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Elinnovation AB

Elinnovation AB

Hardwired fire alarm built for your home! Your ordinary ceiling lamp connects directly into the fire alarm making it a hidden design.

Hardwired fire alarm built for your home! Your ordinary ceiling lamp connects directly into the fire alarm making it a hidden design.

My goal is simple, the product must save lives.

Now you have the opportunity to invest in the fire alarm of the future.

I don´t need much money but it will make a huge difference in making this product come to life. When I reach 200 000 SEK, Almi will co-finance the project with another 300 000 SEK.


In 2010 two different family's were the casualties in two different fires and this was the starting point for improving fire protection for people.

MSB (authority for civil contingencies) showed that every year 120 persons are killed in fires. In 80% of the cases when the fire department goes out on calls a fire alarm is absent. Statistically one out of four homes don't have a working fire alarm.

A reliable fire alarm saves lives. When a fire starts time is of the essence and early detection can be the difference between life and death.

When the alarm goes of during cooking it's not uncommon for people to take it down and then forget to put it back up again.

Unfortunately it is way to common to not have a working fire alarm in your home.


Safire creates safety for the customer, you don't have to worry if the alarm is working or not. It provides a user friendliness which was earlier unheard of. The product offers simplicity. The existing bracket in the ceiling socket can be used while at the same time giving the alarm a central place in the room. Safire creates value for people. Elderly and disabled people can by themself control the fire alarm. A lot of houses in today's market have high ceilings which makes checking the alarm a lot more difficult but with Safire this is not a problem. With a few touches of a button the customer can check the state of the alarm.

Mounting and installation. By using the socket in the ceiling Safire is a lot easier to mount than the traditional fire alarms found in the market today. Safire has significantly reduced the steps needed for mounting the product compared to traditional fire alarms. Since the cables are already routed in the ceiling socket and the screw holes are standardised no drilling or extra cables are needed to mount Safire.

Continuous power supply. Safire is safer for the consumer by being directly connected to the houses power grid. When power failures occur the built in battery will supply the fire detector with power. The battery has a 10 year life expectancy.

Detection. The fire intake has moved closer to the ceiling for earlier detection giving the consumer more time for evacuation.

Pause- and test function. With Safire the user can pause and test the fire alarm wirelessly from the floor. By pausing it the sensitivity can be lowered for a period of 15 minutes and then automatically resets to normal level.

Design. Safire has an electrical outlet and a hook which hides the fire alarm when a normal ceiling lamp is connected.


Every year on average 750 000 fire alarms are sold on the Swedish market and around 22 000 new homes are built. My hopes are that Safire will be in the standard range of products when constructing new homes. There will be no difference between choosing a light switch or a fire alarm. I will begin to sell the fire alarm on the Swedish market but as soon as the sales stabilize I will proceed with sales in countries outside of Sweden which have statutory demands for fire alarms which are connected to the internal power grid of the house.

The product will mainly be sold by dealers.


Within three years I hope that Safire will have good sales numbers both in Sweden and a variety of countries around Europe. In three years the company will have several other safety products on the market, both for professionals and individuals.

... and with only five years to go im gonna reach my personal goal of becoming business women of the year before im 30 years old.


Both a functional prototype and design prototype has been developed, manufacturing plans are done and the next step is the first series and product certification.

Today there is a funding need of 500 000 SEK were ALMI has approved an innovation loan of 300 000 SEK. But I still need 200 000 SEK and that is why im applying here.

I'm turning myself to investors looking for funding to produce and certify the product and get more knowledge into the company.

I want to invite for further discussions about investment opportunities in Safire.

There is a well written memorandum witch I would be happy to share. Please contact me if you are interested and I will send it to you by email. Elin Olsson elin@safire.se

More information can be found at www.safire.se

or contact me for any other questions.

Who is Elin?

I'm a person who is driven by taking ideas and making them market ready products. A positive girl with lots of ideas. I have always been inspired and looked up to people who make it with their own ideas. I am driven by challenges, I'm stubborn and I want to solve them. I think it's fun to learn new things and I am constantly trying to turn that into practical information. My interest in business started at an early age when I helped my dad on the farm in the south of Sweden. Since the age of 6 I have had idea books full of drawings and ideas. Since an early age I have said that I want to be an inventor which later blossomed into starting my own business. A degree in development engineering has taught me how to make ideas become products covering all aspects, among others marketing and economy. It was during my studies that Safire was born. I have started to study for a master's degree in business development and technical project management in order to expand my knowledge of how you make businesses grow, with only two courses left my studies were put on halt in order to work with Safire. I also make a living as a wedding photographer in a company I built from the ground up. From time to time I take on consultant work within product development and market analysis. Around Safire there is a vast industrial network with contacts for market introduction and product development. I am an optimist who sees solutions on problems. With only five years to go im gonna reach my personal goal of becoming business women of the year before im 30 years old.

Please contact me if you have some question, here or mail: [email protected]

More information also can be found at www.safire.se