develops and designs two main collections per year, fall/winter and spring/summer and two additional midseason drops.

Production is carried out through a number of suppliers located all over the world. The majority of Jascha garments are produced in France, Romania, Estonia, Italy and China.

The sales operation is primarily carried out through the company’s showroom located at Odenplan, Stockholm. Fashion exhibitions and foreign agents are also important components to the company’s sales operation.

Business development and strategy

The company’s goal is to establish itself as a well-known fashion brand in the mid-price segment on a wide scale of geographical markets. Our mission is to create value for our customers, consumers and our investors. To achieve that, Jascha is planning to expand its operations rapidly the coming years and has set the following financial goals:

-To grow sales by 30% annually for the coming years.

-To reach an operating margin (EBIT) of 15 %.

-An equity/asset ratio of 35%


These financial goals will be achieved by the following strategic steps:

-Diversifying geographical sales channels

-Increase the number of sales channels

-Widen and balance the collections

-Strengthen the brand recognition

Business Development

The money we are raising will be used to support the development and growt of the companys operations within the comming years. According to our projections the raised funds combined with our operating cashflow will be sufficient to bring the company to a turnover of 10.000.000 SEK by the end of 2014.

The business concept is based on selling Jascha products through multibrand- and department stores and also shop in shops. In order to reach the financial targets Jascha is developing its business with various operations:

As of today Jascha is represented by agents on its two main markets; Sweden and Finland. By adding agents on new geographical markets a significant increase in sales will be achieved. Prioritised countries are Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

Last season Jascha opened its first shop in shop. The result so far has been exceptional and therefore an addition of two new shop in shops is planned for the coming season. The plan is to keep adding more shop in shops as the company continues to expand. The goal is to take this concept to the next level by opening a shop in shop in one of the biggest and most high profiled department stores in Scandinavia. The final ambition is to open a Jascha flagship store on a high-profiled location.

An important part in increasing sales is to widen the range in the collections. At the moment a men’s collection is under development with the launch set for fall/winter 2014. Also the range in the upcoming women’s mid-season collection fall/winter 2013 will be increased dramatically.

To further support the targeted sales increase, Jascha is focusing on increasing brand recognition. To achieve this the company aims to work more structured with the press and media and the plan is to initiate a co-operation with an established press office


We believe that Jascha has great potential and with the help of the right investors we are confident that this potential will be fulfilled. We are looking forward to welcoming new partners into our business and together with you we will have the opportunity to achieve something great!

/ Jascha, Jonas and Marc