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Launching soon on FundedByMe

Moby Mart
              - A staff-less mobile corner store
Launching Soon!

Moby Mart - A staff-less mobile corner store

Re-inventing the Corner store
Retail United States
Boom Watch Company AB (Publ)
              - A modular watch concept with a scalable business model
Launching Soon!

Boom Watch Company AB (Publ) - A modular watch concept with a scalable business model

Only watch brand with high grade retention
Retail Sweden
              - The future of online grocery shopping!
Launching Soon!

Matvänner - The future of online grocery shopping!

Using exisiting infrastucture to provide online grocery shopping!
Services Sweden
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What is equity crowdfunding?

A long term investment

The goal is to give the company the possibility to grow the business as promised, before a return is possible. It’s not as easy to value or re-sell your shares.

Being part of the journey

Do you have useful experience or simply passion to share? You can be an active shareholder and help affect the outcome of your investment.

A higher risk investment

Investing in startups and early stage businesses involves high risks, including loss of investment and illiquidity. It should be done solely as part of a diversified portfolio.

Knowing how your investment is spent

You will know how the company plans to expand and make use of your funds. You’ll also receive regular progress updates from the entrepreneur.

Getting in from the start

Even though investing in startups means higher risk, it might also mean a higher return. Many of the world’s biggest companies started out from nothing, what if you had been there from the start?

The perks

When choosing to become a shareholder and ambassador for a company, you are likely to be offered perks such as discounts or even products depending on your investment.

Intelligent growth with FundedByMe

Scalable and structured

Crowdfunding on FundedByMe follows a structured, well-defined process of funding your company. While a regular funding round could take anywhere between 6-12 months, on FundedByMe a campaign takes 1-2 months, leaving you with more time to run your company.

Marketing value

Crowdfunding on FundedByMe doubles as a marketing campaign for your company, raising awareness for your product, service or company as part of the campaign. This marketing value leads to more customers, business partners and opportunities and lasts long after the success of your campaign.

Passionate people

On FundedByMe, you choose which investors you wish to have as part of your company, finding the passionate people who want to offer not only their money but also skills and connections to help your company grow.
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